hold tight

so you're strangers,but when you look into his eyes,you're no longer strangers.


1. stranger

i guess just living with my dad would never be easy, my mom moved away with her new husband, and i went to live with my dad and my big brother in canada, my mom was in california, i hope she's having a great life without me, you know after leaving me. i'm sixteen  and the only girl now so. i knew that moving to a new country,new town where nobody knew me was gonna be hard but i was excited in a way. my brother's like the over protective really loving kind big brother that's more like a best friend,he was always there for me, if anybody ever hurt me or upset me in any way he would kick off. my dads like my brother, and everyone knows my brother and my dad in the new place in canada. 

the place i moved to is amazing like completely amazing, i'm really glad. the house is huge, my rooms massive, and its like a warm,loving neighborhood. once i'd got all settled in, my dad told me to go meet the next door neighbours with my brother whilst he was at work, as a chef. me and my brother went round to next door's house and this really pretty woman opened the door. 'hi chris, who's your friend?' she said.

'urm this is my sister,she's come to live with me from now on so,' my brother chris told pattie.

'oh great!' she smiled at me so i smiled back, 'come on in i'll shout justin down.' so we went in the living room, it sort of reminded me of my old house in new york with my mom. 

'who's justin?' i asked chris

'my main man! my best friend, you'll love him, i betcha' 

'heeeey waddup chris my boy! haven't seen you for like three days where the hell you been?!' justin shouted excitedly.

i turned around to look at justin, and my god he was hot. like not hot but gorgeous. his hair was so perfect and lush, his face was whoaa, and the first time i looked at him,he was smiling so brightly. he looked like an angel.

'so who's this?' justin asked raising his eyebrows happily smiling at chris

'my sister, chloe. hmmm' chris replied warning him.

justin smiled at me.

'hey' i said, blushing

he smiled ever wider and said 'so, urm, hey' he said biting his lip

chris left the room to go get some snacks, because it was basically his second home,and pattie, justins mom, was fine with it all.

'so, where you been?never seen you before' justin said flirtatiously 

'well ive just moved in with my dad and chris, i just moved from new york'

he sat down on the couch close to me, he looked at me, and i looked back, i looked into his eyes the moment he looked into mine. sounds corny i know but when i looked into those gorgeous deep brown eyes, i fell instantly in love. 

'you staying full time or?' he asked

i live with chris now, im not moving back' i said turning my face away, sighing,

'are you okay?' he asked concerned 

'me? oh yeah im fine just tired'

he put his arm round my shoulders, i giggled happily and gave me an unexpected hug, he hugged me tight and i hugged him tight back, when i was about to let go, he hugged me even tighter, and i smiled, inhaling his scent, he smelt like a unicorn flying over a field of rainbows, like he literally smelt like an angel. he let go after a couple of minutes.

'what was that hug for stranger?' i asked chuckling, looking right into his eyes

'i dont know, i just felt like it' he whispered looking right back into my eyes.

his fingers touched my cheek, and whilst we were still looking in each others eyes, he did that really cute half smile, it was so perfect. 

chris walked back in with snacks and drinks and justin turned around to look at him, chris raised one eyebrow at justin and started laughing. chris and justin ate the food and drank the drinks, i didnt feel hungry or thirsty. 

i did just not for food, but for justin? oh yes. 

after a while of us all just general chatting, chris said it was time to go. 

'chloe, wait, urm whats your number?' justin asked me.

we exchanged numbers, said goodbye. i was last walking out the door, and justin was stood right behind me, and as i was walking out, he gently touched my waist from behind, pulled me close and whispered 'see ya later stranger' i turned around and we smiled at each other. i left back to the house. 

we got into the house and my brother asked me 'whats the deal with you two?what happened when i was in the kitchen?' he asked really cautiously

'nothing chris, stop worrying, just talked and gave me a hug, as a friend, i mean he's your best friend shouldnt i get to know him?' i replied

'yeah i guess but you should know he's the same age as me' 

'he's 19?whats so bad about that?'

'im just saying, you're 16, so dont get into any funny business with him, i dont want you to get hurt. hes a great guy but youve been hurt in the past'

'okay, just chill, ill be fine, were just friends, hes basically a stranger really'


stranger? a stranger? it didnt feel like it, i felt like id known him forever, and that i loved him, i dont know how i dont know why. maybe the eyes, maybe the smile, maybe the smell(; maybe just him.

i went to my room, looked in my tall mirror and just looked at myself, i looked at my brown hair tied into a messy bun, i wasnt really so tall, more medium height, i guess i was an average girl really. i sighed when i walked away. my phone bleeped. the text said 'hey stranger,guess who'

i smiled instantly and texted back 'hey stranger,justin?' i waited not even thirty seconds and my phone beeped 'you got that right, how are you x?'  i replied instantly saying 'haha im good thanks you?x' we had small talk and we started flirting and the last text he put was 'night babe, hope i see you tomorrow xxx' i went to sleep smiling, thinking about justin. i knew i was gonna see him tomorrow. 

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