Dakota potter and my hidden twin

Harry's words and you are?
Dakotas words you twin


12. The song

the room just off to the side of the great hall was spectacular it was nearly as big as the dursleys  old house .It had a faint musky smell.

"we are ready for you now"a random professor said to us all.

she turned around and swept  her arms so she could open the doors to the great hall.

then a hat burst into song,it sang:

f you could find a cleverer hat than me 

you can keep your snapbacks back 

and your beanies all gnomie and weird 

cause I'm a sorting hat and I can gnome them all

you may belong in grifindor where the mini Harry potters dwell

you may belong in hufflepuff where those kind foke 

will go to any ends to help there friends 

you may belong in ravenclaw where they are slightly exsentric 

we are the cleverest of the bunch so help is always at hand 

those scary looking slytherin's  may look all hard and tough 

but inside are all mashmellowy and soft

so now that you have herd all about the houses 

don't be afraid I don't bite (but I do have teeth)

your in safe hats 

cause I'm a thinking hat

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