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  • Published: 6 Nov 2013
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Irina Faolan just moved in a new state. She has no parents. Her aunt seems more protective than she should have. She has an uncle who gets rough and likes to her pain. Then there are these group or pack that stares at her and she fears for her life. Then she meets Cameron and he's likes to keep close to her but wants her to stay away, Irina starts to wonder, why is every one interested in her?


18. Chapter Eighteen

Hello Earthlings!

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So here is chapter eighteen....



I watched as Anna tried to escape the tight ropes that were wrapped around her wrist. I moved to my right and saw my brother trying to fight his wolf to come out and Allie was glued to the door. She saw me stand by Anna's door and she nodded. I faced the guard and asked him to let me in the room. He looked unsure be complied and opened the door. I grabbed a chair and sat I front of Anna and sweetly smiled at her. She slowly lifted her head and glared at me.

"What do you want?" she hissed.

"Now that's not a nice way to greet people," I smirked," why is your dad keeping you here?"

She stared at me, confused.

"My dad?" she looked confused," my dad is dead."

I could feel her stare at me long and hard.

"Brother?" she nodded.

"Then, why is your brother keeping you here?" I asked.

"I'm a pack warrior and a witch so the odds against me and your brother fighting, I would win. He doesn't know about the magic." she replied.

"Your a witch?" I faked a surprised.

She looked at me in wide eyes.

"Your... Your ...not" she looked scared.

My expression went from surprised to smirking.

"I would be careful of what I say around her. So anyways, what kind of magic do you do? Black or white magic? Can you control it? How can you use your magic without any guidance? Do you have any guidance?" I filled her with question.

She smiled evilly at me.

"Lets make a deal," I raised my brow," I'll tell you about magic and answer all of your questions if you get me out of this hellhole."

I sigh.

"And how am I suppose to do that?" I asked.

"My brother seems to be... interested in you, you might convince him to get me out." she replied.

"Fine." I grumbled and walked out the room.



I walked inside a big office and look who I found? Anna's brother and Cameron arguing, again. I slowly crept up to sit across from Anna's brother and they stopped and faced me.

"I need Anna and Ryan released." I said.

They stared at me in disbelief.

"Why?" Anna's brother asked.

I groan.

"Okay so you locked them in a small little room. Don't you think there might be a slight chance that they might go crazy and try to kill themselves?" I asked.

They nodded.

"I thought you and Anna weren't on friendly terms?" Cameron asked.

"That isn't your business." I coldly replied.

"I'm your mate." he crossed his arms over his chest.

"That really doesn't really mean." I copy his actions.

"Yes it does." he gritted his teeth.

"It really doesn't when one mate gives the cold shoulder to the other." I turned to Anna's brother." So.."

"I'll let them go but on one condition." he replied.

I sigh and nodded for him to continue.

"Try not to kill Anna." playfulness in his voice.

I smirked.

"I'll try." I walked out the room.

"Alpha's" I thought." Always trying to be a pain in the ass".

"So what can you tell me about the past?" I asked.

She smirked.

"There was alot of things that happened. That would be a long story to explain but i want to know why you want to learn about the past?" she leaned forward.

I took a seat on her bed and stared at my hands like they were interesting.

"What about the witches?" I whispered.

She sigh.

"Who told you about them?" she shifted her position and sat in front of me.

"The dark magic. Your ancestors loved to piss people off and create problems..." I trailed off.

She growled.

"Well my family goes way back and yes they pissed people off but only because they took something that was ours." she replied.

"So..... Are you going to tell me the story?" I asked.

She nodded.

"Um..... My family moved in the time of 1980s to Greece. They originally lived two towns away but were force to run for their lives when people found out of their magic and witchcraft. So they moved to the pack house but they called it sanctuary and I have no idea why but they continued witchcraft. Um.....The vampires wanted to play with one of the witches and back then, there weren't any rules. Any thing against them so they thought it was safe. Kayla was in love and ignored the warnings they were giving her so she wanted to prove us wrong. She followed him to his house and the house was filled with vampires. She was surprised and thought he was only showing her off and make her feel special. They were getting heated and they decided to take it upstairs. They kissed but she begged him to give himself to her, the vampires came in. They grabbed her and raped her. She was pure and innocent and she didn't deserver what happened to her and she was the youngest. After that happened, the witches didn't nor wanted to do anything with the vampires until they learned that some have fell for them. So they burned them and cast a spell on the vampires. It wasn't as strong as it was suppose to be. So they passed the spell on to the next generation of witches. Now." she explained.

My eyes widened.

"Why that long?" I asked.

"The witches didn't want to be part of the war so they either left or was killed by their "friends"." she replied.

"Okay so it's passed on to us but why aren't we effected?"

"Someone already took it all for himself." she replied.

"Cameron." we said together.



"Lets go over the plan." Anna told me.

I groan. There was a big party with the wolves of her pack and everyone was suppose to come. I was force to come and was force to wear a short black dress that got attention from everyone.

"We did this a few seconds ago." I whined.

"This has to go perfect." she grabbed my arm.

I nodded.

"Okay, You go distract my brother, Caedon, and when Cameron notice you all alone with him. He will get mad and then I  tap into his head and see what's in it so I can reverse the spell."

"Got it?" I nodded.

She walked off and I looked around for Caedon. I couldn't find him,

I sign and texted Anna.

"Cant find him." I texted.

"Look around." she replied.

"Wow, I think that's a great idea. I DONT KNOW WHY I DIDNT THINK OF IT IN THE PASS THREE MINTUES." I texted.

"Calm down." she replied.

"Get a drink and get loose before you do anything." she replied.

I did as she told me. I went to a bar that was across from the kitchen. I told the bartender to give me a drink. That turned into two, three, four, and five. After that I lost track and found myself on the bar dancing and wolves trying to slid their hands up my dress. My wolf helped and was pissed off that it wasn't her mate. I continued to dance until someone grabbed a hold of my waist and brought me down and everyone gave us space. We moved to the second floor and entered my room. I turned to the guy and stared kissing him. Sparks and heat spread though me and I was pressed against the wall as the guy returned the kiss. My wolf was almost jumping up and down and happy. The guy wrapped my legs around his waist and continued to kiss me. He trailed down to my neck and sucked on it. I moaned. Suddenly, I felt pain in my neck and the guy was sucking on. I bit on my lip to keep me from yelling. The guy was biting me/


I was running in the woods to somewhere I didn't know. I saw a huge wolf that slowly turned and walked away. I followed it. I saw it stop in the center of the wood, watching for someone or something that was going to pop out or attack him. I stepped next to the wolf and he howled. A pack of wolves were headed for us in the far distant in the woods. I was starting to panic. A man was in the center with him and he stepped forward and got on his knee and bowed his head. I look around and the wolves were going the same thing but in wolf form. I looked at the man again and he looked up at me. His eyes were brown and he smiled at me.

"My princess." he replied.



I  sat up in my bed and the moonlight hit through my curtains. I looked around and sigh in relief.

It was all a dream and nothing else.




I woke up and got took a shower. I got out and wiped the steamed mirror. I looked at my neck and gasp. One it was swollen and it was probably a hickey . Second, two little holes were on my neck. Wait, didn't that happen in my dream?

I ignored it and got dressed. I quietly walked to the first floor and everything was a mess. My jaw was open at the sight. Allie and Camila were picking up the garbage and looked at me. I smiled and walked toward them. At a moment they smiled but they looked at my neck. Allie looked annoyed and angry. Camila was grinning like a mad men.

"So you decided to settle down?" Camila asked.

I raised my brow and asked her what she was talking about.

"A werewolf marked you." Allie answered.

"And what does that mean?" I asked.

They sigh.

"A werewolf mark is like a territorial thing that keeps other male werewolves away and show that you are claimed so stay away. The main person that's suppose to mark you is your mate." she explained.

I nodded.

"So what happened to get you marked?" Camila whispered.

I shook my head.

"I need time to think about this." I walked away to the kitchen.

I found Anna making coffee and smiled at me.

"So I got what I needed from Cam-... Whoa! What happened to your neck?" Anna touched my hickey and I hissed at her.

"Someone attacked me." I replied.

She thought for a second and frown.

"I guess black magic wants to be a bitch." she told me.

"Black magic took over Cameron. This really means he's gone." Anna said before drinking her coffee.

I groan.

"Why does this have to happen to me?" I asked myself.


Anna patted my back for comfort. It almost helped when Cameron and Caedon walked into the kitchen and saw our awkwardness. Caedon stared at my neck but I didn't care. I looked down at the floor, not wanting to face Cameron. Camila walked in grinning.

"So what are we waiting for?" Camila asked.

I could feel Cameron's stare and it made me feel uncomfortable.

"Face him." my wolf said.

"No," I replied

"Why did you do it?" I suddenly asked. 

Everyone turned to me.

"You thought you would be dominant and rule over this relationship. You can kiss my ass if you think I'm going to let you do that." I told them and walked out the room.

"WOAH! She finally stood up to her mate and newly badass Alpha!" Camila yelled.

I stopped walking and returned.

"What did you say?"

Camila stopped and covered her mouth.

"Yeahhh... I kind of ruin the surprise. Cameron is a alpha." she weakly replied.

"Great! That's just great." I thought sarcastically.




So my test is tomorrow and I'm freaking out and I hope I do good.

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