He was a boy, she was a girl, can I make it anymore obvious?
He was a punk, and she did ballet, what more can I say?


8. 8. The promise.

Melanie's P.O.V

“No.” I whispered and stood up rushing out of the bar.

I started running down the street heading for the bus stop. Suddenly a familiar, grey car stopped next to me, the window rolled down, “We need to talk, Mel,” Austin said opening the car door, “Get in.”

“I don’t want to have anything to do with you, you dick!” I yelled starting to walk faster as he followed me. He stopped the car and got out of it as he walked over to me grabbing my arm.

“I just wanna talk.” He said with a tight grip.

“Don’t fucking touch me! Get away!” I yelled slapping his face.

Suddenly he grabbed my throat slamming me against his car, “Get in the fucking car,” He said through gritted teeths.

“I can’t believe you’re still the same,” I whispered which made him knock me down with his fist to my face.

“Hey!” I hear a familiar voice shout.

I looked up and by a surprise I spotted Harry, and he was angry. He had his fist clenched as he slowly walked towards us.

“Isn’t that the famous Harry Styles,” Austin chuckled but Harry didn’t say anything.

“I must say that you’ve changed into a punk dude,” He laughed before Harry grabbed his shirt knocking him down on the ground before kicking his face.

He reached out his hand towards me as I grabbed it and he dragged me up, “You okay?” He asked as I wiped away the blood that was coming out of my nose.

“I’m fine.” I mumbled starting to walk again towards the bus stop before he grabbed my wrist.

“I’ll take you home.” He said as I followed him to his car.

We stepped into his huge black car with tinted windows. He didn’t put the key inside the hole, he didn’t start the motor. He just had his hands on the wheel with a tight grip. So tight that his knuckles were white, his breath was heavy and he tightened his jaw.

“Harry?” I said snapping him out of his thoughts as he looked over at me, “Are you okay?”

“I just hate that guy so much.” He mumbled looking over at me, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t tell any…” I said before he suddenly shouted, “But why didn’t you tell me?!” he slammed his fist to the wheel which made me jump.

“I was scared, ok?” I said and saw that his eyes were dead red.

“Scared of what?” His voice was husky and cracked for every word he said, like he was trying so hard not to cry.

“Austin is dangerous. For what I know he could’ve killed me.” I told him.

“I won’t ever let anyone, and I mean anyone, hurt you again.” He whispered looking into my eyes as I noticed his hand was on my cheek.

“How did you know I was here?” I asked changing the subject.

“Your friends told me. They said you went alone and…” He paused and looked down on his lap.

“And?” I asked waiting for him to continue.

“And I was worried,” He said looking back up at me again.

“I really loved you, Mel.” He said biting his bottom lip, like he wanted to add something but didn’t dare.

“Say it,” I whispered as he took a deep breath and continued, “And I still do,” He said stroking his thumb on my cheek before he leaned in and kissed me.

He placed his other hand on my other cheek as out tongues touched. His hands moved down to my waist and before I knew it I was sitting on his lap making out with him.  And this time was different, it wasn’t the cute cuddling we did in high school, it was hot and steamy. He pulled off my top and I pulled off his shirt, feeling his six-pack as he kissed my neck and sucked on my soft spot. I moaned in pleasure as I could feel him getting a boner. We went back kissing on the lips while taking off our pants. His hands moved down to my ass as he grabbed it and kissed between my breasts.

“I want you,” I breathe between the kisses before he went inside me.


“You know you’ve cheated right?” I whispered as I lied on his chest in the backseat.

“Not really.” He replied stroking his thumb on my back.

“What do you mean?” I asked looking up at him, he was already looking down at me.

“Cassie isn’t really my girlfriend.” He told me, “It’s just that my management wants me to have a pretty model as a girlfriend. She’s not the first, the media calls me a manwhore and stuff like that.” He said taking a deep breath fighting back the tears.

“That’s not fair.” I said as I received a fake smile.

“It is what it is.” He replied weakly.

“So what does this mean?” I asked as he kissed my forehead.

“Everything you want it to mean.” He smiled as I gave a smile in return.

“Is this a secret?” I asked as he bit his lips.

“Do you want it to be?” He asked.

“Not really.” I replied shyly.

“Then it won’t.” He smirked.

“You’re gonna tell them?” I asked as he nodded in response, “You promise?” I asked.

“I promise.” He replied kissing my lips.

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