The Boys

Alex Smith and her sister Jamie Smith moved to Ireland with their mum from Doncaster, they moved to a school where they met some new friends and some new boy friends ....


1. New School. New Life.

Alex P.O.V

I can't believe today is the day that I move to Ireland from Doncaster. I'm scared but excited at the same time. We have been driving for a couple of hours and by ' we ' I mean me, my mum and my sister. Me and my sister, Jamie, are really close, we tell each other everything, were like best friends. After a while we stopped for some food. ' so mum, when do me and Jamie start school? ' I asked. ' well you could both start tomorrow if you want, the head teacher rung me and told me that you are welcome to join tomorrow or you can wait and get settled and start next week. Your choice. ' At the same time me and my sister both shouted ' TOMORROW '. I've never seen us so excited for school before.

We got back on the road and it only toke us about 2 hours till we got to our new house. It was so big and beautiful. I only just got there and I loved it already. We walked in the big house and I instantly ran upstairs to pick which room I wanted. I had to share with Jamie which was fine because I loved sharing a room with her. I found the room I wanted. It was massive. It had two single beds, two big wardrobes and a en suite. I got all my stuff from the car and brought it into our room and started unpacking. I put all my clothes neatly in my wardrobe and once i finished, I got in my pyjamas and got into bed. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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