Louis has just found out about his real dad and another sister who both live in London. By the order of his dad he's been asked to move to London and start a new life there, leaving behind his mum and sister in Doncaster. He's only been given one job, to take care of his sister there. But it's twice as hard when she doesn't even know he exists. To her, he's just another guy in her year.
Iris has been living with her cousin after her mum had passed away and her dad going to prison. Her cousin doesn't notice her and does her own thing. She has been getting high levels at school for the last 3 years. She has always been picked on and bullied at school, but it's never effected her as much as it will soon. This being her final year, it all goes down hill after meeting Louis and his friend, Harry.

Credit to @louisfavgirl on twitter for creating the cover x


2. He actually showed up

Iris' POV

the racket of my cousins ear piercing voice wakes me from my slumber. Every one of her words and squeals echoing the house.

“oh my gosh! Did he really say that? He's so gorgeous, his pale blue eyes probably look even more amazing next to my bright hazel ones,” she squeals.

I throw my legs over the side of the bed and stand to my feet making my way down the hall to her room. My fingers create soft contact with the door.

“Bella? Do you mind just keeping it down a bit?” I quietly mumble.

“No! Leave!” she launches a pillow at me.

Wait- I check my phone.

2pm. Satur-


I don’t want to go on that stupid thing Harry's planning on doing. I don’t even know him for Christ’s sake. I couldn’t even deny going or not because he blocked his number when texting me. My stomach begins to growl. I quickly went down the stairs two steps at a time and sped into the kitchen.


Harry's POV

“mate, where you going?” Louis asks me, lifting his head off the couch.

I can't believe I'm letting him stay here, he’s so untidy and sleeps till late on weekends.

My eyebrows furrow together, “I'm actually going to see Iris,” I tell him. His small figure sits up against the furniture. He frowns and runs his hands through his hair.

“why?” he questions me.

“why not?”




The frosty British weather nipped my skin between the walk from my car to her front house door. After knocking for a good few minutes a curvy tall blonde figure opens the door, her eyes gaping at me. She brought her lip between her teeth.

“Hello handsome..” she smirked leaning against the door frame. Her greeting made me cringe.

“Yeah, whatever is Iris here?” her face fell the second I said Iris' name. She looked at me confused. “Well?” I ask again, rolling my eyes.

As if on queue, Iris peered from downstairs in an over sized t-shirt and pyjama bottoms. She looked hot, I have to admit. She isn’t really my type and I have nothing to get from her. I don’t really know why I'm doing this. She sort of, intrigues me.

“Why aren't you dressed? I raise an eyebrow.

“You've got to be kidding me right? This must be a mistake, why would a guy like you show up for someone like her?” the blonde waves her arm in Iris' direction.

Can she be more fucking annoying? I shouldn't waste my breathe, Iris has ran upstairs after her unnecessary comment. Before I know it, I've pushed past the irrelevant girl and raced upstairs to see straight black hair fallen over Iris' face. This sounds abit fucked up but she still looks completely gorgeous when she's crying.

“Hey..” I whisper, leaning against the door frame.

Her face lifts from her palms and she wipes her face. “hi..” she mutters

“Do you still want to go? You don’t have to, but we can.” She nods. “Are you sure?” I ask her again. She replies with another nod.


Iris' POV

I didn’t want to go. Not one bit. But now I do, maybe he does care? He probably doesn’t and I'm just lying to myself because he has no reason to care. This horrible feeling is eating me alive. Anyone’s comments get to me, their actions and irrelevant gestures towards me. It makes me feel unwanted but here is Harry. And he's wanting to be with me right now. A little nerve inside me makes me smile at the thought. Louis also, he bothered enough to ask if I was okay in the corridor.

I left the bathroom in tight black jeans, old converse and my favourite All Time Low t-shirt. Even when I was younger, I never was into dressy clothes and I don’t think I'll start now. My body turns to the mirror near the entrance of my bedroom checking that my eye-liner hadn’t smudged.

“Do I look alright?” I ask Harry.

His emerald eyes widen at me, I’m guessing its a good thing?




“Where are we even going?” I ask him.

“A concert. My friend is in the band opening for All Time Low” he has a smug smirk on his face.

WHAT? This is insane? We're not going to an all time low concert. I mean, how did he even know. Other than the fact that I'm wearing one of their t-shirts right now. How did he even know where I lived too. I should've thought this through abit more. How does he know all this about me? Should I ask him? It's abit cree-

“Iris?” he calls.

I run from my thoughts and realise I haven’t said a word to him. “Sorry, I just.. Are you serious? Don’t mess with me, Styles,” I test him.

“Of course I am. Ashton is insane about All Time Low and when they were asked to play to open for them, he was ecstatic.”  

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