Cara Morgan was killed in a horrific accident. She has been sent to a parallel universe where the dead thrive. Her parents there didn't know she existed until she died, but her old parents don't know that they could make contact. Cara makes it her mission to re-join her family in her previous universe, but the dead in her world are determined to stop her. Will she ever make it back? Will she ever make contact?
*Awesome cover by Lily Anna Nightshade!*


19. Sky

Cara coughed and sputtered for a few minuets, catching her breath as the mermaid sat there in the pool smiling.

"How can you be real?" Cara asked the question that had been on her mind for a long time. She looked the mermaid up and down starting at her red hair and finishing at her green tail.

"We are in the afterlife," the mermaid replied smiling, "Anything can be real here." The mermaid smiled again then flipped over in the pool to refresh the water on her body.

"Oh," was Cara's only answer, "I didn't know that."

"Well of cause you didn't you only just got here," the mermaid said giggling, "Oh how rude of me I haven't introduced myself. My name is Sky."

"Er my name is Cara it's nice to meet you," Cara said hesitantly.

"Well it is nice to meet you Cara," Sky said smiling again, "So anyway how can I help you?"

"Er I can't remember what I wanted," Cara said scratching her scull and thinking. Sky frowned a sympathetic smile and turned away.

"Oh dear that is a shame," Sky said frowning, "Well you keep thinking and get back to me on that." They both sat in silence for a moment before Cara stood up.

"Oh I remember now," Cara said jumping up and down with joy, "I need you to give me a pearl from your jewelry box."

"Oh that is an odd request why do you need that?" Sky asked her brow furrowing whilst she thought.

"The gatekeeper by the lake asked me too," Cara answered shrugging her shoulders at the request.

"Oh well if my best friend up there asked for it then I shall have to give it to you," Sky said a little too sarcastically. She swam over to the edge of the pool where a box sat on the side. Sighing she pulled out a pearl and handed it to Cara.

"Thank you," Cara said relived that Sky gave it to her.

"Your welcome," Sky said smiling then her voice changed, "Just be careful with that gatekeeper he is dodgy."

"I will be careful I promise," Cara said nodding her farewell to sky, "I will be back to see you again we are friends now."

"Oh wow I have never had a friend," Sky said clapping her hands with glee, "Take the stairs over there." Sky raised her hand and pointed to a set of stairs in the corner.

"Thank you bye," Cara said waving as she walked away.

"Bye," Sky called after her.  

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