The Boys

Alex Smith and her sister Jamie Smith moved to Ireland with their mum from Doncaster, they moved to a school where they met some new friends and some new boy friends ....


6. Day Out

Rebekah's P.O.V

We arrived at the shopping centre. We got out the car and we walked into Topshop because i wanted to buy a beanie. My phone vibrated and it was a message from Liam.

Hi, what are you up to at the moment? Wanna meet up?<3 xx

- Liam

Hey, I'm shopping with Lauren and Alex at the moment, you can meet us if you want though?<3xx

- Rebekah

Okay, meet you at Mcdonalds in 20 minutes<3xx

- Liam

' Is it okay if Liam meets up with us? He has nothing else to do. ' I asked. ' That's fine. ' Lauren replied. 

We walked round for a bit before going to Mcdonalds to meet up with Liam. Lauren saw  a pigeon and shouted ' KEVINNNNNNNN ' We all just laughed and made our way to Mcdonalds. About 5 minutes later, Liam showed up. ' Hi payno ' Lauren said. ' Hey tommo lover ' Liam said while laughing. We all just laughed and sat down. We all ordered a Big Mac because we were all starving. ' so does Louis like you back then Lauren ' Liam asked. ' I don't know, I haven't asked him, I'm to scared. He might reject me. ' ' Lauren, just go for it you never know ' Rebekah said. ' he could say yes though ' Alex replied. ' ok.. ' Lauren said. You could tell she was scared. Who wouldn't be.

Lauren's P.O.V

Oh my god. I'm actually so scared to ask him. What if he says no? What if he laughs in my face? I suppose I have to do it sometime. We all walked out of Mcdonalds and walked round for a bit. About an hour later we all decided to go home. Alex decided that she would go straight home and so did Liam. I asked if Rebekah wanted to stay the night and she said yeah. We went to the co op to get some munchies for the night. I swear, by the end of the night we are going to be so fat. We brought so much. We finally arrived home and we sat on the couch, got a movie and started on our munchies. ' hey Lauren , can I tell you something ? ' Rebekah asked. ' yeah sure ' ' well I kind of like Liam ' ' OMG really! Can I talk to him for you?!?! ' I asked. ' um.... Ok ' ' yay '

The movie finished and we were both so tired so we went up to bed and Rebekah fell asleep instantly.

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