Tell me a lie (sequal to Protect Her)


3. chapter 2

The croud errupted in aplause, it was so lous. There were girls crying. I smiled and mumbled a 'thank you' and walked off of the stage and into Nialls arms and burried my head in his chest "I love you," He whispered in my ear as he kissed the top of my head. I looked at him and flashed him a weak smile and pecked him on the lips. "I love you too." He smiledand held me tight until he had to go on stage. 

"Allison Brooks?" I heard a fermiliar voice say. I turned around and my mouth dropped. "S-S-Simon Cowell?" I stuttered and he chuckled and nodded before taking me to a more quiet room. "You are an amazing singer, miss Brooks." I smiled. "Thank you, sir." He smiled and went on. "Me and my people talked and since the audiance reacted so well. How would you like to record a few songs with us?" I smiled widely. "Yes, I'd love to! Thank you so much sir." He smiled and I gave him my number. "We'll discus this later." He said and I nodded before walking back to the side of the stage.

*Skipping the concert*

The boys thanked the audiance before walking of the stage. I pulled Louis into a hug since he was the first one to leave the stage. He hugged me tightly and whispered. "I missed you." I pecked his cheek. "I missed you too." He smiled and pecked my forehead. "AND DID YOU MISS ME!?" I heard an all to fermiliar voice yell and before I knew it I was lifted up in the air as Harry spun a circle. I giggled and huged. "Yes Harry, I missed you too." He smiled and came close to my ear. "Now go hug your boyfriend." I smiled and pecked his cheek before running into Niall's arms. "You were amazing baby." Niall said and I kissed him. After a couple of seconds of our lips moving in sync I pulled back and smiled."So were you." He smiled and hugged me.

"Allison, do you want to go out tomorow?" Niall asked and I nodded smiling. He smiled back at me. "I'll pick you up at one." I nodded and pecked his cheek. "What should I wear?" He smirked. "Just something casual." I nodded and hugged him before kissing him one last time. "I'll see you tommorow." I smiled and nodded. I walked towards Louis and he threw me over his shoulder and walked towards the car. 

"You were amazing toninght." Louis said as he turned on the radio. "Thanks, you too." He smiled and drove out of the parking lot towards my house. We talked in the car about everything you could posibly think of until we reached my house. I hugged Louis and pecked his cheek. "Bye." I said smiling and he smiled back. "Bye Alli." I smiled and walked into my house, I walked up the stairs, into my room and towards my huge walk-in closet and slid on a pair of pyjama bottoms and a white tanktop. I put my hair up in a messy bun and layed down on my bed. I opened up netflix and watched movies until I  fell asleep.


My eyes fluttered open and I rubbed them yawning. I smiled, thinking about me and Niall's date today. Our first date... which is pretty weir since we've been a couple for a year now. Well he took me to his brothers wedding but that didn't really count. I was really happy his family took it so well. They told me that they loved the fact that Niall finally had a nice and sweet girlfriend. I still get butterflies everytime I hear his name. I smiled and got the messy bun on top of my head out. I ran a hand through my now loose hair and glanced at the clock. 11;33 am. I sighed and walked into the bathroom, turning on the shower.

I run into my bedroom and took my phone before walking back into the bathroom. I put on some music and Break Your Little Heart blasted throughout the bathroom as I sang along loudly. I stripped down and got into the shower. "I'm gonna break your little heart, watch you take a fall laughing all the way to the hospital. 'Cause there is nothing surgery can do. When I break your little heart in two!" I sang/yelled as the warm water ran down my back. I washed my hair and body when Heartbreak Girl by 5 seconds of summer came on. I sang along to that and some other songs loudly as I shaved my legs and brushed my teeth. I got out of the shower and dried my body a little before walking towards my closet. "Something casual" I mumbled to myself as I looked at all of my clothes.

I slid on my clothes and glanced at the clock to see I had still half an hour left until Niall was here. I walked downstairs and sat down on the couch, watching tv as I ate an apple. 

*Half an hour later*

I heard a knock on the door and opened it to see Niall standing there with a smile on his face. I smiled back and stood on my toes, pecking his mouth. "You're so tall." I joked and he just put an arm around me as we walked out of the house. "We're walking today." He said and I nodded. 

"Niall where are we going?" I asked as we walked up some huge hill and I was getting really tired and Niall picked me up as he walked all the way up with me in his arms. "Close your eyes he said and I did as I was told. He turned me around and led me to wherever we were walking to, the only thing I knew was that we were walking on grass. Suddenly he stopped, causing me to almost fall. I giggled and Niall moved his hands away from my eyes. "Open your eyes." He whispered and I did as I was told. 

We were standing on top of the huge hill. The view was amazing and the open field we were in had beautifull flowers everywhere. My eyes fell on a big red blanket with a picknick basket next to it. I smiled and hugged Niall. "This is amazing." I said as I kissed him pasionatly. He smiled into the kiss and we pulled back before sitting down. There was fruit and sandwitched. I took a cherry and put it in my mouth. Niall looked at me smiling and I smiled back. I hugged him and he layed down. We coudled while looking over at the amazing view as he played with my hair. 

It was now 4pm. Me and Niall had eaten all the food and were chatting and giggling. I smiled and pecked Niall on the lips. He smiled and he stood up, putting on the acoustic version of James Dean and Audrey Hepburn by Sleeping With Sirens. "Do you want to dance?" He said and I nodded happily as he helped me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around my waist. We swayed slowly until the song was done and he kissed me passionatly. Our lips moving in sync for a while when he bit my bottom lip slowly, asking for entrance wich I gave him happily. Our tongues fought for dominance for a while -which he won- We kissed for about 5 minutes more when we pulled back for some air. We both smiled and blushed, causing me to giggle.

"Come on." Niall said smiling as he stook out his hand wich I took. We walked towards the small path and walked down it until we were on the ground again. I smiled when Niall took my hand and we walked into the ice cream shop across the street where a few couples were sitting in. We walked towards the counter. "Hello sweety's. What ice cream flavour would you like?" She asked nicely causing me to smile. "I'd like a chcolate and she'd like... strawberry. Right baby?" I smiled and nodded. The woman smiled warmly and gave us our cones. "I'm sorry but can we take a picture with the two of you?" A girl around 16 asked us and I smiled and looked at Niall who was already looking at me. We nodded and asked someone to take a picture. We took three pictures with all four of us, one with me and the girl, one with me and the guy, one of me with both of them, one of Niall with the girl and one of Niall with both of them. I smiled and we said goodbye before walking out of the ice cream shop.

Niall and me walked into the park. The park looked beautiful and we sat down on a bench staring at the small lake in front of us and after about an hour we walked towards my house. We changed and layed down on my bed watching netflix. Niall kissed my forehead and I smiled. 

"Today was perfect, Niall." I said as a small yawn escaped my mouth and before I knew it I fell asleep in Nialls arms.

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