He was a boy, she was a girl, can I make it anymore obvious?
He was a punk, and she did ballet, what more can I say?


9. 9. Hurt.

Melanie's P.O.V

I was at home with Trisha and Lilly the next day, we sat on my couch drinking coffee from Starbucks while watching TV. Lilly grabbed the remote and screamed, “Harry fucking Styles is doing a live interview. You have to watch your boyfriend, Mel.” She giggled making a duckface trying to copy our kiss.

I just laughed and slapped the back of her head. She shifted into MTV where I spotted Harry sitting on a red couch ready for the interview.

So Harry, how’s it going?” The interviewer asked Harry.

Good, good.” He replied with the smirk that made girls going crazy.

Nice to know, so you’ve been on top of the charts for three years, are you used to all the fans screaming and mobbing you?” The interviewer asked.

I don’t think you can get used to that, actually. It’s just crazy, but I like it.” He chuckled.

Yeah, and there’s been some rumors that you’re dating another girl named Melanie, here’s some pictures that shocked the fans and media.” The interviewer told Harry as he held up some pictures from the night Harry beat up Austin.

“He’s going to talk about you!” Trisha cheered shaking on me.

I smiled waiting for him to tell the world who he really was dating. This is where my life is going to change forever.

Her name is Melanie?” The words cut right through me like knifes.

“What did he just say?” I heard Lilly whisper.

Yeah, you’re not dating?” The interviewer asked.

I just saw that guy treat her bad and I protected her, but I don’t really know her.” Harry told him.

So no feelings, no connection or anything?” The interviewer asked.

Nope, nothing. Cassie is my one and only.” He smirked taking a sip from his water that was on the table in front of him.

My lips were shaking, and a tear fell down on my lap as I heard Trisha whisper my name. But I didn’t react.

“I think you guys need to go.” I whispered weakly.

“Mel, I bet he didn’t mean what he said. It’s just the pressure from the media and management.” Lilly told me trying to pat my back before I stood up quickly facing both of them.

“Of course he did! Don’t you guys understand it? This is all revenge for what I did to him three years ago! This is just him getting back on me for hurting his stupid ass feelings! The kiss, the sex, the promise! Everything was just a set up! And I fell for it.” I said with more and more tears streaming down my face.

Trisha rushed up and hugged me tight with Lilly following. I just cried on their shoulders and I couldn’t stop, my heart was breaking into pieces.


I woke up early in the morning. Lilly and Trisha has gone home. Walking into the kitchen I noticed that I had no food left, Lilly and Trish must have emptied my fridge last night. I sighed before walking back into my bedroom and putting on some clothes, then my jacket and shoes. Leaving the house I headed down the street to go shopping for groceries when I suddenly spotted Harry Styles walking towards me. Fuck.

“Hey.” He smirked but I just walked past him.

“Are you mad?” He chuckled, “Did you watch the interview last night?”

“Did you like it?” He added as I could feel his smirk grow bigger from behind me, he followed me.

I didn’t reply, “What, now you’re not talking to me?” I heard him asked but I still didn’t reply.

“Did it hurt?” He finally said which made me stop walking, but I didn’t face him.

The urge to slap his face and scream at him grew bigger and bigger for every word he said.

“This seems so familiar,” He continued, “You promise something which means so much to the other person and then you just break it. Which cause hours of sleepless nights and wasted tears.”

A tear left my eye as I clenched my fist. How could he do this to me? How could he take revenge on something that happened three years ago?

“So, tell me now.” He said with darker voice as I felt his body close up to my back and his lips being inches away from my ear, “Did it hurt?”

My breath was heavy and all I wanted was to just scream at him.

“Y-yes.” I whispered with another tear leaving my eye.

“That’s what I thought.” He chuckled before walking past me.

“So that’s it, huh?” I said as he stopped walking and turned to face me, “You were just going to save me for getting raped, then tell me you love me, then get laid, then promise you’ll tell the world but don’t only to get revenge?”

“Maybe,” He smirked placing his hands in his pockets which made his biceps bigger.

“Then let me ask you one thing, Harry Edward Styles.” I said walking up to him as our faces was inches away from each other, “Was it worth it?”

“What?” He asked furrowing his eyebrows at me.

“Was it worth seeing the girl you once loved get crushed into pieces. Was it worth going through all this just for revenge? Well congratulation Harry. You made it, I got hurt.” I told him and turned around before he grabbed my wrist pulling me closer to him so our lips almost touched.

He licked his lips while looking down at mine as a little smirk grew on his face, “Just for your information, those things I said two days ago wasn’t a lie. I just wanted you to feel the same pain I did three years ago.” He told me before leaning in kissing my lips.

I slapped his face and felt such a relief inside me before I whispered through gritted teeths, “Go to hell.” And headed home again not buying the groceries.

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