A surfers sunset

Hope Summers is a 15 year old girl from Manchester - England, her dad got a huge promotion and is getting transferred to L. A. Hope hates that she has to move away from her friends, but over the time she's in L. A Hope meets the one person who changes her feelings, Cody Simpson. When Hope meets the surfing god, she's sure that he's going to be an idiot, but after awkward moments and memorable nights her feelings suddenly changes.


1. L. A hates me


I've always wonder why I was named Hope. After my mum passed away a few years ago, my name just didn't sound right anymore, and my last name Summers was given to me because I was born in the summer, real clever of my parents, right!

Moving to L. A was never something I wanted.

My dad and I have been living in the same town, with the same people, in the same house ever since my mum died, we haven't even been on holiday. L. A was the one thing my dad thought was a good idea, moving away from all his feelings seem essayer.

" Hope I have some good news, were moving to L. A I got a promotion at work, you should start packing were leaving in a week" my dad said with actual happiness in his voice, "why dad why are you doing this to me, I have friends" I screamed in his face ( okay, so I have two friends David and Melanie. ) " there is no discussion were leaving" . Somewhere in side me I was kind of hoping for a discussion, actually I was hoping for any kind of long lasting conversation. Ever sins my mum passed, my dad has been working all the time and when he's finally home he doesn't even talk. The moving conversation is the first thing he's said to me in weeks.

" Dad I really don't want to move " I said still slightly screaming, " it will be good for us and you get to live by the beach " he said while trying to cheer me up . " What will a beach help, were still leaving " I screamed while slowly walking up stairs to my bedroom, " go to bed Hope well talk about it in the morning ", " already on my way " I said with a bitchy voice.

The thought of leaving England didn't seam so bad, but the thought of leaving as a 15 year old virgin was killing me, my only two friends keep telling me that being a virgin at 15 is normal and I shouldn't rush it, but I'm ready.

Before we get to in to this, I quickly want to just tell you a few things about me. Surfing is one of the things I live for even though it hard to surf in England, as you might or might not have guessed I'm not one of the popular kids. I have the biggest fear of being heart broken, the same way I was when my mum died.

I could hear my dad moving and packing stuff down stairs, slowly shutting my eyes I hoped my dad would changes his mind.



                                                                            * * *


" Get up lets go " my dad was saying with a slightly raised voice, " why where are we going? " a flicker of tiredness in my voice " L. A ", " WHAT! you said we were leaving in a week " suddenly I was feeling wide awake. Well now this was awkward my dad had paced all my stuff when I was sleeping, so I was literally I a room just with a bed in it. " were leaving in about an hour, and your friends are here to see you " my dad said while he walk over to the stairs, hoping he would fall down them, I got out of bed and walk over to the window were some cloths were.

" Hey Hope I hear your moving " I heard someone scream up the stairs, who the hell was that!

Nobody bad, thank god it was just Melanie. " Are you up " , " more then I've ever been before " I said with a sad tone. " Great because were going out David is waiting in the car for us down stairs "," where are we going " I asked in a please take me anywhere but L. A kind of way. " The park " Melanie said with a slight grin.


" Bye " I said while waving to David and Melanie who were slowly driving away, " see you I a month " the one thing I had convinced my dad to let me do, was that I could come back and see my friends but first I a month.

Driving up to the airport went a lot faster then I wanted it to.

" Everyone going to L. A please proceeded to gate 24B " a speaker lady said sounding like she was about to kill her self, running as fast as my dad and I could we reached gate 24B, as the doors slowly closet behind my dad and I, the only thing going through my heard was FML ( Fuck My Life ).


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