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  • Published: 6 Nov 2013
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Irina Faolan just moved in a new state. She has no parents. Her aunt seems more protective than she should have. She has an uncle who gets rough and likes to her pain. Then there are these group or pack that stares at her and she fears for her life. Then she meets Cameron and he's likes to keep close to her but wants her to stay away, Irina starts to wonder, why is every one interested in her?


9. Chapter Nine





"So let me get this straight. Your my brother" I pointed to Ryan as he nodded," and she's your mother".

I had a little family meeting with my brother (Ryan), my father, and my "mom" (Iris). I know she didn't want me to be here in the first place and I agree. I don't want to be in a place I'm not needed.

"Our mother" Ryan corrected.

I rolled my eyes. I highly doubt she's my mother. We look nothing alike. Pulse, my wolf and heart tells me not trust her and I don't.

"Irina are you listening" someone asked me.

"I really don't want to be here" I growled.

"No asked you to be" Iris snapped.

"Was anyone talking to you" I growled louder.

"You cant talk to me like that" she said gripping the table.

"You don't scare me" I calmly said.

She growled. Her eyes turned darker and spots appeared and her claws extended.

"Show off" I mumbled.

Then she launched herself at me.



"She threw herself at me and I didn't know it was going to happen or if she was going to be that bad" I explained.

The Beta, Mike, pulled me out the room after I used my "powers" on Iris and Mina. I learned my father has something in his blood that makes me and ryan dangerous and stronger. So now they think I'm out of control and a threat.

"I know but what were your feelings to her" mike sat across me.

I stood up and moved away from him.

"This is so stupid" my wolf said.

"Any ideas" she asked.

"Beside hitting his face against the floor then no" I replied.

"How can we be so careless" she mumbled.

"WE" I yelled," there is no we, how about you tell me how to control this power thing before someone's head comes off".

"Can I talk to my sister alone" my brother asked mike.

He nodded and left.

He sigh," do you have any idea what you cause".

I sat next to him.

"No but father told us we wont be able to control it or stop it from happening" I felt nervous.

"That doesn't make you innocent" he hissed.

Why do I always have to be the bad guy?

"I never said it did. It clearly looks like she hates me and don't say she's trying because she's not and you know it. It worse to know that my own family abandon me but its another thing that they all think it was best to not have me back. So you decided on who you want to blame something on me that was an accident because I'm tried of letting people treat me like shit" I said.

Now I was crying and walked out the room. No one said anything as I exited out nor they follow me. I walked though the room and found my mother laying on a hospital bed. Nurses looked at me and bow their head. It meant they wanted to respect me but I didn't want that now.

"Can you leave us" my voice said softly.

They looked at each other but left.

"If you need anything call" one of the nurses said.

I didn't say anything but walked over to her and sat next to her pale body. She looked life this with her body still and her heartbeat weakening. She went from a creamy pale to a white pale. Blood covered her clothes. Hers? Mina's?

"I'm sorry" I whispered as tears fell down me cheek," Its not because I feel bad for what happen to you but because I was being bitchy and I wasn't giving you a chance to be a part of my life. I always wanted to live like a normal person or to actually have normal friends in school but they only wanted to be friends because of Xavier. Xavier on the other hand was like my bully than family. He'd abused me or try to rape me. He's the reason why I cant people second chance and I should do that to people who don't deserve it like most other people".

I stopped and breathed slowly.

"So I'm giving you something exchange for your forgiveness" I said as I press my wrist to hers.

She let out a soft cry.

"How do I do this" I asked my wolf.

"Focus on healing but on her" she said.

I thought about how sorry I was and that I want to help her. Golden colors filled our wrist and slowly her heartbeat became stronger. It was working. Iris opened her eyes and looked at the doorway. I looked at the door and saw Isaac, Ryan, and Cameron starting at us.

"Great" I thought.

"How'd you do that" Ryan asked.

I felt my bed fall to the ground but Cameron was fast enough to catch me in time. He picked me up bridal style and carried me out. We reached his room and he layed me on the bed. I smiled.

"Are you okay" he asked.

I nodded.

He ran his thumb through my cheek and I closed my eyes. Sparks exploded wherever he touched and I leaned in.

"You are mine" he said as he press me body as mine.

I moan.

"More!More!More" my wolf cheered.

"Pervert" I said.

"You want him too" she replied.

"But I'm not thinking dirty" I answer.

"Now your not" she sung in my head.

My fingers were lost in his hair as he took in my scent.

"Irina" Cameron said.


"My wolf wants to take you" he said as he kissed my collar bone.

Great! Another one.

"Mine too but we should wait" I buried my head in his chest.

"Whenever your ready" he grin.

We stayed there in each others arms until Ryan came running in.

"You guys have to come down now" he said dragging us to the stairs.

"Stay close to our mate" my wolf said.

I stood next to Cameron and he wrapped his arms over me pulled me closer to him. I could feel my wolf being turned on.

Iris and Isaac were arguing and pack members were watching.

"You cant talk about her like that" Isaac said.

His claws were showing. I stared at Ryan.

"What the hell is going on" I asked with Cameron backing me up.

"Just keeping watching" he replied.

"Well your slutty daughter cant keep her hands to herself" Iris said.

"I was his only daughter....." I thought.

Cameron stiffen behind me.

"Leave her out of this" my father said.

"Then make her leave, she doesn't belong here" she hissed.

I closed my eyes and tried to calm down.

"Oh and look who decided to join us, the whore" Iris said.

"So much for being unnoticed" I thought.

"You cant let her talk to you like that" my wolf said.

I ignored her.

"LEAVE" Iris said.

"NO" my dad said.

"At least someone wants me here" I thought.

"Chose now. Me or her" she asked.

"Bossy much".

"She cant do that" my wolf said.

"What do you mean" I asked.

"It law to talk to you like that and to me him chose something over his head that's important" she replied.

"Which means......" I trailed off.

"Its law, she cant do it unless she wants to die" my wolf explained.

"You cant make me chose" he growled.

"Yes I can" she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Unless you want to die" I suddenly said.

Everyone looks at me.

"What did you say" she asked.

"No I'm informing you the law. You cant make him chose unless you went your blood to drop" I said.

"You little b-".

"STOP" my father yelled.

She stopped and everyone bowed.

"This isn't important" he said.

"Yes it is, she's a mistake. She shouldn't have been born and rogues lie" she begging my dad.

"You really want to know that truth" I asked my father.

"It would help" he replied.

I remembered the day it all started. The day where I found real mother laying on the ground with blood coming out of her and she only had little to live for.


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