True love? as if!

Have you ever been truly madly deeply in love? No? I thought so! we'll in this case true love doesn't exist!


2. Stefan

I already feel that this day is going to be absolutely and utter shit! Another day in hell! So exited-.-‘ Well I probably should go get ready, so I won’t look like crap.. I jump into the bath. Oh gosh how I love this moment where I just can be myself! And don’t have to hear all those horrible words! Like you see, in my school if don’t looks like a Barbie and just look alright and dress like you want to you’re going to hear about it. I jumped out of the shower, going in to my room to pick some clothes, I decided to go with a normal lose grey top, a pair of pinkish denim shorts and a cap with the text ‘hipster please’, a pink watch and a pair of grey sneaks. Oh! I totally forgot to tell you! I live in London and have been living there for about 3 years now before that I lived in Northern Ireland. But I really have to get ready now otherwise I’m going to be late.

 I grab my bag and run downstairs, where my mother is waiting ‘Hi hun’ wow she sounds happy for a change ‘Hi woman that ruined my life’ yeah yeah I know it sounds harsh, but I you knew the story you would know why I’m talking to her like that! It’s her fault that I had to move away from Ireland.. just because she was cheating on my dad.. but enough about that! ‘I just go and wait in the car’ I shout while I grab an apple ‘I’ll be out in a sec!’ on my way out to the car I spot him, Stefan the popular boy that attends my school.. He lives just to houses away from me, he never notice me here on the road but in school it’s a whole different story, He seems sweet, as if! I have been his main target for 2 years now! And by now I’m really starting to getting tired of it!

It’s always the same things he says, like are he that unimaginative!? Well enough about that! I go sit in the car and waits for me mum. Finally she comes ‘Have you made your homework?’ *seriously mom since when have you ever cared?’ she doesn’t answer, I smirk, I won this one! We get to school I get out off the car without saying a word I hear she mumbles something, but honestly I couldn’t care less! I get into the school ground, I just hope nobody has seen me, I look down as I slowly walks toward the main entrance.

That’s when I walk into someone.. FUCK! ‘Watch were you going stalker’ I look up it’s that idiot Matt, Stefan’ best idiot ‘Stalker? That was new’ ‘Yeah babe, you always walk into me so, I’m guessing that you stalk me’ ‘in your dreams Matt!’ ‘You’re right babe, in my dreams’ he says with the biggest smirk ever, gosh I hate that boy! He always flirt with me on this ridicules way-.-‘ I even think that he’s dumber than Stefan, and that is like really hard! ‘Just move alright?’ I’m starting to get tired of looking at this Pugface. ‘And if I don’t?’ I can tell he’s enjoying this-.-‘ I  squeeze my hand into a ball reay to hit him in the guts if he doesn’t move within the next minute! ‘Move! Or I’ll tell the entire the school that you tried to kiss me!’ he loses his smirk ‘What!? I ever tried that!?’ I start to smirk, and leans and whisper in his ear ‘ No but from now on that is what people are going to believe, you can stop it, by move out off my way!’ He doesn’t wish to take things further, I just grin and then move on. I think he’ll leave me alone the rest of the day, unless Stefan tells him to bother me further. I get into my first class of the unfortunaly I have the same classes as Stefan and Matt, I know right aren’t I a lucky girl. I take a seat and two seconds later, Stefan and  comes in to the class, they sit down next to me, and I start getting a little nervous, what the hell do they want, I thought I made it clear for Matt that he should start leaving me alone.

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