Cara Morgan was killed in a horrific accident. She has been sent to a parallel universe where the dead thrive. Her parents there didn't know she existed until she died, but her old parents don't know that they could make contact. Cara makes it her mission to re-join her family in her previous universe, but the dead in her world are determined to stop her. Will she ever make it back? Will she ever make contact?
*Awesome cover by Lily Anna Nightshade!*


13. On The Path To Wogsalg

Cara had been walking for nearly a week and she wasn't even halfway there.

"Hey there dear are you lost?" an old lady walking past Cara asked politely.

"Er no I'm just heading to see the gatekeeper in Wogsalg," Cara said smiling but the old lady's smile fell form her face.

"Oh I wouldn't go there darling," the old lady said shifting from one foot to the other.

"Why not?" Cara asked turning to face the old lady properly.

"Because the gatekeeper in Wogsalg is a con man," the old lady replied, "He will make you think that he is helping you. Then he will ask you for something and you will never hear the end of it."

"Well thanks for the tip," Cara said smiling at the old lady, "I will watch out for that when I meet him."

"You don't understand," the old lady said frowning, "You can't go and see the gatekeeper he's evil."

"I get it but I'm going," Cara said and before the old lady could answer she ran off towards Wogsalg.

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