In love with my bestfriend

Georgia Rose is an ordinary 20 year old who has three brothers, Simon, Thomas and Ollie. Her dad works in the military and she hasn't seen him for 6 months, her mum is the headteacher at her younger brothers school. Georgia is studying to become a rehabilitation physician for soldiers.
But the only thing is that her best friend is Liam Payne, and now she has feelings for him and doesn't know how to tell him.


12. as sweet as sugar


Liams p.o.v

Man, I was so out of breath when we finally got back to Georgia's apartment, she was in tears. Oh shit, I forgot she was with Michael, she technically cheated on him. I interlocked her hand with mine and lifted her chin, "Georgia, I am so sorry I didn't mean to upset you!" I assured. Georgia smirked and wiped the tears away "Those were tears of laughter, you idiot!" she chuckled and punched me in the arm! "Cup of tea?" she yelled as she danced into the kitchen, "YES" I replied at the same level of noise she did. Wow, her apartment was beautiful, I wondered around the living room looking at the pictures. There was the obvious family pictures, but in the corner of my eye, I saw a picture of me and Georgia when we were younger. I picked it up and grinned at how 10 year old me was giving a 10 year old Georgia piggy back. This was probably my favorite picture of us! She tip-toed back into the room and "Awww, that's my favorite picture too!" she beamed with two mugs of tea. "Sugar?" she questioned, I nodded and replied "This tea is almost as hot as you!". She turned a bright red and nearly spat out her tea as she giggled! I just sat there waiting for an answer, she avoided an answer. Hmmmmm...

I wanted to kiss her again, her lips were just so kissable. But the door burst open and Georgia ran to the door to greet Michael He picked her u and span her round and she kissed him on the cheek. He leaned in for a kiss on the lips but she avoided! 

Michael stuck his hand out and I slapped it, he chuckled! 

Georgias p.o.v

"Bye, Liam!" as he stood in the doorway, I hugged him as he left. 

Tonight, was a good night, we laughed so much I really enjoyed it! But this night totally confused me on my feelings now! I was in a good relationship with Michael but I don't know if I actually love him whereas Liam we were best friends but we both had strong feelings for each other. Either way, I cheated on Michael, it was only a few kisses but that can be blown way out of proportion by the press! So, I have to tell Michael soon before the gossip magazines do...

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