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  • Published: 6 Nov 2013
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Irina Faolan just moved in a new state. She has no parents. Her aunt seems more protective than she should have. She has an uncle who gets rough and likes to her pain. Then there are these group or pack that stares at her and she fears for her life. Then she meets Cameron and he's likes to keep close to her but wants her to stay away, Irina starts to wonder, why is every one interested in her?


15. Chapter Fifteen

I thought to post this chapter since I thought of something new and bring in a new character since I thought, what could make my story better?

So here's Chapter Fifteen and I hope you like it.




I walked to my father's office and knocked.

No one answered.

I knocked again and I heard some moving.

I pushed the doors open and found Iris and my father making out. She was taking off her shirt an-...

"I'm forever blind!" I said.

I covered my eyes and turned away.

"Could this day get any worse?" I asked my self.

"Irina." my father said.

I felt cold air pass through me.

"Little Bitch." someone whispered in my ear.


"You could turn around now." my father cleared his throat.

I did but slowly.

No one was in the room but us. I took a seat from across him.

"You needed something?" he asked.

I nodded.

"I did but I can see that your busy" I replied.

He was silent.

"I wasn't busy. She came at m-".

"I don't need explanations." I cut him off." I wanted to tell you I'm sorry." I told him.

"Me too. Can we start over?" he asked.

I smiled.

"Okay." I replied.

"Maybe a father and daughter day?" he suggested.

"That would be nice." I said.


"We have a problem!" someone burst through the doors.

Me and my father stood.

"What happened?" he asked.

"The luna has burn marks all over herself and she's on fire, your son's mate is poisoned, and the witch, Camila, wont wake up." the guy said.

"Put this place on lock down." my father said in a serious voice.

The guy nodded and bowed before leaving the room.

"What the hell just happened?" I asked.

"Someone wants to down us down." he replied and leaving the room with me following.



 We went to Iris's room and saw that she was on fire.

My father growled.

"WHY IS NO ONE HELPING HER?" my father yelled.

"We tried to put it off but it starts over again and the witch wouldn't wake up like she was trapped" someone replied.

"WHY WONT YOU PEOPLE ATTEND MY MATE?" someone yelled in the hall way.


"What are we suppose to do?" a lady spoke up.

"We can help". my wolf said.

"No we cant. We are beginners." I replied.

"But we have your mother's room" she nervously said.

"Why are you nervous?".

"I can feel someone near." she replied.

I nodded.

"I can help." I said.

Everyone turned to me.

"How can you help?" the lady hissed at me.

"Another person hates us" I told my wolf.

"They are jealous" she replied.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Ryan yelled after I shut the door.

"I can help Allie if you help me," I replied.

I walked over to the books and started looking over them.

"How?" he whispered.

"Okay. Mom left us this room because she knew that we would need it so she probably has a book of spells in here so we can reverse everything." I explained.

He nodded and helped me. Cameron on the other hand stood there with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Are you not going to help us?" I asked.

He nodded but didn't move.

"You don't need the books." he said.

"What do you mean?".

"I can reverse it." he shrugged.


Cameron walked out with me and Ryan following him. He stormed into Iris's room and pressed his palm against her forehead and murmured some words.

For a few minutes the fire dulled and then stopped and she fell to the ground like a rock. Cameron had his eyes closed and was breathing hard. I walked over and grabbed his hand and he leaned on me.

"We should go. he lightly touched my cheek.

His finger tips were hot. Like burned hot. I looked at his pale face. He seemed concreted on me and he cant seem to caught  his breath. I nodded and led him out the room. Ryan went ahead because I wanted to talk to Cameron alone. I pulled him to the side and he continued to stare at me with sad eyes.

"What happened?" I asked.

He touched my cheek again and shook his head.

"Doesn't matter." He whispered.

"It does to me. Your walking around like nothing happen." I replied.

"That's the thing! Nothing happened." He said.

"What are you talking about?" I was confused.

He sigh," I don't want you getting hurt".

He press his body to mine which made me hit the wall.

"Is this what it's all about? Who said I was going to get hurt?" I questioned him.

He closed his eyes.

"Just some people I don't want you getting involved with." He responded.

"I need more information." I told him.

"Well that's all your going to get." He walked off with he staring at his back.



I walked into the hidden room and realized that Cameron already got there. I couldn't hold the tears when he walked away so I cried for a few minutes and probably my face is red by now. Ryan noticed but stayed quiet and eyeing Cameron and he was watching me. I obviously didn't care so I looked through things so it can look like I was busy when I wasn't.

I looked at Ryan who stood at by him self doing nothing.

"Why aren't you with your mate?" I broke the silent.

"No one will let me enter. They think I'm going to get poison too." He replied.

He turned to Cameron," It would be nice if SOMEONE would help her out and get the poison out her system".

"Cant." He replied.

"What do you mean, you cant?" Ryan  asked.

"We shouldn't even be reversing magic." He stood up.

We stared at him. He growled.

"What is his problem?" I asked my wolf.

"We feel something in the magic that isn't right. He's right." She said.

"Explain." I crossed my arms over my chest.

"We should be reversing magic because it alerts other covens or witches near by and the person who cast the spell on them. Sometimes spell don't do things to the person that takes it away but in this case, the girl was smart enough to put one. I cant do it anymore. We cant do this. The more we break it then they'll know and come after us and I certainly don't want that happening." he explained.

"Then let Irina handle it." Ryan suggested.

"Have you been listening to me?" he asked," Even if Irina does magic, they'll find out and I don't want anything happening to her or this pack. So unless you have anything else that doesn't bring in magic than please share".

My shook his head and angrily walked out the room and now my attention was on Cameron. I raised my brow. He takes my hand into his.

"I cant see you getting hurt." he whispered.

I buried my head in his chest. I took in his scent and it calmed me.

"Promise me you wont use magic." He asked me.

I cant.

"Please." he begged.

I smiled.

"I'll think about it." I said before adding," I need to help people and this is the only solution, what can happen if we both of our magic and block our self but still help the others".

He thought about it before nodding and helping me out the room.




"You shouldn't be doing this" my mothers voice said in my thoughts.

"I'm doing this for my friends" I replied.

"Well I don't want you doing that." she argued.

"Sorry but you don't have a say in this since you abandon me when I was young" I replied and ignored her smart remarks.


"So how does this work?" I asked Cameron.

We were in the hidden room and apparently my mom had a spell to make another witch do someone else's magic. Basically we have to wake someone and they will be in our debt.

"We gather some orbs and say some words." he explained.

I nodded. I made a circle with black calk and handed the book to Cameron. We held it and I stared at the words.  It was in some kind of foreign language.

"What the hell is this?" I asked.

"Just read it." he said and he started to recite the words.

I perfect said the words but compared to Cameron, I sucked even though it sounded perfect. In the middle of the spell. A women with black hair and green eyes appeared in the circle. Cameron stopped and stared at the lady. She slowly stood up and looked at Cameron. Cameron stared back at her even though she had no clothes on.

I growled and she snapped her attention to me and smirked.

She tilted her head to the side and studied me.

"Human?" It seemed like a question.

I was about to replied when she clapped her hands and beat me to it.

"Wow she decided go against everything I taught her to do. I feel sorry about your future especially how your going to be ended up dead because of your best friend started to be bitchy." she said.

"What?" I seemed confused.

"Your mother was always thinking about herself. I think her the last words I heard from her before she put a spell on me was,' You were first but it's only the beginning and my daughter has a lot to learn after she helps me kill her father and Cameron'." she trapped her stomach.

"What are you?" Cameron asked.

She smirked.

"The first hybrid." she showed her fangs.

"What the hell!" I thought.



Unknown( Still haven't figured out a name)

I slowly woke up from my slumber.

How could he do that to me? Has his vengeance took him over?

The door opened and saw Elijah.


"Need something." I asked.

He grin.

"Still mad that I snapped your neck?" he asked.

I growled.

"Let's just say that doing that to your ex-girlfriend can trigger some old feelings."  I replied.

"And what kind of feelings are those?" he asked.

I smirked.

"Is not regretting to put a stake through your wife heart a feeling?" I innocently asked.

He growled.

It sounds mean and coldhearted but I had to do it for my sake. She attacked me and I was only trying to protect myself. I remember it was only a few days after she gave birth to Cameron and she was pissed off that I manage to stay in the house. I always get enemies. Anyways, she was mad that I was trying to kill her son and everything and so instead I staked her in the heart since she was a vampire and Elijah saw me and banned me. He gave me a head start and I abandon everything because of it and I'm still on the run but he ruined my plans.

"Elijah, no hard feelings?" I asked him,

He weirdly stared at me when I said Elijah.

"I should change my name." he started," any suggests."

"Stalker" I replied.

"How about ....John." he grin.

"What's the point in this?" I whined.

He smiled.

"Cameron can become future king soon." he suddenly said.

I stopped and stared at him.

"What?" I whispered.

"He has a mate and he is strong. So why not make him king?" he focused on me.

"Your family took our crown." I growled.

"No you gave it to us when your grandmother married one of ours." he replied.

I nodded.

"And she was stupid." I remarked.

"To you but we all know that the kingdom needed my family and they have us." he said.

"Do you know Cameron's mate?" I was looked at his face.

He shook his head. I grin.

"Do you want to know?".

He paused but nodded.

"My daughter." I whispered.

He froze. I took off running out and leaving but I soon heard growling from behind and in front of me. I looked far up and saw someone. My heart stopped. Iris stood there with a pissed off face with a stranger next to her.

"People never change." Iris said.

"I should say the same to you." I replied and I heard John stop from behind me.

I was trapped.


Sorry if it's not amazing as it's suppose to be but I actually had to update so I have you enjoyed it.

What do you think?

Also the book cover? Like it?



























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