Freak of nature

for Zoe Collins Highschool sucked, but college may of been a nightmare. Not because it was crappy, as usual it was always the people that was in the school itself. It wasn't really surprising, but as she meets new people on the way to protect her from the crazy wild animals at school... even more chaos happens.


7. This is it...

Zoe woke up at eleven in the morning by Jack jumping on the bed like a five year old boy excited for Christmas. She groaned as his foot pressed against her belly. Damn you pressure points! She muttered in her head. And she threw a stuffed pillow at Jack.

            ‘What are you doing? It’s seven in the morning…’ which was a total lie, she knew that. But she wanted it to be seven in the morning so she could happily doze off again.

            ‘No it’s not, its book hunting day!’ He giggled, like a little girl as if he really was interested in books. She wasn’t really buying it.

            ‘Or it’s Zoe’s book hunting day whilst Jack’s day is rummaging through old comic books which has no meaning to the world at all.’ She corrected him, rolling her eyes whilst sitting up. Jack grinned.

            ‘Damn Z, you really are smart, please tell me you can read the  future too?’ wondered, sitting on the opposite side of the bed of Zoe, who just glared at him.

            ‘Really, Oh yeah, I dibs using the shower first!’ chirped, getting out of the covers, rushing into the bathroom, leaving Jack alone in the bedroom, which to her was a really bad idea. As she got into the bathroom she locked the door.

            ‘Z! I need to take you to a friend of my mums for some clothes!’ Jack yelled through the door after he banged on it twice. Zoe smiled slightly.

            ‘Okay! Now let me shower!’ She complained, but with a hint of humour in her voice when she first started the speech. As Zoe got in the shower, the drops pelted on her and realized someone changed the setting on how the water poured out and she screeched. Jack laughed in out of the door way, a good one at that too, which made Zoe immediately think it was him.

            ‘Jack Wood you Idiot!’ She cursed, rolling her eyes. She heard footsteps pounding down the hall way as if someone was running for their life. Yeah you better run Jack. But she got used to the speed of how the water was running, and it felt quite relaxing really. Soon the relaxation of the shower turned freezing. Boys She muttered in her head, Can’t they do anything right? Obviously not otherwise she wouldn’t be thinking about that now. She switched of the shower and wrapped a white towel around her, running down the stairs finding Rachel just about to leave.

            ‘Oh Rachel, mind if I borrow some of your clothes- the clothes I own are kinda crappy…’ She lifted up the saggy, damp clothes in the air seeing the disgusted look on her face.

            ‘Yeah, seems like you have too, there’s a few on the washing pile on the stairs Dave put out in the night, there’s probably something in that pile you’d like, oh and keep an eye on Jack in the library, you know him and comic books, he’d be in his fantasy land for hours, probably even days.’ She shrugged, opening the double front doors ahead of her.

            ‘See ya in five!’ She chorused, closing the door behind her.

            ‘So, going to be Goth all day then eh? Let’s see how this will last.’ Jack’s voice came from the kitchen, teasing her. Which made her flush and avoiding his gaze, she ran to the clean washing pile and sorted through the clothes.

There was one thing she liked at least, but it was a spider-laced mini dress, but to her it looked like a black laced t-shirt and a really short frock style mini skirt, yeah, definitely wearing tights with this. Frankly there were tights in the pile too, she dug those out and rushed to her room throwing her- well Rachel’s clothes on. She didn’t really do much to her hair, she couldn’t do anything to her hair. Even if she tried to curl her hair it failed because her hair was completely and naturally straight and long.

            ‘Well, this should do.’ She felt proud of herself and slid in to the black dolly shoes Rachel gave her and walked out of the room, unexpectedly jumped as Jack scared her. And then she decided to hit him, it was her gesture saying “Remind-me-again-why-I-love-you?”

            ‘You ready to go? Taxi’s here in five,’ Jack kissed her forehead. His lips were soft and damp today, probably because he had coke, he did smell like it.

            ‘Mhm,’ Zoe mumbled, holding on to his hand. She loved that, holding each other’s hand. It made her feel nervous, but really it made her heart burst with light. And the door knocked instantly. And they both looked at each other, smiling.

            ‘Let’s go to hell!’ Jack joked, that was technically true,  Zoe supposed. The town looked like it would be perfect for a ghostly style film. Jack walked up to the door and opened it, gesturing Zoe to go first.

            ‘After you.’ He flashed one of his flirty smiles at her, which made Zoe go red. She walked out of the door, and got into the back seat. Followed on after, Jack closed the door behind her.

            ‘Main library, in the common grounds.’ Zoe ordered, but not in a serious tone, just a nice friendly tone. It was the same guy. Maybe there was only one or two taxi’s available in Pleasantview. Jack’s face gave out an odd vibe for the taxi driver.

            ‘You knew Alex, Alex wood right?’ Jack asked, at the taxi driver. The man looked up in the mirror, looking back at Jack, who seemed to be very alarmed indeed.

            ‘Says who?’

            ‘His son.’ He replied, with no expression in his tone at all. Zoe realized that he didn’t mention his dad that much.

            ‘Oh, well that settles it, I used to be best friends with the guy. How’s he doing these days?’ The taxi driver asked full of light, on the other hand Jack’s eyes were worried, his jaw was tightening more, and the taxi driver backed up and decided to pull up.

            ‘We’re here, four sixty-five please.’ He dodged the subject and Jack handed it over to him. They both immediately stared blankly at each other.

            ‘We are so talking when we get back home, Jack, why haven’t you spoke much about your dad?’ Zoe asked, complaining, jack, with the obvious reaction he rolled his eyes and sighed with a hint of anger.

            ‘ahh…. He’s coming back into town in a few days…’ Jack muttered under his breath, ruffling his hair. Zoe looked at him blankly and ignored him, walking the library. She opened the door, looking amazed of how many hard covered black leathered books there were.

            ‘Okay how the hell are we supposed to look a brown leathered book in amongst all the other books?’ Jack exclaimed, hand gesturing about how many books there were in the store. Zoe looked at him, rolling her eyes.

            ‘Seems like someone didn’t do any studying,  the book really does have a skull, but it also had the Satan sign on it.’ She explained, she was first searching in the pile to the left, there must have been at least over a hundred of brown leathered hard backs, but there was no such luck finding them, Rachel was right about Jack searching his way through the comics, that really annoyed Zoe. But hey, boys will be boys. She glared at Jack. And then when the office next to her, peering through to see if one of the co-workers or managers were there.

            ‘Hello…’ She wondered into the room, she scoped around the whole place to see if there were anyone to be seen.

            ‘Oliver at your service ma’am, what do you need?’ She spun around to see an old man with long brown curly hair, and not to mention the beard and glasses, it made him look like a mad scientist.

            ‘Um I need a book that looks something similar like this, you wouldn’t know where I could find it now would you? It’s important,’ she answered, she handed him the photo of the book that had been missing for centuries.  Oliver looked surprised, and handed the photo back to Zoe.

            ‘Why are you looking for such a thing like that?’ He asked, worried. She could see why, but why would it had bothered him? That was the part that she didn’t get, oh wait. Of course, vampire.

            ‘Oh, um… You see my friend is in this situation-’

            ‘Ah, you must be Zoe I believe; I see you’ve met Oliver already.’ A short, blonde ringlet style haired woman came out of the blue, in a gold sparkly dress that would instantly flow whether it wanted to and how it wanted to, and she sounded British, she seemed perfect to be walking on a red carpet. Oliver, the guy who was seemingly meant to help her, was dazzled by her dress and bowed down to her feet. Zoe thought she was pretty, but she must’ve been someone important then, she had never seen a man bow down at celebrities feet- besides films. But that was different, right? Or at least she wanted it to be different.

            ‘Oh um yes- who are you exactly ma’am?’ She wondered with a hint off curiosity, but that definitely gave it away. The lady smiled at her.

            ‘I am Anna, the founder of Pleasantview; I see you brought Jack wood here too?’ She replied, still smiling but it kind of faded when she said Jack’s name. Zoe turned around to see him focused in a batman comic book, clearly laughing on the inside from the way he was smiling. It made her smile to, but she was a little disappointed from how he isn’t looking for the book.

            ‘Oh, I apologize for being so blunt ma’am-’

            ‘It’s all perfectly fine dear. Now, please tell me why you are interested in my book?’ Anna questioned again, Zoe gulped slowly. She didn’t exactly no how to put it in words, but she knew why she wanted it.

            ‘Well you see, my friend put his life on the line for me- and I’ve been searching for it ever since. I know it’s a pretty dumb idea, but I thought that if we found the book and gave it to you, maybe you could’ve told Ethan to leave us alone? I know that sounded a little bit rude, but please. I just don’t want him getting hurt-’

            ‘I understand my dear, and it’s not in the slightest at all rude. I’ve heard you’re a very bright girl for your age little Zoe, so I’ve arranged Oliver here to mentor you, due to the fact you’ve been having some problems in school with the mayor’s daughter am I correct?’ Anna interrupted, it was either that or she exactly knew what she was going to say to her. Zoe nodded and gulped slowly again. So she knows? Zoe thought, but how? It was clearly obvious she hasn’t mentioned anything about being bullied, or maybe Sasha- Sasha told her, probably a false lie something like “She was getting bullied in the dorms, I advised her to stay but she couldn’t take it anymore.” Which coming from Sasha, seemed pretty believable.

            ‘Oh so you’re the Zoe I have been meaning to meet!’ Oliver chorused, he sounded happy, relieved it wasn’t someone probably… dumb.  Zoe gave him her hand for him to shake it, but she couldn’t help but shiver as he felt ice-cold. That’s all she could describe him as. When he released the Zoe’s hand, she rubbed her own hand on the black dress that Rachel let her borrow. This wasn’t a good thing to wear when you’ve just met the founder of Pleasantview.

Anna smiled, to Zoe she looked like a fragile china-doll, not like one of those freaky ones you get in thrift shops or charity ones, but the really posh ones, Paris Hilton style.

            ‘Don’t worry my dear, myself and Christopher- who is practically the second founder, because well… we both found it at the same time, anyway we’ll sort Ethan out, there is really no need to go through much trouble for the book to save your friend.’ Anna explained, her smile fading into a frown.

Anna got up out of the seat and nodded at Oliver, who bowed again in return.

            ‘Good day Mistress,’ He waved goodbye to her, and Zoe smiled at Anna, who smiled back, when Anna turned towards Jack, she looked back at Zoe and whispered in her ear.

            ‘Take good care of your friend over there,’ Zoe nodded twice and went to  Jack, feeling confused and lost. But Jack was lost in the comic book, she got fed up and decided to slam the comic on his hand as he was half way through the page.

            ‘I just met the founder of-’

            ‘No way! Was she hot?’ He teased, yes she knew she was. But it felt weird saying it, so the other reaction she decided to give him a friendly shove saying Hello-she’s-probably-hundred-years-old!  Jack had been a total asshole lately, but Zoe had no idea why. Well boys were just generally assholes- but that doesn’t mean to be one in front of their girlfriends either. Jack felt sad now. Not because he pretended to say ouch when Zoe shoved him, it was because he knew what he was thinking.

            ‘Sorry, wait a minute… you should be proud I was actually reading something.’ He remarked. Yeah, a comic. Those were two completely different things from reading; at least she thought it was two completely different things.

            ‘Shut up, you were reading a comic. That has completely nothing to do with why we were here in the first place. And, I also met my new um… mentor. I think he’s a mad scientist vampire freak.’ She whispered softly into his ear. Jack’s face turned into something unexpectedly scary, not congratulations. Coming from her side of view it was sending out Oh hey that’s cool, let more vamps fang-bang you whilst Im not there. She frowned at him.

            ‘Look I’ll be fine, honest-’

            ‘Let’s just get to my mum’s friend’s house.’ He interrupted her before she could finish the sentence. She saw the time on the wall and it was nearing four o’clock in the afternoon, which was the sun going down time. They both walked to Jack’s mum’s friend’s house and realized there was heaps of clothes laid out on the tables in the front garden, there was clearly a clothing sale going on, she realized. They didn’t speak to each other as they arrived there, and she saw a small lady in a white gown with pink flowers dotted all over the place and her hair was just flowing helplessly in the wind. Her arms were open wide to greet Jack, and he received her hug without complaining at her. Zoe smiled at that, she supposed, she then opened her arms out for Zoe, and she received the welcome hug.

            ‘Jack my darling! How’ve you been?’ She had a countrified accent going on, she was filled with joy, and she was clearly excited to see him. The obvious reaction, Jack just smiled and said

            ‘I’m fine Sue, meh the usual, I was wondering if you had any clothes her size?’ Jack pointed towards Zoe, and Sue, chuckled.

            ‘Ah she seems like a beautiful bright girl, I think I may have just the thing! Come on then, I think I have some of your mum’s old clothes here still too.’  She beamed, pulling Zoe by the arm leading her to a spare bedroom; it was small, probably about her dorm sized room. But it was cute, small bed and a bedside table with a reading lamp.

            ‘Hold on a sec, I’ll be back- you might not be by any chance his girlfriend?’ She asked before she left, Zoe didn’t exactly know whether she was his girlfriend or not, but she nodded, which was a complete terrible thing to do, because she knew how bad Jack could get when he finds out the most sophisticated lie anyone could possible imagine that was about him. She waited for a few seconds, and two seconds after Jack came in, looking around the room.

            ‘Huh. She’s left it how I last had it.’ He embraced her, whilst looking around. Zoe smiled at him, going red as ever.

            ‘Oh so you stayed here most of the time when you know… your… family,’ she didn’t know how to say it exactly, but he knew what she was trying to point out and nodded at her. He sighed when there nose touched together.

            ‘I’m sorry for being a dick, the only reason I was a dick at the library was because I wanted to see how Susan was doing, and hell you really did need some clothes.’ He hastily laughed. And then he lightly kissed her, as the door swung open he immediately removed her from the embrace as Sue came in. Sue, who looked completely surprised with a huge grin on her face she laid the clothes neatly out on the bed for her.

            ‘Well we can tell you’re wearing Rachel’s clothes, come on, get unchanged and then find something you like on, tell you what, have this set of clothes for free okay-’

            ‘No ma’am I- it’s really okay if I pay for them, I don’t want to cause any kinds of trouble,’ Zoe hesitated to say, she really didn’t want to have these clothes for free. But sadly Sue didn’t take no for an answer.

            ‘Okay… if you insist Susan, but it would be helpful if I really did-’

            ‘Oh bless your heart, god has found a new saviour! Jack my boy, you have a good friend, keep this one alive for once please?’ Zoe felt flattered that Sue thought she was kind, but even more flattered when she heard ‘good friend’, but who would be rude of coming into a house for the first time meeting your boyfriends closest family? No one, because if they did that would be… just wrong on so many levels. Jack let out a heavy sigh and nodded.

            ‘Aunt Sue, I have something to confess, myself and Zoe are in danger.’ That was probably so not what Sue wanted to hear, but she didn’t really seem surprised that the fact Jack was in danger.

            ‘Doesn’t surprise me, what did you do now my boy?’ She was frowning now, but it wasn’t really that much of a frown, more like half a frown?

Jack didn’t exactly know how to put it in words; it was pretty obvious because he was shaking. At this point Zoe’s heart was pounding.

            ‘Um, Ethan- he, he caught Z’s sent, and now he’s… he’s trying to get her because of Sasha, you know, the crazy girl what’s meant to be called the ‘mayor’s daughter’?’ He explained, Sue’s face turned from joy to horror, as she placed both of her shaky hands to cover her mouth, her brown eyes were filling with tears.


            ‘Oh Glory, oh glory, glory. How did you get her in to this now Jack?’  Sue cried, stroking strands of Zoe’s hair. Feeling really worried of Sue; Zoe backed up a little and smiled at her slightly.

            ‘I’m- we’re fine really, listen we don’t want to cause any trouble for you, honest,’ Zoe struggled to say, without Sue being hurt. Sue sounded relived as she sighed, and sat down on the bed. Sue looked shaken, and she put her head down, pulling up the sleeves to see a scar on her left arm, with which seemed like two bite marks.  Zoe looked at Jack, who seemed tensed, and his eyes turned something into… like he was betrayed.

            ‘I was walking to the all you can eat shack when this happened, but this was when I didn’t know the vampires existed.’ Sue closed her eyes and a single tear came running down, quickly hesitating to pull down her sleeve. By the look on Jack’s face it seemed like he had no idea about this situation. His eyes were all teary, and his jaw was tense. Zoe tried to take his hand, but he refused it.

            ‘All I remember it went so quickly, I never got to see the man who tried killing me- but I think he was trying to change me in to one of the devils creations.’ Sue’s voice sounded shaky scared. She closed her eyes tight and looked down to the floor. Zoe’s jaw, still open she realized Sue wasn’t the only one in tears, it was herself too. She tried putting the tears back, but there was no such use.

            ‘Did it hurt?’ She asked, she knew it was a stupid question but you never know whether people are immune to pain or what not. Jack hadn’t said anything all the way through the story.

            ‘The venom, it was coursing through my veins, it felt like… like dying, it felt like it was going too fast, like poison.’ She shook her head, sniffling her tears,  Zoe didn’t know what to say, she went down to sit on the single bed that Sue was sat on an comforted her, as if Sue was her mum. She looked up at Jack, who seemed lost, no doubt about it he was crying too.

            ‘I think it’s the best idea if yall shall leave now, it’s near dark,’ She smiled, changing the subject; Zoe didn’t know how she could do that. Originally really upset, and fake being happy. Zoe could do that if she had wanted to, but she just didn’t have the will power to. Zoe looked down to the ground and back up at Jack, frowning at him, and nodding as if she really did want to leave.

            ‘You’ll be okay, will you?’ Zoe asked, confused and utterly lost when Sue turned happy in a second flat. Jack looked at Sue in betrayal again, with his fist clenched, and eyes black.

            ‘Yes dearie, I will! Be careful when you go out in the dark and no talking to strangers’ sweetie!’ Sue prayed for them, Zoe really did think she was a friendly little old lady, but Zoe was really worried of her too. She tried making a conversation with Jack as they left the small bungalow behind, but nothing came out of his mouth as they arrived home.

She saw David sitting on the front door, hand in hand, looking up at them as he saw them making their way through the gates. David quickly stood up, folding his arms.

            ‘Where the hell have you two been?’ He asked, pretty much the way when your parents asked the exact same thing when you were past curfew. Which really annoyed Zoe, and David examined her as if he had never saw her at all.



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