Just Friends

She brightens his days when he least wants to smile. He holds her in his arms and lets her cry when she's down. Everyone around them thinks they're a couple, but all they is "We're Just Friends"

But just to give it a thought; is this really possible without the angle of 'love-shav' in it?


7. Shopping

"Nothing important! Lets go!" I didnt know what to answer, so I held Pooja's arm and dragged her out of the class.

She finished her work in the library, but was still giving wierd glances to me. I was waiting for her to ask me something about the incident, but to my dissapointment, she didnt! I realised she isnt gonna say anything, so I asked her, "Pooja.. how do you think is Karan?"

"I guess you know him better now" She said with a frown.

I smiled inwardly! She was seriously getting disturbed by my sudden attention to Karan.  My plan's working! :)

Trying to keep my face as normal as possible, I said , " yaa.. maybe you're right.. I'm getting to know him better now. I think he's cute! Isnt he?"

Without replying, she kept staring at me, then suddenly turned and left. I did a little victory dance inside my head! I was soo right. She definitely has fallen for Karan but dosent want to accept it! Silly girl. No worries! I'll make sure she accepts her feelings.


1 message received. It was Rohan.

"Come out of the class after this lecture. We're going home."

Home? Suddenly?? I got confused. He messages me in the middle of a lecture just to say we're going home?

"Hey why home so early? I have 2 more lectures remaining."

"Dumbo! I knew you would forget. No more questions now. Just leave after the lecture finishes. I'll be waiting."

I couldnt concentrate through the lecture thinking about why he suddenly wanted to go home.

I found him waiting near the playground, all set to go, I stomped towards him "Hey what happened? Why home so early today?"

He crossed his arms, a smirk forming on his lips, "Who said we're going home?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean... you.. me... ahem ahem." He said playfully, wiggling his eyebrows.

I shot him a glare, "Isshh Rohan! You know your flirting isnt gonna work here. And besides, that was cheap!"

"Flirt? Who? Me? Nooooooo" He said defensively.

"Oh really??"

"I thought somebody wanted to go for some shopping today! And that too before college ends, so that we could be home on time! " He said

O freak!!! Realization suddenly dawned upon me. I jumped towards him, throwing my arms around his neck and swinging in his arms. "Thank you thank you thank you sooo much. You're such a sweetheart Rohan." I kissed his cheeks in excitement.

He held my shoulders, pulling himself back, "Wooaahh! Behave Ishu.. we're in a public place." He said, smoothening his hair.

"I dont care about that." I again threw myself in his arms.

"You're crazu Ishu.." He said, completing the hug. "Now shall we go?"


We reached the supermarket and directly went to the most famous saree shop. My plan was to give a surprise anniversary party to my parents, which was next week. I wanted both of them to look super-special on that day, so started with shopping new clothes for them.

The shopkeeper started showing us all sorts of beautiful sarees, and we started discussing which would suit mom the best. 

"Hey this red one is nice" Rohan showed me a saree which had lacy work on it.

"It is... ok ok.. lets see something else" 

"Then.. this peach one?"

"Nah! The color wont suit mom!"

My eyes suddenly glued upon a maniquine wearing a  peacock-blue saree with mirror-work on it.

"Hey that's pretty. Uncle, show us that one!" I said pointing towards the maniquine.

"Hey that's a lovely one!" Rohan exclaimed. 

Taking the saree in my hand, I sort of half-wore it, keeping the pallu on the side, and checking myself in the mirror. Rohan did a thumbs-up for it. "Perfect."

"Great! Pack this one." I said. We paid and left.

Next we went shopping for Dad. Men's shopping anyways dosent take much time. We quickly decided upon a black Armani suit for him, with a blue shirt inside, which would match Mom's saree.

We also bought some accessories for Mom and a nice Timex silver watch for Dad.

"Now time for my shopping." I said excitedly!

"Noooo. I'm tired now. And anyways, I'm not gonna accompany you for your shopping." Rohan said, almost exhausted.

"How mean! Rohan pleaaseee, I wont take much time. Promise. Come naa, please" I tried nagging him.

"I know how much time u'll take. We spent two hours just to select stuff for your mom. And I know u're gonna take two more hours"

"Ok then, we'll come tomorrow"

"Not we, you will come! I'll tell Nikki to come with you." Rohan said.

"You're being mean." 

"I'm not."

"So you're saying you wont come with me for my shopping?" I asked, shocked at his arrogancy.

"I guess I already said that." Somehow, he was finding all this amusing.

"OK then. Dont come. I dont even need you." I said, stealing the shopping bags which he was holding and stomped away.

"Hey wait! What happened?" 

"Leave my alone Rohan. I dont wanna talk to you." 

"But for what.??"

I didnt answer. Just took the first ric I got, and moved away from there.


Finally uploaded. I know I took a hell lot of time. Dont hate me for that. 

Anyways, waiting for ur responses on the story. 

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