Just Friends

She brightens his days when he least wants to smile. He holds her in his arms and lets her cry when she's down. Everyone around them thinks they're a couple, but all they is "We're Just Friends"

But just to give it a thought; is this really possible without the angle of 'love-shav' in it?


6. Settling Down

Next 2 days went smoothly, bringing me closer to my group.

After dinner, I received an SMS from Rohan. "Come down".

This was our daily routine. To go for a walk, after dinner; Me, Rohan and Nikki didi (Rohan's sister). So this is the time when we do all the gossiping n all.

Me : "Hey where's Nikki didi? She dint come today?

Rohan : "No she had some assignment work to do"

Me : "Okk"

Rohan : "So how are you finding college haa"

Me : "Pretty much good."

Rohan : "Tell me something about your friends. How are they? I havent got time to talk to them properly yet."

Me : "My friends.. hmm.. okk.. Ashish is of reserved types; he's usually shy around girls, but now becoming he's comfortable with me and Pooja. Soham... Soham is quite cheerful and fun to be with.
Pooja is a sweet girl-next-door types simple girl. 
And Karan.. My God! that guy has sooo much to talk about. He can talk on and on.. nonstop. But he's a good friend too.

And what else... yaa! I've noticed that Karan gives special attention to Pooja and she too, acts wierdly when he's around."

Rohan : "Hmm. Do you think they have a thing for each other?"

I too wasnt sure. "Maybe. I dont know"

Suddenly I remembered something. "Hey even Diya has a liking for you naa. Whats up at that front haa?" I tried to tease him.

He gave me a bored look, "Ohh please Ishika. I dont even like her. I dont know what guys find attractive in her."

"Oh Come on now. Stop being mean. She's pretty yaar." I tried to take it forward, but his facial expressions told me, he's still not gonna buy this. 
"And thats the only positive thing about her. That she's pretty. That's it. Apart from that, theres nothing good about her. She's so mean and arrogant. I swear Ishika, I bear her only because she's Sachin's cousin, otherwise, I cant even stand her."

I dont know why, I still dont think Diya is that bad a person. But if he say's so, I'll have to accept it at the moment.

Wait.. Sachin! Did he mention Sachin's name. Oh yes he did. And my heart skipped a beat when I heard his name. I wanted to ask Rohan about him, but I dunno why, there's this strange hestitation today. 
Maybe its because I already know what he's gonna say. That 'Ishika, forget him. He's a flirt!"

I already know that. But still, whenever I see him, I just cant take my eyes off him. My heart beats faster whenever I think of him.  I just cant concentrate anywhere else when he's around.

And the worst thing is that, I'm not able to share my feelings with my best friend. Not fair. -_-


Next Day:

Pooja was still on her way to college, and I was sitting alone with the boys, so I got a chance to talk to Karan about it.

"Hey Karan, whats up between you and Pooja haa?"

He gave me a shocked expression "Between me n Pooja..,?? N n nothing nothing."

"Oye Romeo.. stop this acting in from of me haa. Its not gonna work here." His cheeks turned tomato red when he realised he's got no way out.

Soham : "Come on yaar, you can tell her. She's our friend now."

Ashish : "And maybe she can help you out"

Me : "So even you both know about it. Not fair *pout* Even I wanna know about your love-story"

Karan : "There's no love-story n all. errmm.. yaa I do like her, and.. and I even proposed to her.. but you know.. she dosent feel the same way about me. She says that for her, I'm just a friend" His face softened, and I could clearly see the sadness in his eyes.

"She says that you're just a friend for her. But it can be otherwise too" I wiggled my eyebrows, trying to cheer him up.

He lifted his face "What do mean by that?"

"You know what, I've noticed that when you are around, there's a sudden change in her behaviour. Although I can't say that I'm sure, but I strongly feel that even she has something for you in her heart." Karan's eyes gleemed with hope when I said this.

Ashish : "But how will we get to know what's there in her heart for sure?"

Soham : "Ishika, you try talking to her naa. Maybe she'll feel comfortable sharing her feelings with you."

Me : "Naa.. That won't help. I dont think she's of the types who opens up easily. But still if you insist, I'll try"

Karan : "Ohh Thanks yaar. Thank you soo much. I'm getting some hope now."

Me : "But honestly Karan I really doubt if she'll confess something in this way."

Ashish : "Then what else will we do?"

I shrugged. "Lets see. I think we'll have to think of a good plan to dig out the feelings in her heart."

Karan nudged my arm, eyes pointing towards the door. I snapped my head in that direction and saw Pooja entering the class. We all gave up with the current discussion, trying to look normal around Pooja.

"Hii guys.. Hey! you took my place Ishika!" Pooja exclaimed. That made me realise that I was sitting on her place with Karan and Ashish on the three-seater bench.

I was about to get up, when something clicked my mind, "Errmm Pooja.. why dont you sit on my place today... with Soham." I pointed at the bench right in front of ours, where Soham was sitting.

Before Karan could say anything, I held his hand from under the table, signalling him to be quite and see what happens. Poor Pooja. She quitely went and sat there, but I couldnt read the expression on her face. Was she disappointed or was she fine? I was yet to find out that.

Karan was looking at me with murderous eyes even while the lecture was going on. I took his notebook and scribbled something on it. It read "Dont worry dude. Will tell you the whole plan in the break."

A full fledged plan had taken shape in my mind. And I've already started executing the first part of it. Lets see, how much successful I'll be in this mission.


Today there was a free lecture just before the break.
Pooja had to return a book to the library so was going there. I decided to accompany her.

When she wasnt looking, Karan whispered in my ears, "Whats the plan?"

I too whispered back, "First let me ask directly. If she declines, then we'll work on plan B. OK?"

"OK" We both did a thumbs up and looked at Pooja. Gosh! She was staring right back at us. With a question mark on her face, hands folded over her chest. "Whats cooking guys?"


I hope the story's getting interesting. Special thanks to all the people who comment and liked my story.. Thanks a ton.. :D :D

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