Vixx's dark concepts story here
hyde + voodoo
dedicated to all starlights , especially dem dirty parts
you know what I mean (: #smut
*skip to the last chapter if you want dirty things*


6. feeling

Girls pov

It was thanks giving holiday and I decided to spend my day at home.

I went on and searched for vampire infections, and was horrified by the results. I studied all the sources carefully: Vampire does heart to heart talk, they don't just talk in the hearts, also in dreams, a message for each other.

Neutral vampires feed on normal food just as human blood.

Other vampires snack on human or animal, and tend to wake up only at night.' My heart beaded so fast I can feel it thumping, I was afraid if I wasn't a neutral vampire, or even a vampire!

I was blank for a moment or two, and I continued on my Instagram Kpop fanpage. His image kept appearing on my mind, I was urged to think about his face every second.

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