Louis has just found out about his real dad and another sister who both live in London. By the order of his dad he's been asked to move to London and start a new life there, leaving behind his mum and sister in Doncaster. He's only been given one job, to take care of his sister there. But it's twice as hard when she doesn't even know he exists. To her, he's just another guy in her year.
Iris has been living with her cousin after her mum had passed away and her dad going to prison. Her cousin doesn't notice her and does her own thing. She has been getting high levels at school for the last 3 years. She has always been picked on and bullied at school, but it's never effected her as much as it will soon. This being her final year, it all goes down hill after meeting Louis and his friend, Harry.

Credit to @louisfavgirl on twitter for creating the cover x


1. Who are they?

*Louis' POV*

I had just moved into this area of London after finding out who my real father is. Which meant leaving my mother and my sister behind in Doncaster . My mum had told me who he was and where I could find him. Be hind metal bars would've been my last guess.

The main reason I'm here is to look after a sister, I didn't know I had, this is still all new to me.

The only person I knew in London other than my dad is a friend I met a year ago, Harry, we came here to stay for a while and I met him at a bar. To be brutally honest, he probably won't be much help, other than he goes to the same school.

I got pulled behind by 2 years back in Doncaster so I'll be in the same classes as Harry and my sister, which helps a lot.

My heated hands gripped the cold steel bars which separated myself and the blond man be hide it. My throat became scratchy as I took in every word that left his mouth.

“You look after her, you're the only one who can be there for her now.” he whispered to me. “She doesn't know about you, and I don't want her finding out.”

“You done?” Harry spoke to me. I nodded in his reply.

“This place is a shit hole” he complained.

“It is a prison after all, Haz..”


*Iris' POV*

Quickly, my feet sped along the glossy floors, my eyes adjusting to the bright coloured lockers which would blind someone if they didn’t come here 5 days a week. A few pieces of hair were stranded on my face, cold, wet and sticking against my cheeks. I sneezed into my clammy hands which I had just used to squeeze out rain water from my hair. The vibrant red of my watch caught my eye.

9:10! Shit! My body darted towards the blue door which had specks of paint missing, here and there.

“Late again, Iris!” Mrs Young called, naming and shaming. All eyes were on me as if I had committed a crime. There was only one space left which had my name over it. My body hesitated as I sat down.

“Did the caravan break down again?” Someone mumbled in my right ear. I blocked out their pathetic comment.

Swiftly, a hand swiped my bag onto the floor, causing everything to tumble out. Tears sprung to my eyes as I reached down to pick them up.

“Aren't you going to say something?” a voice protested, not one that I had heard before.

Another voice spoke up, I still didn't lift my head to see who it was.

“You're the teacher! Do something about it!” he argued.

“Enough!” she raised her voice over the two students.

I wiped my sore eyes which brewed with tears before sitting back up. I didn't bother looking around, someone was bound to notice the emotion in my eyes.

What’s the point.

The blue vans scurried the floor, making their way out the door first. A moment later, my feet had collied, bringing me to the ground. All eyes were on me again. My ears picked up a few laughs and giggles around me. Once I got back on balance, I felt two large hands and two smaller hands land a place on my shoulders.

“Hey, are you okay?” a deep voice spoke.

My throat was clogged and my eyes started letting out tears “Yeah” is all I could manage out in response. The hands detached from me as I ran around the corner to a small storage space. My back slid down the door, my face buried in the palms of my hands and I released my emotions.

In sequence my back rumbled against the door while hands were slamming themselves on the window.

“Hello? Iris? Can you let us in?” the hands continued slamming. The voices were recognising from earlier today.

Click. The door handle unlocked and opened.

“Hey love, we were just wondering if you were okay in there.” the shorter one spoke.

“Yeah, we saw you in class today. And in the hallway. And well.. we wanted to know if we could do anything to cheer you up.” a soft thumb wiped my cheek.

Why do they care? They don’t know me.

“Who are you guys? Why do you care so much?” I sniffled. The shorter lad introduced himself as Louis and the other, Harry. Both were wearing black hoodies and jeans which hugged their figure nicely. Harry's jeans had holes by the knees and also he wore a ramones top which had a vintage character to it. While Louis dressed in a pearl white t-shirt and dirty grey vans.

“We just wanted to know if you're okay” Louis' pink lips said softly.

“I said I'm fine.” I replied.


*Harry's POV*

“Shit, Haz.. I gotta run. Take care of her.” he left before I could even reply.

Iris rolled her eyes. Maybe I'll try and cheer her up? “So.. Do you want to--”

“Don't bother. I don't see why you care. You haven't spoken a word to me in the last 3 years. I don't know why you would start now.” she interrupted me, I was loosing my patience already with her.

Not another word left my mouth as I nicked her phone from the front pocket and sent myself a text. Sliding it back in the carrier, then walking off.

I turned my head to her confused face.


*Iris' POV*

The softness of the carpet tickled my feet when I walked out the shower, my towel wrapped tightly round my body.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Saturday. 8pm. Be ready.-Harry.




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