Vixx's dark concepts story here
hyde + voodoo
dedicated to all starlights , especially dem dirty parts
you know what I mean (: #smut
*skip to the last chapter if you want dirty things*


11. home sweet home

Girls pov

I was still sitting on my bed, but the sun rose up within a second, I stood up, my bandage was gone... I slipped on my slippers, I wondered where N was...I still smell his perfume and manly odour, I got up and tied a messy bun.

'Honey you up? I made pancakes for you ,come out and have a sip of my orange juice.' shouted my mum from the kitchen.

I stared at my wrists, the scar seems to to get a tint shade, those marks seems to disappear these days.

'Honey, you have been sleep talking all through the night, I'm worried! Are you okay? Anything wrong?'my mum asked as she stroked my wavy hair.

'Yes mum, I'm okay, had been writing about ghosts stories, I guess I was creeped out by my work' I did a fake giggle and my mum smiled back at me.

I quickly finished my breakfast and went back to my room. I realized it was school tomrrow, I quickly did my homework and took a bath.

All day I was thinking about him, there was a feeling we were connected, my heart thumped and I can feel the hot blood inside me. I feel like...I'm in love.

the feeling was eerie, I am not the type of girls being single on tumblr, I feel like he owned me.


As the clock struck at 12, I decided to go to bed and continue my fan girling on my phone. I was watching vixx again, suddenly, I realized my bias N, looked just like him...the on and on video...can it be?

I started dreaming again.

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