Freak of nature

for Zoe Collins Highschool sucked, but college may of been a nightmare. Not because it was crappy, as usual it was always the people that was in the school itself. It wasn't really surprising, but as she meets new people on the way to protect her from the crazy wild animals at school... even more chaos happens.


5. Jack

I feel like such an idiot, kissing Zoe. Dave’s gonna kill me, not like that mattered. Half the time I have no idea where the hell he is. I sometimes think he’s a bloodsucker. If he’d keep that a secret, then I know I would never be friends with him ever again. As I walked out of the door, I slumped down against it, knees against my chest, and I heard the door lock. I half smiled at that, because she really did listen to me. I didn’t know whether I was ready to confront Ethan, it would be best to make a deal with him. I could hear Dave and Rachel arguing about whether they should let me take on Ethan, and what I would do.

‘…Hell the guy can’t even get up in the morning when he’s told, let alone find a job!’ Dave yelled- I could hear Rachel sobbing. That… that hurt, coming from my best friend. Suddenly my past came back to me, seeing my mum and dad, arguing at each other over something stupid. I could see my dad slapped her across the face, seeing my sister, Danny in her favourite my chemical romance jumper and black skinny jeans on. She was a bit like Rachel really, Goth, if she was still alive she would’ve been around Zoe’s age. I’ve never been filled with fury in my entire life that time, and then all the sudden Danny screamed as she smelt smoke, and a distance glow from the kitchen, and there. Just there if I just got her out in time, she would have been alive. And I would have still been going on with the “protecting little sister” thing. But they were too weak to go on as the fire spread. I shook my head at that thought, it was time to call my dad and get him down. I ran into my bedroom, picking up the phone, I pressed * which had him on speed dial.

‘Alex Wood, who is this?’ I was shaking all of the sudden, I haven’t spoken to him in five years, and still a bit surprised he has his same phone number ever since mum died.

‘It’s Jack. I’m in Pleasantview, but- I found Ethan,’ I gulped into the phone, there was awkward silence.

    ‘What does he want?’ ‘A friend of mine, know anything I can trade for her to not get fanged?’ I shrugged.

     ‘Well, the books still missing, find that they’ll leave you alone. In the meantime, you’d probably have to trade sessions with that guy.’ He sounded serious, was he expecting me to turn gay?    


          ‘You know, sessions, bites, I’ll be coming back in few days anyway son. You better be ready, it’s time.’ And then he hung up the phone, and then there was silence that filled the air. I walked out the room, feeling lost. As I walked down the stairs I stood in the middle of the hall way, seeing Dave and Rachel both staring straight at me, looking guilty. Rachel’s racoon eye makeup was smothered on her making her look like a panda; I noticed she was wearing her Doc martins again. Not that was important anyway.

     ‘I’m ready, don’t worry I won’t kill him- I just want to trade.’ I explained. That didn’t really go down well, Rachel’s eyes turned from sorrow to something dark, Dave- he just looked at me in alarm.

     ‘What? Trade what Jack; damn it you know how I feel about you making deals with the blood freaks!’ Dave yelled, making Rachel jump out of her skin.

   ‘Dave… it does fine… just… let’s get this over with okay?’ She suggested. Now I liked her sense of humour then. But Dave kept on telling her that I was stupid.

       ‘Look Dave, I know what they want. I really do, I called my dad-’ ‘You called your damn dad! You put him in this?! Oh great, just… just great. You’re such an idiot Jack! In case you haven’t noticed, Ethan’s still outside and you haven’t seen your dad in five years! You don’t know what he’s like!’ Dave waved his arms around in tremor, shoving me, making me trip over my on feet. Rachel was screaming- the exact same scream as Danny did when she was… panicking. I stood up, getting my balance intact. I stood up, not keeping my eyes of Dave. Whose jaw was tensed up again. I rolled my eyes, whilst sighing.

         ‘Let me do this man. I know what I’m doing.’ ‘No! Do you think I will let you out again after the incident earlier, I just don’t know what to do with you anymore.’ Dave sounded shaken, and then let me do this. Is what I wanted to say, but instead I turned to Rachel, making her go upstairs and comfort Zoe. She did, but I could see that she didn’t want to. She wanted to help, like Zoe did. Everyone did. But I wanted it to be just myself, so no one got hurt. Not that was hard at all, most of the house members were already annoyed, or should I say pissed at me. I looked at Dave, and then at the door. I completely ignored him, and walked out of the door, seeing Ethan sitting down on the pile of leaves. And then all the sudden he got up, vamp speed. That was probably the only cool thing about those freaks I suppose, they got vamp speed.

                ‘Look I just need-’ ‘I know who you need. You’re not getting Zoe though… I have something to trade,’ I gulped; this was probably going to end badly. I would never shake this much if it had. Ethan looked at me, thinking for a moment I guessed. ‘What you got?’ He shrugged. I could hear the curiousness in his voice, as if he really were interested. Making myself even more nervous, I scratched my head to figure out what to say.

       ‘Sessions, you tell Sasha to leave Zoe alone, and you leave her alone for a while.’ I explained, panicking to find a way out of what I got myself into. Not that I cared really. This was a total lie.

          ‘I can see where you’re headin’. Fine, I’ll leave your soon to be “girlfriend” alone, only for the bites. Baring in mind I’m thirsty anyway, I’ll have some people step over tomorrow evening, just to get your blood-’

         ‘There’s also… the… the book.’ I piled on, which immediately got Ethan’s attention.

       ‘You must be serious, because you know how the boss-’

         ‘I… I haven’t found it yet, but I’m searching for it.’ I interrupted. Ethan sighed in relief, but then there was something odd about that. Did he not want me to find the book? Or did he want to find it himself, or maybe, just maybe… he stole it from the founder of Pleasantview. I shook my head out of the thought, and focused back at Ethan.

      ‘Well, I suppose that’s news, I must be off, see you in a few weeks. Jack.’ Just like that, in a blink of an eye he was gone. I was left alone, thinking what the hell was happening. This was going way too fast, which made me shiver at the part when I walked up to the front door, knocking on it. Dave opened it for me, but when I tried making a conversation as I got in, he blanked me out.

         ‘Look man, I know what I did was a really dick move. I respect why you’re ignoring me-’ ‘Is it true? You kissed Z? I overheard herself and Rachel talking about it. Is it true? Because if it is you know what I said about her!’ He’s being really controlling all the sudden. Acting like he was my dad.

              ‘You’re not my dad- Stop controlling my moves man! You’re seriously getting on my nerves, yes. I did kiss Zoe, wanna know why? Because I… I love her dude! That’s why I made a deal- why am I even having this conversation with you?!’ I yelled back at him. I could see his eyes turned into something like a demon. His facial expression was like a monster trying to get out of his soul and into the light.

        ‘I’m not your dad I know, but hell I’m the closest thing you Have as family around here man!’ Dave shot back, giving me the finger, as if he didn’t have the time to argue. Neither did I really. I needed to check on Zoe and Rachel to see if they were okay. But that didn’t happen. My fists were clenched, and I was tempted to throw a punch at Dave, my best man. There was no need to, but I really, really wanted to let my anger go freely.

           ‘I know you’re mad right now dude, but can’t we just wait until the morning? Oh wait, second thought, how about the evening because I never see you around here anymore! What’s up with that?’ I screamed it. Dave stared blankly at me, as if he was guilty of something.

   ‘Nothing, just get Z and Rach down here.’

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