Vixx's dark concepts story here
hyde + voodoo
dedicated to all starlights , especially dem dirty parts
you know what I mean (: #smut
*skip to the last chapter if you want dirty things*


1. Interlude

Leo sat on the roof as he waited for N.

'Where were you, we were suppose to arrive the dorm 15 minutes ago...' said Leo

'I couldn't find anything, I guess I will head to the hospital later, wait until the people blood A or?'

Leo turned his head and ignored N as he climbed back to the floor.

'Remember that girl we saw yesterday? I feel like I'm attracted to her.' said Hongbean while smirking

'Oh shut the hell up! You don't even know her.' shouted N

'Guys lets leave, no one would be passing by...'

N and Hongbean nodded and left together with Leo.

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