You and I

Carson and her boyfriend Jarred, are in a very happy relationship. They're known as the 'power couple' because they have been together since year 7. Harry meets Carson and instantly, he cant take his eyes off of her. When rumor gets out that Carson and Jarred are fighting, does Harry try to take Jarreds place?


3. Three.

Today is going agonizingly slow. 


Math, English, and Italian were my first subjects. Then I had lunch, chorus, preforming arts and acting class, science, and lastly history.  Luckily for me, I have my best friend in my math, English, lunch, and preforming arts and acting classes. We don't have Italian together because she chose French over Italian. And she chose advanced science and history classes. Also she plays the guitar in the music class and not chorus. 


Harry. Harry is another question though.

Harry is in my math class, my English class, my lunch, an just to make myself clear he does sit at my table because he doesn't want to sit with all the 'barbies' as he calls them at the other tables. And we also have science and history ad chorus and another thing! Preforming arts and acting as well... 


How am I suppose too get through my relationship with Jarred when I'm constantly being heart-warmed when I see this god like creature in every class I have except Italian??? 


Jarred has math, lunch, and science and history with me. I hate to admit it but its not even a matter of wanting to cry when I see Jarred anymore. I just want to scream and run away. I get a pain in my stomach that makes me want to throw up.  I don't know if I want to end things between us or not. I know I love Jarred but j don't know if I can take this anymore. 


I get up as the bell rings signaling we can go home. I get up and walk to my locker making sure to leave before Harry and Jarred. "Carson! Wait!" I heard Jarred yell to me. I felt him right behind me but I kept walking. Once I reached my locker I stopped and started to put in my combination as I saw Jarred to my right. "What do you want?" I asked still looking at my locker that would damn open. "You left your binder under your desk... I though I might give it to you." He said quietly looking at me. "Thanks" I muttered grabbing it and putting it in my locker. I slammed my locker shut and  went  to walk away from him when he grabbed my wrist. He pushed my on the locker and pressed his lips to mine. I kissed back but felt nothing. The sparks that use to be there were gone. There were no fire works like there use to be. No nothing. Where did we go? I pulled away almost instantly. "I-I have to go." I said and walked away leaving him there on the spot.  Tears threatened to spill but I wouldn't let them. I sniffled them in and kept on walking towards my car. "Hey Carson. Are you ok?" "Not now Harry. It's not a good time" Katie said rushing to my side. She continued to walk with me and got into my car with me. That's when I let go. I let the tears fall down. I fell into full realization that I was broken. My heart was shattered ini a million pieces and everything is gone.  The person I thought I was in love with ignored me and now I don't feel the same way towards him anymore. 


But I'm in love with him. 


(A/N: IMPORTANT!!!I'm changing the title to You and I!! FYI)

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