Her Heart is A Rodeo

Savannah Coleman, a 19 year old from Lane, Oklahoma, is set to be one of the biggest barrel racers of all time. However when a certain boy band comes along will her future change? Will Savannah have to chose between something she loves, and someone she loves? Find out in Her Heart is A Rodeo.


1. Today is the Day!



I reached over trying to find my alarm clock to make the horrible noise stop.  In doing so I managed to knock it off ripping the cord out and silencing the awful thing.

"uggh finally!" I mumbled as the noise came to an end.

 After lying in bed for a few minutes I begin to understand what day it is.  Springing out of bed and launching my corgi puppy into the air I run down the stairs.


"Mom! Dad! Today we are getting my new horse!"

"Yes hun now sit down and eat some breakfast you cant be goin' horse shopping on an empty stomach." 

I sat down to a plate full of pancakes and bacon, mmm my favorite, and began to think of the beautiful horse I was going to find today!

After finishing breakfast I ran up to shower and change into some jeans a tank top and my favorite square toe Ferrini boots,  I decided to straighten my hair and put it into a side braid, and then I was off! Time to go look for my new horse.

"Dad I'm ready let's go!"


"Hold your horses Savannah!"


"Dad how can I hold what I can't get unless we go!" 

As soon as my mother and father were finished getting ready we hoped into the truck, trailer attached, and headed for Tulsa.

Today was the day I was going to find the horse that was going to take me to the world championships!  I grew up on a small ranch in Lane, OK.  Population of 400 people.  I was home schooled, and didn't have very many friends.  I spent my days working the ranch, and riding horses.  My father was a world champion team roper until he tore his rotator cuff.  Now he ropes for fun with me around the house.  My mom never really was into the rodeo, she is the supportive wife and mom and travels the country by our sides.  As for me I am ranked as one of the top 20 barrel racers in the country (kind of a big deal) and this year I am determined to be number 1! 


After the 2 and a half hour drive we finally made it.  This place was huge! Trucks and trailers everywhere unloading horses, hay, tack you name it they had it.  The horse sale in Tulsa is one of the biggest in this part of the country.  They may not have the fancy high dollar horses, but my father bought his champion roper for $500 at this sale, so this is where I will find my champion.

We walk into the sale barn and start browsing through some of the horses.  They all are very nice looking.  Some Sorrels, Bays, Grays, all having the potential to be great athletes, but none of them stood out to be the one for me.  

"Why don't we go get our seats for the sale and maybe one will come out and that will be the one."

I looked at my mom and gave her an alright let's go look.  Dad registered us and got us a bidding number and  we made our way into the sale arena.  Horse after horse dad would say "oh he is nice." or "oh look that's a good little mare." But none were sticking out to me.  As the sale was ending they had one final horse. I looked at the entry gate to the arena as a gigantic Palomino Gelding came running into the arena.  He was the one! 
"Ok folks this is the last horse of the day lets start out at $500" 
Hands began to fly into the air I looked at my father and said "dad he is the one we have to get him."
The bidding in creased higher and higher my dads arm going up each time.
The bidding had reached $5000 and my dad gave me the look I knew it was a lost cause.
He threw his hand up for one more making it $6000 then it happened no one else was bidding, I was going to get my horse! 

"going once, going twice, SOLD!"

Yes! I had gotten my horse I gave my dad a massive hug and a kiss on the cheek and headed off to meet my new barrel racing partner.


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