Cara Morgan was killed in a horrific accident. She has been sent to a parallel universe where the dead thrive. Her parents there didn't know she existed until she died, but her old parents don't know that they could make contact. Cara makes it her mission to re-join her family in her previous universe, but the dead in her world are determined to stop her. Will she ever make it back? Will she ever make contact?
*Awesome cover by Lily Anna Nightshade!*


11. The Gatekeeper

"Yes can I help you," the gatekeeper said looking up at Cara politely.

"Er yes I would like to use your gate," Cara said to the man plain and simply. The gatekeeper just laughed and turned away.

"You can't just use it because you're here," the gatekeeper said chuckling, "You have to do something for me first."

"WHAT!" Cara yelled angrily at the old man, "I have traveled here for four days, then I queued up for another two days and now this!" The gatekeeper just chuckled.

"It isn't a hard task," the gatekeeper said, "All I need you to do is go up to Wogsalg and talk to the gatekeeper up there. He will give you a golden ring bring it to me and I will let you pass through my gate.

"Are you kidding me!" Cara said clearly frustrated, "Wogsalg is at the other end of the country, it will take me two weeks to get there at least.

"Well if you don't want to pass through the gate you don't have to go," the gatekeeper said closing the gate with a flick of his wrist.

"No..No I want to...I really do," Cara said pleading with the gatekeeper so that he opened the gate back up. "I guess I'll go to Wogsalg and talk to the gatekeeper there then."

"Good girl," the gatekeeper said patting Cara's head, "Now run along, I'll be waiting." Cara nodded and started her journey  


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