Freak of nature

for Zoe Collins Highschool sucked, but college may of been a nightmare. Not because it was crappy, as usual it was always the people that was in the school itself. It wasn't really surprising, but as she meets new people on the way to protect her from the crazy wild animals at school... even more chaos happens.


1. Sasha.

On the day Zoe Collins became the member of the Cross house, someone vandalized her dorm room that day when was in her lessons. It was bound to happen one day mum said, just have to think… keep my cool. The problem was Zoe loved school- what normal girls love school? Abnormal ones. There was literally nothing left in her room besides graffiti art saying “Sasha wuz ere” not that it was easy to break into someone’s dorm room, the locks were all broken. Zoe threw herself on her bed and sighed, staring at the used to be baby-blue walls ahead of her. It sucked to be smart. Because this is where it got you. Mum said this would happen, I just have to think… keep my cool. Not that she was cool either, but why? She told herself, why out of all the meanest of the mean girls had to focus on her? No. She knew the answer to that. She made Sasha look stupid in front the whole entire dorm lobby, not to mention some hot upper-class men. Not that it was hard either. She heard Sasha saying something about ‘That dumb Chinese war thing.’ And by that simple reflex, Zoe said

‘It wasn’t.’ She knew she shouldn’t have done that, because the whole lot of the guys came slouching over to the sofas next to them with just as much blank expression as if the coke machine spoke up. Zoe panicked, trying to find an escape plan for what she had got herself into.

          ‘World war two- I just meant that…. Well, world war two was later.’ She plunged on. Sasha glared at her, so bad that the flush came through her perfectly good make-up. ‘I well; it wasn’t the Korean War that was later. World war two, was with the German’s and Japanese, you know the Pearl Harbour?’ And the guys looked at Sasha, and laughed. Sasha covered it with smiles and flirts, making gestures of exactly saying to Zoe,

        ‘You better run freak now.’ Zoe slowly opened her eyes, feeling them all hot and swollen inside with tears. She knew what she was going to do, cry. That’s all she could do. But she held back the sobs (just in case they’d hear.) and made her way through the door. Zoe was an advance student, she was meant to be in secondary. But this was hell; maybe she thought it wasn’t that bad. But collage, well, this is just murder.

    ‘Well, look what we have here.’ A female voice purred. Zoe spun round, in alarm and spotted Sasha and her two minions, Gloria and Kim.

      ‘Freak, should you be getting your first period, or at least in your first period right now?’ Sasha struck a pose, which was the only thing she was good at- Zoe had to admit. Nearly six feet tall, Sasha had flowing, black long metallic hair, with just the perfect face and she had just the right amount of mascara and eye liner- and also pouty lips. Not to mention perfect skin. She was rich, and pretty. As far as Zoe can tell, it didn’t make her at all one bit happy. ‘Maybe she’s trying to find where all her stuff is.’

            Gloria piled on, and laughed. Kim laughed with her. Zoe swore their eyes, their pretty jewel-coloured eyes just filled with joy of making her feel like crap. Zoe made her way to the stairs, but Kim, the first minion grabbed her arms and twisted them, spinning her around towards Sasha. Frankly, Kim failed as Zoe yelped smacking her wrist away, hard. She shouldn’t have done that though, the fury in Sasha’s eyes focused on her. ‘Did you just hit my friend, you little bitch?’ She asked, walking towards Zoe with just two inches away from touching nose to nose. Zoe gulped slowly. Zoe looked back at Kim, who was on the floor in agony, slowly getting up again she tried to accomplish plan B: Twist Zoe’s arms, so she can’t break free with Gloria. It worked. Zoe never saw the slap coming though, it went to fast. It was hard enough to draw blood, loads of blood.

     "Get out of my sight- I’m sick of looking at you and your pasty skin-’ ‘Yeah junior high ever heard of sunshine?" Kim finished for her, which was odd seeing the look on Sasha’s face turned cold. They had the best tans money can buy.

     "Watch it." Sasha hissed. Clothes… Where are my clothes? All the clothes she brought to last for the whole semester, was gone too. Sasha knew what Zoe was thinking and faked a half smile.

          "Your clothes are down in in the trash chute," She explained as if she done something good for once in her life. Zoe did have five hundred pounds to get through term one. But they were for books, or ordering pizza in case you miss dinner. Sasha punched her this time, right in the eye, and Zoe winced in pain. She supposed that’s what she wanted to happen. Zoe saw Sasha do an eye gesture telling Kim to let go of her arms, and she booted Zoe in the stomach, making her fall down four flights of stairs. Not that the teachers or guards cared, they left her. She thought she was going to die. But this isn’t how she wanted to die, not at all.

             ‘Zoe, You alright?’ A high-pitched voice sounded worried. Trying to get her eye-sight intact she saw Miranda, the only nice girl in the dorm rooms. Not to mention the whole school. Well, girl wise. ‘Uh yeah- I guess I tripped,’ She didn’t hurt until she got up. Not that she wanted it to hurt either. Zoe groaned a little as she felt something hard on her eye, oh god, a bruised eye? When she goes out to town now people are going to think she’s a freak of nature, Miranda frowned at her. ‘You really need to go Z, I mean seriously, get your parents to get you out of here. Clearly people don’t want you here.’ That hurt, but Miranda was right of course, Sasha’s out to get her, for no real reason. Zoe gulped slowly and nodded, feeling hot again. Next time freak, you better run… She suddenly got a shiver down her spine, as if something was actually telling her to flee. She did anyway, even bunked her classes which she felt bad about the most. Zoe ran to the dorm office, but seeing no one in there she picked up a newspaper on the stand and skimmed through the page finding at the bottom- “THREE ROOMATES SEEKING FOURTH” Zoe blinked. Whilst she was sitting there she looked back at the dorm room she was hopefully no longer staying there, then towards the coffee place on campus. This has gone way too far; I’m getting the hell outta here. As she dialled the number where the room was, but it frankly came to voice message.

       ‘…You just reached the Cross house, If you’re looking for Rachel, well I’ll be in the coffee shop, you know where the common grounds are? I work there, or if you’re looking for David well, He sleeps days, And Jack? Good luck with that because most of the time we have no idea where the hell he is oh and if you’re coming for the room, come by at seventeen larks road!’ laughter’s came from the background, both males. This surprised Zoe. But she didn’t want to go there, but did at the same time. The only reason why she didn’t want to go is because they seemed like they were family, and she didn’t want to break that up if she causes any trouble.

       ‘Hi, my name is um… Zoe? Zoe Clarke, I’m Zoe picked up the phone for a taxi cab; she looked at the page seeing the lane she wanted to go to. Something kept on stopping her though, as if something bad was going to happen.

        ‘This is Pleasantview Taxi Company, how may I help you?’ The speaker asked- it was a male’s voice, sounded kind of creepy really. By this point her hands were shaking for no apparent reason. Zoe scanned around the whole area to see if there were any spies or minions, not to mention Sasha was around. She had small hope, but no one was there.

               ‘Yeah, um… seventeen larks road please, but fast.’ She quickly hung up the phone. Zoe decided to sit on the booth-like bench next to her, without making she look like an utter idiot; she saw a little girl and a mother. The girl waved at her and Zoe smiled, her lip throbbed and split open the scab that was in the middle and blood slowly trickled down and made its way at the bottom of the chin. The mother looked alarmed and pulled the child behind her and walked away quickly. Am I really that scary?

            ‘Are you Zoe Clarke?’ A yellow cab came right in front of her. She looked surprised, but for a few seconds she realized it was the taxi and nodded, getting up with her bags. ‘Come on, we haven’t got all day.’ He opened up the door for her, which they never did back in England, but at least English people were most of the time polite. As she drove through the town it looked deserted. Creepy, you’d be lucky to see at least one person walking down the streets, but most of the way you saw balls of sticks just minding its own business. The man glanced up in the mirror trying to make conversation with Zoe. But he just spooked her. ‘Are you meeting’ anyone?’ He asked, his voice sounded Deep, almost like a posh English accent with a hint of Australian in his tone. She shook her head, and the taxi driver just kept his eyes on the road. ‘Ah that’s a shame, well if you’re looking for a good tim-’ ‘I am actually, could you just hurry please?’ Zoe asked, struggling to find a way out of here. As the cab driver pulled over, Zoe banged her head on the window screen. He didn’t seem to care.

‘Ten fifty.’ Really, for a five minute ride? Well, better than nothing. So she handed the money over and made her way out the car.

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