Dakota potter and my hidden twin

Harry's words and you are?
Dakotas words you twin



"I have a brother,It never occured to you that I would want to know that little nugget of info"i half screamed at aunt and vernon.

"I exploded then, my magic burst out of me (not that I know what it was at that point)

dudleys head burst and his brains came and covered vernon which he promptly choked on. Aunt looked ready to kill so I grabbed Harry's hand and my pet cat renessmee and fled.

"BLOODY  HELL"Harry exploded once we had gotten into magnolia crescent.

"So Harry were do you want to go,if you have no idea then I have one"I asked quickly getting  us sorted.

"I don't no sis,what's your idea"Harry asked.

"well there is a man who lives at the end of this road called Remus lupin,he knows what I just did and has a name for it.so we can go there,if you like"I countered.

"let's go then" he said 


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