Unknown To Him

Akeelah Jackson is 16 and lives in California. She was adopted at birth by the Jacksons and lived a happy life until now.
This is an excerpt from the story.
* When I got in the kitchen mom was baking. She never bakes unless there is something on her mind."Mom, Who is she?" I said in a hushed voice. My mom slowly set down her pan and spatula. "Mom, Did you hear me? Who is she?!?" I said raising my voice a little more than I anticipated. She looked up at me, tears swelling in her eyes. "We need to talk." She whispered softly as if she could barely get it out.
*No judgement it's my first Movella*


5. Getting Away

*Akeelah's POV

"I need some time to think." I grabbed my purse that I had previously tossed aside. Remembering that my phone is almost dead, I picked up my charger and keys on my way to the door. "Wait, where are you going?" My mom exclaimed as she jumped up out of her seat. I turned around and lashed out in anger. "I'm going out, not sure where yet but I'm going. Is that a problem, Mom? Or should I stay here and listen to more lies that you never told me?" She stumbled back against the chair and began to stammer as tears began to fall down her face, "I-I-I'm trying my hardest. I only - I didn't tell you because I didn't think you would be ready. I-I was just trying to protect you until the right time. I-I-I'm sorry." I was struggling to hold back my emotions, I could feel the tears brimming my eyes and I was nearly ready to burst. "Protect Me? Hiding The Truth About Me And My Life Is Going To Protect Me? Well, You Know What, Sorry Is Not Going To Change The Fact That You LIED To Me My Entire Life!!!" I yelled before storming out of the house and slamming the door behind me.

As I walked to my car, I heard the front door open behind me. "What the Hell do you want from me," I screamed as I turned around, expecting to see my mom. I was shocked to come face-to-face with  Jazmine. She had bloodshot eyes and mascara streaks down her face. "Please don't leave! No matter what they say you are still my big sister. You can't leave, I need you. I know I have Jessica, but it's not the same. Well it is but it isn't. Talking to her is like talking to myself and obviously if I can't figure something out then neither can two of me. You are my role model and I don't know if I can survive without you. Please! If you leave take me with you." She pleaded, rambled and cried. "Shhhhhh, It's ok. I just need time away, just to think things through. I would never leave my little sister. And no matter what I still love you, too. You will always be my sister, even though you can be annoying," I joked to try and lighten the mood a bit. Jazmine kind of chuckled as she tried to stop the flow of tears. "Come here," I said as I pulled her in for a hug.

I can't leave her like this. She's right, she will always be my sister. What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to continue living a lie or leave and start my life how it was supposed to be? But how could I leave her like this?

"Hey, do you want to go on a drive with me?" I looked down into my sister's eyes. "Ummmm," she said looking slightly worried. "What will mom say, should I ask her?" "No I think it will be fine. Besides it's not like we're running away. I mean we don't even have any of our stuff. Does she expect me to wear the same clothes and leave all my stuff here for her to wear? Ummmm, not gonna happen!" We both laughed because we knew that is exactly what mom would do. "Just get your phone and maybe some money because I don't know where we're gonna go. We may end up going out to eat, maybe even sneak you into somewhere fun!" Her eyes got huge, "Really!" I leaned closer, "Shhh, maybe but it will be a secret and you can't tell anyone." She jumped up and squealed, "OMG!" "Shhhhhhhh!" I said as I put my hand over her mouth. "Shut up or you don't go." She got very serious, "Ok, ok. What do I have to do?" "Just get one of my big bags. Make sure you garb your phone and some money. Then you can go in the back of my closet, pick out two really cute dresses and matching shoes for each. If you can find my green one it will be perfect for you and bring out your eyes. But you absolutely can not let mom know what we are doing, ok?" As she turned to go in the house I remembered one other really important thing, "Wait, I also need you to dig in the very back of my bottom drawer and get my leopard print wallet. We will definitely need that." I winked as she went inside. I sat in the car waiting in absolute boredom. Five minutes later, Jazmine came running out of the house, yelling behind her, "We'll be back later, that's all that matters. Don't worry about where we are going. Besides, we don't even know. We are going for a drive, we will be back later." She shut the door and bolted for the car. She was laughing hysterically as she got in the car.

"You didn't have to get smart, you know." She looked at me like I was crazy, "She was a jerk to you and she lied. How do I know she didn't do the same for us?" I calmly turned to her, "Don't treat her like that, she's your mom. Treat her like it." She rolled her eyes and slammed her body into the back of the seat. "Whatever. Can we go now?" I sighed, "Yeah, sure."

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