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  • Published: 6 Nov 2013
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Irina Faolan just moved in a new state. She has no parents. Her aunt seems more protective than she should have. She has an uncle who gets rough and likes to her pain. Then there are these group or pack that stares at her and she fears for her life. Then she meets Cameron and he's likes to keep close to her but wants her to stay away, Irina starts to wonder, why is every one interested in her?


13. Chapter Thirteen

Here is chapter 13 and I'm making this long since it's based on the dream thing and the room and you'll find out why I called this story bloodlines but that with probably be in the next chapter or in the end of this but you'll have to find out and read.....



I slowly closed the door and looked at the room. Ryan's room wasn't really messy. Actually it wasn't messy at all. I looked closely for entrances or hidden door. I stopped in front of Ryan's bed. It was pressed to he wall and was big. I stood on the left side of the bed and stared at the floor. I grabbed the headboard of the bed and pushed it off the wall. There was nothing, it looked normal. I stood in front of the wall and my hand started to glow.

"Bingo" I thought.

I put my palm of the wall and the wall backed up creating a space between it and the wall. I walked in and the wall went back to it's normal self. I took a step forward and fire started to appear. It was bright and warm. It was filled with books. They were on the walls and scroll rolls were on a table. There was another room but I was more focused on the books that were on the table.

"This could be fun" my wolf sarcastically said.

"Only you would say that" I told me wolf.

"But it's true" she said.

"Yeah.... keep telling yourself that" I replied.

I ran my fingers on the table and picked up a book. I blew the dust off it and began to read.

"Dear Diary,

I have my theory checked out. My daughter, my beautiful daughter just turned 3 and I must say that her gifts are advanced and growing by the day. She cant have any memory of me. It might sound selfish if I'm trying to protect myself but it'll be more dangerous if they find out she's my heir. It might sound weird but not even my mate, Isaac, knows about my secret. I just wish he finds another mate or wife to run the pack since I cant come back. He deserves happiness after what I'm going to do. I hid the fact that I left the pack and faked my own death. Perks of having powers".

I felt tears going down my cheek.

"I've should have told him the truth but it's always his parents who wanted something more of me. I was being a coward. I shouldn't be running, I should be fighting. Maybe I should've take my life when Isaac's ex girlfriend told me. Iris was always trying to find her way to win something. If she didn't, lets say it wont look pretty to have a whole pack destroyed.

I should trust Beatrice with my daughter and Isaac with his child. I feel guilty to leave Irina without her father but as my mother used to say," Better those be raised by women than by men".

It would be best if I disappear and don't finish what my parents started but its a duty and honor to do it but when I think about it, what if I never made the decision to let go of my children?

I guess I'll never know since they'll be gone by mid-day tomorrow.




She did to protect me.

I ran down the stair and found my brother and mate staring at me with their arms crossed over their chest.

"Act innocent" I thought to myself.

"Hey guys" I smiled.

They looked at each other and back at me.

"Where were you" Cameron asked me.

I thought for a minute.

"Why should you know" I asked slowly.

"I'm your mate" he growled.

I raised my brow.

"What does that mean" I asked getting angry.

Ryan cleared his throat," Where were you in my room".


I looked away from them.

"Just tell us what you did, nothing is going to happen" he said.

I sigh.

"Should I tell them" I ask my wolf.

"It's the best thing to do in this situation" she replied.

I nodded.

"I found something that could have me do some research" I told them.

"What kind of research" my mate asked.

"Its personal" I replied.

"Family personal" my brother added.

I raised my brow.

"We are connected" he said.

"Where is this hidden room" Cameron asked.

"How do you know that"?

"We are connected" he smirked.

Great, another protective wolf in my head.



We walked back to Ryan's room and opened the hidden wall. I was pretty surprised that Ryan never noticed there was a hidden room behind his room.

"What are these" Ryan asked picking up a book.

"Its a book" I said slowly.

Cameron stared at the wall for some reason so I didn't disturb him.

"Is this her diary" Ryan asked.

He putted up the book i was reading earlier.

I nodded," I never knew she sacrified herself for us".

He ingored me and starting reading. I walked next to Cameron and stared at the wall he was staring at. There was nothing but lines and little draws.

"Now i understand" Cameron murmured.

"What" I asked.

"Your mother was trying to put it all she was trying to find a perfect combination to make something but didn't finish it or couldn't find it" he said.

"So we have to find out what she was trying to do" I asked.

He nodded," And why she needed it.




I sat down next to Ryan trying to find information or what my mother was trying to do. No one has found anything and Ryan was being grumpy and lazy.

"I need food" he groan for the fifth time.

"Then go get food" Cameron replied.

"But I'm going to be locked out" he whined.

I rolled my eyes and slammed my book shut and stood up stretching.

"I'll go" I said opening the wall and walking away.

I walked to the kitchen and thankfully it was empty.

"Where is everyone" someone asked.

Iris. I grin.

"What the plan" my wolf asked.

"Leave it all to me, you just stay on guard" I replied.

She protested but agreed.

"I don't know. Maybe you should hire another person to kidnap them so you would know where they are 24/7" I said.

She growled while I gave her innocent eyes.

"You have fouled everyone but I'm building my own "group" as we speck, you shouldn't never gotten on my bad side" I smirked," you'll never know what can happen to you".

"How dare you threaten me" she sneer.

"On the contrary, it's a warning. Don't push me because everyone has their limited and how they can snapped and there's me. I don't like warning people but I love surprises and that makes me untouchable".

"I can easily end you now" she smirked.

"You might want to reconsider that. For one hurting me would hurt two other people that you don't really get along but is a mother to. My father already knows what you fell about us but does he know what you actually suggested to his true mate" I asked.

"I'm his true mate" she replied.

"Tsk, Tsk. Its bad to lie. My mother was his first and he did first had his first kids with her instead of you. Your just a replacement" I smiled.

She glared at me.

"Don't double cross me and also you will never speck of this" I finished and grabbed some food and left.


I ran to Ryan's room and quickly opened the hidden room. Cameron and Ryan noticed me shacking and helped me in as the wall closed.

"What happened" Cameron asked as he settled me on the chair.

"I put the Luna in her place" I replied.

"Shouldn't you be happy" my brother asked.

"I do, I actually feel amazing and evil but also I feel sorry... I don't know I'm confused" I replied.

"Yeah well you wont after you find out what Iris did to our mother" my brother said.

"What did she do" I asked.


"October 13, 2005

I stayed with my mate even though my children are alive. Ryan is safe with my mother and Irina is with Beatrice. I can feel their emotions and warning and them to me. Where I'm at, they we find me. I doubt they would want to find me unless they want more problems and new..... problems. I just wish I could tell Isaac my life story and why I have to be hidden. I cant let people know about me or I cant let people find out what I am. I don't know what am. I always wanted a family but now isn't the time espically with people still after me.

I was walking down the quarters of the house when I bumped into Iris. Isaac doesn't want to get rid of her and she made it pretty clear that she wanted Isaac and she can have him when I'm gone but he's mine right now. She cursed me out and told me that I was a bad luna, I didn't deserve that role. My wolf snapped and held her to the wall and tried to chock her but I held myself back. I let her off with a warning but I was going easy on her.

Later that day at dinner. Iris felt sorry so she backed a mini cake for me. I shouldn't never trusted her and never took it but no one gave me a warning when I ate it. After I swallowing it I started to feel a burning in my throat and I finally noticed that she put poison or something inside it.

I suddenly realized that I was dying and slowly, starting from inside of me and this is going to be a hell of a ride."

So it's because of Iris that my mother wanted to ran. She told her to dye and now she poisoned her.

"Is their more" I asked.

He nodded.

"October 15,2003

It's been two days since I was poison and surprising I was healing inside and out. Me and Isaac made love in those day and I was feeling more protected than usual. Maybe it was because I was planning to leave and I was growing more attaching to Isaac and we are growing more and more but oh well. My wolf keeps telling me that Isaac's wolf is going crazy and more protected and I have to agree. I'm healing more faster and my stomach feels funny and a bit heaver. I'm more tried and I've been feeling sick in the mornings.

Could it be?

I have been getting the weird feeling and warnings. Isaac stares at my stomach everyday and every second, not leaving my side.

I side probably get a check up or something but something doesn't feel right and I cant stop thing about it."

"So does that mean there's another" I asked Ryan.

"I don't know, its weird that she healed fast in two days from poison. That's not normal nor that the fact both of their wolves were on alert. Plus if their was than she would have sent it to another wolf and no one has recently got a wolf baby" he said.

"That doesn't mean she would give that baby up. She felt guilty and kept it and have it since it would be dangerous to give it to a family" I suggested.

"Or maybe there wasn't baby for starts" Ryan replied.

Cameron shook his head.

"There was. She couldn't have healed that fast. She couldn't have had a baby in her if she was poison unless the baby got poisoned too. Think about it. She might have gave you both away but she knew you two were bound to find each other since you share blood. Theirs a reason why she separated you two and kept the new baby unless...".

"Unless she needs it and is planning" Ryan finished.

We all paused.

"If that's true than what is she planning" I asked.

Cameron smirked.

"Lets find out" he picked up the book.


"October 20,2003


I was pregnant.

My third child.

I cant ran away like this and with Isaac bound to realize that I was carrying his child again. I cant end up like my family. I have to escape and leave everything behind. I cant leave my baby alone with anyone else. I have to take him/her with me. My family wont accept me if I left my unborn child in the hands of others. I should tell Isaac whats in my blood and what's my role in the pack but I cant.

They will come after me. Alexander shouldn't never came into my life. My family should've burned him when they had the chance but of course they would be foolish. I need to start over and finish what my family started but of course you can never leave destiny.

I love my family line. It made me the way I am but also the way I live. People will realize it was a mistake to let me rule and take over. They'll all learn that it's not the best to run away and be a pain the ass but for now I have to worry about my unborn child and how I can live in this world with a new child but when me and my family come together.

Everything will come to place and I will rule."

"Crazy much" I said.

"She wants to rule" Ryan said in disbelief.

Cameron was silent.

"What do you think" Ryan asked.

"Now that you asked. She doesn't only want to rule." when raised our brow," She needs to get her pieces back together and get what's rightfully hers and be prepared and have a secret weapon so that no can over throw her. I can understand what she's feeling and why but everyone is different so that's her story. She's doing it for a reason but at the point to bring her finally! No there's something else she cant put or say in paper because she wants to surprise and catch people off guard and that's smart but also hard to find since it looks like she planed it already and she's starting. She hasn't moved."

"How do you know so much" I asked.

He smirked," I've thought about world dominance so this research will have me think head of time, but still debating on whether I should go to mafia since I have a mate around so things can get interesting and you get the rest".

"Irina, are you sure your mate isn't a pervert" Ryan asked.

"As my brother, isn't that your job" I asked back.

"But still you never know what's going on in his sick twisted mind" he said.

"I'm sitting right here" Cameron cut in.

"SHH" me and my brother said before getting back to our conversation.



We left Ryan's room arguing to each other when we were stopped by Iris.

"Where have you been" she asked.

She glared at me before faking a smile to Cameron and Ryan.

"Is there something you need" I harshly said.

She growled but nodded.

"The alpha is requesting to see you" I rolled my eyes and pushed past her.

I opened the doors to his office and he smiled up to me. I sat on one of the desk chairs when Cameron and Ryan walked in. They settled in.

"Is there something you need" Ryan asked.

Isaac cleared his throat before turning serious.

"I heard that one of you threated my wife" he said folding his hands on the desk.

"Caught" my wolf said.

"Not yet, who would he believe his new wife a.k.a second mate or his sweet innocent baby girl" I asked my wolf.

"I like the way you think" she said.

"Thank you I take pride in it" I laughed.

"How do you know this "person is teling the truth" I asked.

"Because she told me, care to explain" he asked me.

"You think it's me" I asked.

"I don't think, I know it was you." he replied.

"Damn alpha" I thought.

"It wasn't a threat, it was a warning and if you would pay more attention to me than you would h=know but I guess I'm not as important as your wife" I said as I stood up.

"No" he said quickly.

"Actually I'm right but you cant believe it since your to blinded and you don't want to hurt anyone and I do understand but you actually cant see that you spend more time with her and take her side with seeing or asking about mine. I don't expect pity or a credit card for apology because nothing can make me feel better about myself than feel worthless because everyone abandons me" I ran out the room.



I managed to get on the roof of the house.

"You know it isn't true" my wolf said.

"And you know it is if everyone does leave when they make a promise that they wont" I said.

"Your so negative and never happy" she replied.

"It's the way of life but mine just seem to suck and darkness loves to be a bitch to me" I said.

"You cant fall or show weakness" she told me.

"Because I'm a wolf that everyone doesn't want and feels pity that I've been through hell and didn't know I wasn't a wolf until recently" I asked.

"No" she whispered.

I need a break from everyone. To get away and relax instead of trying to save someone that wants to build world dominance.

"Your not alone. There are elements and plants around you that can also feel. Talk to them" someone said in my head.

"Mom" I said.

"Yes and your father is blind and doesn't like what people tell him that are true when he's wrong. Give him some time and learn to control your power. Something is coming your way and watch out for Iris, she has tricks and make you disappear in days. Be careful, my daughter" she said then I felt her leave.


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