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  • Published: 6 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 14 Jan 2014
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Irina Faolan just moved in a new state. She has no parents. Her aunt seems more protective than she should have. She has an uncle who gets rough and likes to her pain. Then there are these group or pack that stares at her and she fears for her life. Then she meets Cameron and he's likes to keep close to her but wants her to stay away, Irina starts to wonder, why is every one interested in her?


3. Chapter Three

Here's Chapter Three...... I really don't have anything to say for today so enjoy.

Picture of Irina



I stared up at the sky. I wish I was up there with the clouds. At least they don't have to deal with school and judgmental people. After Cameron found my bruises, I felt wrong and disgusting. I hope I could never show my face to that school ever again.

"Irina" someone shouted.

Camila brought a cup  to the rooftop. She sat down next to me and stared up at the sky. I quietly drank my cup of chocolate while Camila watched the clouds move.

"Feeling better" she asked.

I nodded and finished my cup.

"I wish things have went differently" she softly said.

"Me too but we can't change the past" I said.

"What if we can" she asked.

I almost laughed at her until she looked serious.

"Your kidding me right"I asked.

She sighed," but what if we can".

"Camila there is a difference between if and can, so can we or can we not go and change the past" I growled.

"Did I just growl?" I asked myself.

Camila looked at me, shocked.

"What the hell, Irina" she stood up.

"Yeah, what the hell" I thought.

"Just dropping by" my mind said.

My eyes widen. Camila stared back.

"What was that" I asked.

No answer.


She paced back and forth staring at the ground," Okay I can either tell her or she can wait but then again she's already see him. If I tell her they are so doing to kill me but if she finds...".

"JUST tell me" I grabbed her hands and she stood still.

"Irina I don't think you are ready to hear this" she whispered.

"And when has that stopped you" I let her go.

She smirked," Your family likes to keep secrets, just like mine. They have this circle, group, or even cult but we are -".

"A pack" I answered.

She looked confused but nodded.

"Anyways there are three packs near by. Ours is small but has recently got bigger. Its kind of sad when you think about how you have to kept in secret. We have rules that apply on everyone that are in the pack but they put more pressure on me since I'm close to you" she played with her hands.

"What does this have to do with me" I asked.

"To be in our pack you have to at least have a family or a mate in the pack" she replied.

"Mate? Okay family I understand but mate" I seem confused.

"You need a married or they marry to someone" she explained.

"They expect me to marry a stranger" I almost yelled.

"Actually they expect you to marry Xavier".

"What the hell! He's already married to Beatrice".

She shook her head," They like to keep secret".

"What about you".

"My parents found a way out of this for me but it comes with a price".

"No surprise there" I mumbled," so what's this secret they keep hiding".

"There's something in your blood that makes every wonder, what makes you so special" she started," Beatrice has been keeping something important that could help you and us but no one wants to take a risk".

"Ok....." I trailed off.

"Your a werewolf" she smirked.

I stared at her face.


No answer.


Still no answer.

"Irina you have to understand that if you don't tell Beatrice about your dreams and the voice in your head then evr-".

"How do you know about the voice" I asked.

I felt my hands shake uncontrollable.

"Do you how any idea how I found out about Xavier's plans and motivates and no I'm not a werewolf. Lets just say that magic can help you out most of the times" she asked.

"Your a witch".

"Wow, your even smarter than I thought" she grin," Anyways Beatrice wasn't suppose to keeps the secret this long from you.....".

"So if Beatrice didn't want to tell me then why did Xavier bite me" I asked.

She stared at her hands.

"Because every wolf has a mate and at some point you get to meet them or you wait longer. A mate is like a soul mate but we become mates in a different way. You have to share blood but in order to do that, you have to bite each other. In this case Xavier biting you will cause wolves know that you owned or being watched over" she explained.

"So since Xavier did this then...".

"Then wolves would know that you cant be messed with but unless your mate finds out then things start to get more complicating".

"So am I going to be like this forever" I asked.

"No it's a 24 hour thing and it should be off before school if Xavier doesn't bite you, again".

"Is there in any way that I can claw his eyes out".

She grin," It depends on your wolf. She many be a pain in the ass but she isn't that bad. You should start shifting when your at least 15".


 "Watch for the" .

The bowl fell into my hands. Camila shook her head and smiled. After talking to Camila I started to catch things that were about to fall.

"Something smells good" someone walked in.


I look over to Camila and she nodded. He walked around the kitchen and touched things. He was behind me and started to sniff me. He frown.

"Looking for something, Xavier" Camila asked.

"What did you do" he hiss.

"Its just that you cant keep fate away from each other" she smirked.

"And you cant keep your mouth shut. How much does she know" he asked.

"I think what you should really be asking is how much longer will it take to let her find out IT out" she emphasized it.

"What are you talking about" I jumped in.

"You should stop before you regret something" Xavier threatened.

"Like lying to my best friend even though its clearly your fault and your problem to deal with".


I sat in the dinner table with my untouched food. Camila is glaring at Xavier while Xavier is glaring at Beatrice when she is ignoring the two and eats. I still don't understand why they are fighting over secrets. Xavier lunged at Camlia then she knocked him out somehow. Now the kitchen is destroyed. Beatrice and Xavier knows that I know about the "family secret" and that my wolf finally talked to me.

"Okay I don't have the best timing but now you know that you can claw Xavier's eyes out" my wolf said.

"Not in the mode" I replied.

"Are you always like grumpy" she asked.

"You tell me since your stuck inside of me" I answered.

She stared to talk but I ignored her.

"How was school" Beatrice asked.

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest.

"It was perfect since a girl hates me, someone saw my bruises, and now everyone things I cut myself and also to top it off I just learned that I'm some kind of dog. So basically my life is just perfect" I sarcastically said.

"You have bruises" she asked.

"YOU SAW THEM! How could you let him do that to me? He's suppose to be your husband, not mine. And you should know that he bit me" I felt the tears run down my cheek.

I pushed back my chair and ran up to my room. I grabbed the door knock and the door fell to the ground. I didn't care and walked over it. Camila came shortly in and sat next to me in my bed. She ran her fingers in my hair and sigh.

"You have to know from the beginning" she finally said.


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