In love with my bestfriend

Georgia Rose is an ordinary 20 year old who has three brothers, Simon, Thomas and Ollie. Her dad works in the military and she hasn't seen him for 6 months, her mum is the headteacher at her younger brothers school. Georgia is studying to become a rehabilitation physician for soldiers.
But the only thing is that her best friend is Liam Payne, and now she has feelings for him and doesn't know how to tell him.


3. What...


Liams p.o.v


Where was Georgia, its half eight already. She is always on time to my parties, to every one. She has been acting a bit weird recently, and hasn't been talking to me as much now. I'm worried. But it will be good there is something I need to talk to her about.

Georgias p.o.v

I arrived at Liam's and I felt about a hundred pairs of eyes on me, there was a few wolf whistles but I tried to ignore them even though I did blush a bit. I pushed my way through the crowd to the kitchen where I found Niall, what a suprise. "Niall, have you seen Liam anywhere?" I tapped on his shoulder, he turned round with a mouth full of pizza and looked at me from bottom to top, and his jaw dropped to the floor. "Wow, erm Georgia you look good tonight! Erm I haven't seen him for a while he might be with Sophia?". Who was Sophia? I didn't really want to know, "Okay, thanks" I gulped. Niall stuck his thumbs up and carried on eating, "See you later, yeah?" Niall said, I nodded. I pushed past the dance floor to find Louis and Eleanor, Louis was trying to break dance and Eleanor was in tears, aww they were so cute together. It was then I saw something that changed everything.

Liam was in the corner of the room  with some girl, they were kissing and giggling. It made me feel sick, I just had to get out of here. 

Liams p.o.v

I was having an amazing time with Sophia, she was this beautiful girl who made me smile like no-one else could. Where was Georgia. It was then I heard the room turn silent and heard a few distant wolf whistles, I was curious to find out. But then, Sophia came back from the toilet, she greeted me with a kiss. We started laughing and giggling at Louis's dancing. Sophia leaned in and was about to kiss me, it was then were I saw Georgia. She looked like she was smacked in the face and started to tear in her eyes. I stood up and walked over to her but she gave me a dirty look and ran out. 

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