Dakota potter and my hidden twin

Harry's words and you are?
Dakotas words you twin


20. Ravenclaw

*******************************************ONE WEEK LATER****************************************************

Okay it's time for Ravenclaw. 

I go into the common room and start reading a magazine I found called the Quibbler. A girl with murky blonde hair and silvery eyes comes up to me and talks in a dreamy voice. 

"Hello my daddy is the editor of that magazine. It's really good isn't it? My name is Luna what's yours?"

Dakota Potter" I say. 

 "Oh yes do you want to sit next to me in our next class?" 

"Okay. " I grin happily at making a new friend. Luna seems very nice despite that she believes in Nargles and has a cork necklace, which I love!

"Hey Luna can you write to you dad and as him if I can subscribe to the quibber also can you show me how to make one go them neckless and how to make your earrings because they are fab"I whispered to Luna in class.

"Ok and now shut up I like potions"Luna shushed.

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