True love? as if!

Have you ever been truly madly deeply in love? No? I thought so! we'll in this case true love doesn't exist!


1. True love huh?

Have you ever thought 'OMG this guy is like the sweetest guy on earth!!' I think you have.. well in my case I can't brag about the same.. or have I? Well actually I have but in the start i thought that he was the biggest ass on the entire planet! Wait! where's my manners? I'm Miley and well if you haven’t heard of me I would be very impressed that the gossip hasn't reached you yet! In my school I’m that girl that made a huge mistake and has to hear about the rest of the school time.. but if you want to hear about it I can’t stop or can I? well I’m going to be nice today so I’m going to let you hear it.


(The picture is me, ugly much right?)



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