In love with my bestfriend

Georgia Rose is an ordinary 20 year old who has three brothers, Simon, Thomas and Ollie. Her dad works in the military and she hasn't seen him for 6 months, her mum is the headteacher at her younger brothers school. Georgia is studying to become a rehabilitation physician for soldiers.
But the only thing is that her best friend is Liam Payne, and now she has feelings for him and doesn't know how to tell him.


9. The Date


Georgias p.o.v

Tonight was the date with Michael, I had to make a huge effort tonight. We have been texting,  calling and face timing quite a lot. And whenever I had to go Headly Court which was for two weeks we met up for lunch. He has such an amazing personality, he is so charismatic and charming. He's also a little bit flirty and a few days even kissed me on the cheek when lunch finished. He made going there such a joy and exciting and he made me forget about Liam. I smiled and walked over to my wardrobe to get ready.

Michaels p.o.v

I couldn't wait for tonight, Georgia was this beautiful amazing girl. Although its only been two weeks since we met I felt like I've met her for a lifetime! 

My leg was shaking up and down and my hand started to seat, I had to calm down. Georgia arrived wearing this mint green dim hem dress with golden spirals of  sequins and white high heels. She looked perfect, I couldn't wait.!

Georgias p.o.v

Michael greeted me with a kiss and got out of his seat to push my seat in for me but as soon as he got up I told him to sit down and pushed in his seat. He was such a gentleman!

When dinner arrived we both ordered spaghetti bologanse and got a margarita pizza as well to share. He grabbed his fork and dug it into my pasta and picked up one strand and put in his mouth not knowing the other end was in my mouth. Before, we knew it we were doing the famous lady and the tramp scene. When we got to the middle Michael grabbed the bit in my mouth and ate it. I pretended to sulk and Michael leaned over and kissed me on the lips unexpectly! I blushed and turned bright read and giggled when we finished. We split the meal but Michael insisted that he would pay but I denied it. 

After dinner we went to a walk by the river near by, and which looked beautiful at night. The moons reflection glowing bright and there was as much stars as the milky way. We walked in hand in hand Michael stopped in his tracks and turned to face me "Georgia, I really like you s lot and even though we have known each other for two weeks, I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?" I was shocked and didn't know what to say "It's okay if you don't want to, a lot of girls get a bit freaked out my leg!" he said with tears in his eyes. I whispered in  his ear "If you had both your legs, none of your legs I wouldn't care because I enjoy your company and you're so funny and I find you really attractive!" I giggled "It would be an honor to be your girlfriend!" and kissed him on the lips and he picked my up and span me round. I was amazed that how strong he was on his prosthetic leg, which would mean he won't best the center much longer. When he put me down our tongues danced around each other and we walked back hand in hand. 

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