Dakota potter and my hidden twin

Harry's words and you are?
Dakotas words you twin


2. Harry

we got home from the zoo in high spirits nothing had happened.i remembered that vernon had said that they have something special to say.aunt then went into the place under the stairs,the only place I wasn't aloud to go near.and dragging him by the ear out she pulled a boy.he looked a lot like me only he had two green eyes yet I have 1 hazel 1 emerald and he had black hair two,but other then that we looked the same.who is he? I asked. He's you brother dak your twin brother called Harry. Vernon explained my,eyes flickered up to his forehead then he had it to the scare,my scare ,are scare .only mine is on the bridge of my nose.he...he's my twin brother. I finally stuttered out. 

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