You and I

Carson and her boyfriend Jarred, are in a very happy relationship. They're known as the 'power couple' because they have been together since year 7. Harry meets Carson and instantly, he cant take his eyes off of her. When rumor gets out that Carson and Jarred are fighting, does Harry try to take Jarreds place?


4. Four.

"Do you want to tell me why you're crying or do you want to play 20 questions again?" Katie said and I slapped her arm lightly.

"I can tell you myself" I sniffled. "Well... I was walking to my locker, a-and then Jarred came over and he-he pushed me on the lockers... he kissed me b-but... nothing was there... there was no love, no emotion, no feelings, sparks, nothing!... Everything was gone... What does that say about our relationship? Does that mean we're done? Does it mean he doesn't love me anymore? Do I not love him?!... Of coarse I love him... I have to right?" I said frantically wiping my tears away as I saw Harry pass the car and look in the windows. Oh, god I must look horrible. My makeup probably found its way to America considering its god damn everywhere.


He tapped on the widow and gave me a confused face. Katie turned around and rolled down the windows for him. "Hey Harry! What's up?" she asked as if nothing happened. But I'm glad she didn't make it a big deal. I don't want her to make him go through the troubles of pretending to care for me. I don't want people to think my life is miserable, I don't want peoples sympathy, I don't want people to think my life is pure golden either. I'm not perfect and I'm not completely depressed. I don't ask for a lot and sympathy and attention aren't on my list of needs or wants.


"Well I thought I might check up on a friend. You know make sure she's ok" he said looking at me and I nodded. "I'm fine harry but than-


"What happened." he more demanded then asked.


"Nothing! I'm fin-


"Carson. I'm not stupid. I'm pretty sure that every time someone's crying and they say that they are 'fine' they're actually completely broken. Now tell me what's wrong." he snapped. I looked at Katie who was completely in shock and was just starring at me.


"Why do you even care? It doesn't involve you." I said quietly.


"It was that Jacob guy wasn't it?"


"Jarred. His name is Jarred." I said through gritted teeth. Why is he poising me off so much?


"So it was him? What does it matter what his name was if he broke your heart? You don't deserve a broken heart. You're better than a broken heart. You deserve better than him-


"And what do YOU think is better? huh? What do you know what I deserve? We just met today! You don't even know me and you think you know what I deserve in a relationship? You don't even know Jarred and you're attacking him!"


"I know enough to know he has hurt you... you said it yourself you two got into a fight and didn't talk for two weeks... What kind of a person just blatantly ignores a woman? I don't know his story but I do know that you deserve someone better than him..." he said and just walked away.


'Woah" Katie breathed out probably stunned by what she just saw.


Harry's point was so damn solid... He did hurt me. And I don't deserve that. No one does. No one should have to go through the things he put me through.


I need someone better than Jarred.









Thanks so much I love you long time!! xoxo




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