Friends Forever

This is poem about friendship ♥♥♥


1. Friends Forever

Since that day in year four,

When I walked through the classroom door,

I saw you smile at me,

I knew at once it was meant to be.


Even though I wasn't picked to show you round,

We stood together on solid ground,

Through lighting and hail,

Our friendship never failed.


All the other guys,

Said we should have had a fight,

But is that really true?

Not with a best friend like you.


We've stuck together through right and wrong,

How has our friendship lasted this long?

I guess it's because you're an awesome dude,

And I'd say it's because you're funky and cool.


We love each other so very much,

We're always been prepared for when things get tough,

At each other's sides for all this time,

We fit together like a perfect rhyme.

Friends forever ♥♥♥




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