Vixx's dark concepts story here
hyde + voodoo
dedicated to all starlights , especially dem dirty parts
you know what I mean (: #smut
*skip to the last chapter if you want dirty things*


12. hot rush

N's pov

I waited beside the lamppost, I knew she was there. I saw her shadow, taking each step cautiously.

'Hey y/n, how are you doing? Fine?' I shouted from far away.

She walked towards me, she was dressed in shorts and hoodie, like a typical teen girl in her 16. She had her usual curly brown hair, length up till her chest, she wore cute Turqoise sneakers, which coincidently, was my favourite colour, I smiled to the ground.

'Hi....' she said awkwardly... I could feel her anticipation for this moment through my veins. I held her hand and hugged her. She seemed shocked at first, but a moment later, she was buried inside my arms, it felt warm. I have never felt so warm and cozy before.

Girls pov

He took my hand. It was icy cold, like a vampires silvery pale eyes. He pushed me inward and gave a push to his chest.

I wanted to push him away but I slowly sank I to his arms. It was an extraordinary feeling. We are in love.

Suddenly he asked me, 'Y/n ah, you remember what happened yesterday? I'm so sorry I left without notice...'

I staggered as I replied softly 'it's okay, I'm glad you saved me twice, I'm very thankful.'

'So...what do you want to do now my beautiful stranger? Do you want to go to your place?' He asked in a happy tone.

I couldn't be more excited...he he called be beautiful...I blushed a bit and nodded.

It was cold, and I was in my white shorts...shouldn't wear that to sleep ugh.

He removed his thick coat and wrapped it around me, I couldn't stand how caring he was, I smiled to the ground.

As we chatted about our normal daily life, we arrived my place. He went to my kitchen and grabbed the pot, and started cooking ramen without hesitation.

I helped me out in stirring the noodles as he poured the power into the bowls.

'I love you y/n' he whispered to me as he bak hugged me. I automatically said 'Me too'

I turned to him and that moment, his plum lips was already pushing against mines.

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