Dakota potter and my hidden twin

Harry's words and you are?
Dakotas words you twin


4. Hi Remus,

As we walked to Remus's house,Harry said somthink

"why did you never realise that you had an other half,"Harry said slowly 

"I did feel like there was a part of me missing but I just dissed it,I thought I was being silly bit now I realise that I was not being silly"I replied back.

"come on Harry his house is just here"

i walked up his drive confidently and knocked on his purple door.

"hello dak,how are you ,oh oh oh I see that you've found out.ok come in you two."remus said to me.

"So sir,Harry started nervously,how do you know how I am".

"to start with call me lupin or remus I don't mind which, and also you are my best friends son,Dakota already knows this but there is something that she doesn't know,you are both witches and wizards. I know that dak made Dudley die,and that was a perfect demonstration of pure uncontrolled magic."he explained. "So tomorrow I will take you both to diagon ally(the wizards street) and then go to hogwarts (the wizard school) and talk with albus dumbledore (the school headmaster) about you two,and you can stay here tonight. And renessmee can have a place to sleep also.there you are Renessmee" . As Remus took her out of my hand.

night you two .your rooms are up the stairs and to the right. You can choose between yourselves which room you want.


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