Freak of nature

for Zoe Collins Highschool sucked, but college may of been a nightmare. Not because it was crappy, as usual it was always the people that was in the school itself. It wasn't really surprising, but as she meets new people on the way to protect her from the crazy wild animals at school... even more chaos happens.


8. Danger


‘And why are you wearing Rachel’s clothes…’ He sounded surprised yet confused, Zoe glared at him, which clearly said Not-time-for-this-stuff. Jack was the first one up the stairs and barged his way through David, swinging the door open and left it half closed for both of them to come in afterwards.

            ‘Jack had a pretty rough day.’ She summed down in a sentence, she did too. But she didn’t go melodramatic as much as Jack did.  And no one really spoke at all.

It was just David and Zoe at dinner, Tacos again. She still needed to make lasagne. They didn’t speak much, but she explained what had happened which made Jack upset. But she lowered her voice down to almost a whisper just in case he was listening in their conversation.

            ‘So, we need to figure away-’

            ‘Already got that sorted.’ David interrupted her, handing her a sheet of paper with the title “How to kill vampires” She scanned through the list, and honestly she didn’t believe most of them would actually work.

            ‘Are you sure, you never know that they could be making that stuff up just to hide what they’re really are… let’s just say allergic to.’  She explained, Dave looked at her and thought about it for a moment. Zoe pointed at the word Crosses.

            ‘Really, do crosses work?’ She shrugged; Dave nodded and realized that it didn’t work all the time, which was understandable.

            ‘Well, sometimes the crosses work, but not on really old vampires like the founder of Pleasantview, oh and fire defiantly works I saw it happen when I was just a kid, guess I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.’ David shuddered at the thought, a few seconds later Zoe did to. Imagining the vampire’s cry for help was tormenting, she didn’t even care about the vampires which confused her the most.

            ‘Hmm… okay, let’s call it a night, you should go talk-’

            ‘Shit.’ David breathed heavily, holding his stomach, with fear in his eyes. Zoe immediately looked at David in panic, trying to figure out what to do.

            ‘Don’t tell them!’ His voice faded quietly as his body faded, “Don’t tell them”, tell who, Rachel and Jack? She found herself sat on her own in her chair, with only one light on. She felt confused again, tingling with shock horror. She had no idea what she had just seen, is David dead? No there was no way he was dead, he was just right there.

She decided to go to bed after that, she couldn’t sleep at all. Not because of the wind draft coming in and out every now and again, or the creaky noises from the floorboards that they made when it’s all silent and abandoned in the night. Well, because of what happened for the past few days, it was very weird and frightening at the same time.                                   

Zoe got up out of bed quite early in the morning, half past seven. And she then remembered that she was meant to be going to see Oliver today at his lab. It was on school grounds of course, but she couldn’t go back there. Sasha and her minions maybe lurking around with the un dead freaks walking around.  She decided to take the taxi, so she didn’t awake Jack or Rachel, who had probably already gone to work seeing her Mercedes wasn’t there anymore. She looked back at the house as she got outside and went into the taxi again.

            ‘The college please,’ She asked, there wasn’t really any point of naming the school, because to be honest there was only one college here.

She felt bad for some reason, but truthfully what was there to be feeling bad about? Going to school without any of the house members knowing? Pfft, not that it mattered.

            As she paid the taxi driver she slammed the door shut as soon as she got out, running quickly to Oliver’s science lab.

She knocked on the door twice.

            ‘Come in!’ he sounded annoyed, upset, which confused her because he seemed like a jolly person. Who hides his feelings, she sighed.

            ‘Hey you okay-’

            ‘Fred isn’t moving.’ He interrupted showing her a tarantula in a cage that was next to him. It made Zoe jump, she hated the spiders.


            ‘I even tried feeding him his favourite food.  I have no idea what has gotten into him lately.’ He panicked, rubbing his sweaty hands on his lab coat. Zoe looked at him, as if he was a five year old saying something stupid. Not that he was five, but he really did say something stupid.

            ‘Maybe wait for a while, anyway what are we learning-’

            ‘Physics, space.’ He interrupted her again. Which really annoyed her, and she felt like slapping him, but that wouldn’t have been a good idea right?

Because that would have got her, perhaps exclusion, she probably was excluded, realizing it. Because well, she’s forgotten about her classes and flunked them.

            ‘Oh okay,’ she shrugged.

Time went by fast and it was nearing half five in the afternoon when she was allowed to go home. The funny thing is, she was glad to get out of that place. She couldn’t really stand Oliver, he was a freak, not to mention a vampire.

She came home in a taxi again, seeing David at the door again, looking worried.                     

            ‘Sorry, got held up at the lab-’

            ‘Oh thank god you’re here, we may have a problem.’ He explained, looking at her as if he had just seen a ghost. When she got into the house she tripped over some bits. Jack’s stuff. She looked confused, Rachel was shaking sitting on the sofa, staring at nothing but thin air. Zoe went upstairs to see if Jack was in his room, and he had been. Jack’s room really had nothing in it, the sheets were all in a heap as if he never made it, but the good thing is he made an attempt of making the bed whilst Zoe was standing there, but failed. She half smiled, and finished it off for him. No one said anything until Jack sat down.

            ‘I’m thinking of leaving.’ He said blankly. Zoe blinked at him, hoping of what he said wasn’t what he really said.

            ‘Really? Rachel’s just making-’

            ‘Leaving Pleasantview Z, seriously this place…I can’t take it anymore. I didn’t come back to this place because I missed it. I was here for my dad’s dirty work. And that’s been finished, I honestly can’t stand another look at this place.’ Jack interrupted her, what’s up with the whole “let’s-interrupt-Zoe-day”? She didn’t get that. And frankly she didn’t like that it was directed at her.

            ‘Wait. What? You… You can’t! We need you-’

            ‘Can’t you see what this town doing to us?! It’s tearing all of us one by one apart. Come with me if you want to live.’ Jack stormed out of the room with a brown box in his hand, and Zoe, nearly in tears again stood there, in shock horror again. She didn’t want to be in Jack’s room anymore, and ran towards Jack, trying to block his way from where the suitcases were. He shoved her out the way, and somehow landed into Dave’s arms, and got her balance ready again.

            ‘Dude, you can’t hit girls.’ He shrugged, Jack was pissed. He was right about the town tearing them apart, but to Zoe that’s what made them strong.

            ‘Oh so ganging up on me with girls now? Low blow man, seriously Z, I need to get out of here. If you don’t want to leave with me, well nice knowing-’

            ‘What about us?’ She asked, shaking, with tears coming down her cheeks.

            ‘Hate to break it to you, princess. But there wasn’t even us! I’m sure you’re a smart girl, but your just not my type-’

            ‘Jack, calm it.’ David mimicked the volume button, and turning it down. Which was to be honest; really the best thing to do- because well Jack shoved David this time making him stumble to the ground; Zoe glared at Jack, then looked down at David worryingly. She heard the door knock, and David finally got up to his feet, limping towards the door and opened it. Seeing three biker dudes, the first one, with a scar down his cheek, hair greasy, long and dark, in a black studded leather jacket, jeans and heavy boots came walking in, along with the other two behind him.

            ‘Hey Jack, we got your message, you ready?’ The man asked, looking around the room, Zoe could see that all of them had stakes in each hand. The man finally met David, and snapped his gaze at him.

            ‘This one looks like a vamp, boys.’ He said, raising his hand as a sign of some sort-  both of the guys, Jack and David had horror written all over their faces, which immediately put the same face on Zoe’s and Rachel’s.

One of the biker dudes, with the New York hat on grabbed David by the arms, and the other one with an earring in his ear, held up the stake, and placed it in his heart.

The whole house erupted into screams, and then he was just… gone.


                                                TO BE CONTINUED

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