Just Friends

She brightens his days when he least wants to smile. He holds her in his arms and lets her cry when she's down. Everyone around them thinks they're a couple, but all they is "We're Just Friends"

But just to give it a thought; is this really possible without the angle of 'love-shav' in it?


13. Moving Ahead

Diya's POV:

Sachin likes Ishika! Oo la la! That's great!

Rohan didnt reply to Sachin's question, instead he was staring plainly at him.

I answered that for him "Come on bro, we know there's nothing between them! And Oh My God! You and Ishika. That'll be like.. a superb pair."

Sachin blushed at my comment and both our eyes set on Rohan's. He looked up and said "Yeah that.. that'd be great! you both will make a good pair. Just.. just keep her happy bro.. that's it"

I dont know why he was hesitating so much to say this. Oh yeah! The over-protective best friend. I rolled my eyes at him, but I was super happy from inside. Ishika will be with Sachin so Rohan will finally have free time for others i.e. Me :)


Ishika's POV:

Karan came running and wrapped me in a big hug. "Thank you thank you thank you soo much Ishika!" He was literally jumping with joy.

"Woah! Romeo! Slow down! What happened?" I was amused by his act.

"We've done it Ishika! Our 'mission Pooja' is a success. All thanks to you." He sang to me grinning widely.

That made my heart fill with happiness. Last night I hadnt got a chance to talk to Karan, after their dance. "Really? Thats great news Romeo!"

Pooja was standing right behind him so when we broke the hug, she was looking at us, with a fake eyeing expression. "Whats cooking" She said mocking anger with a raised eyebrow.

"Oopsss!! Look who caught us!" I chuckled. "Dont worry Pooja he's all yours" I moved my hands dramatically from Karan to Pooja.

"It was a bit difficult to convince her. She gave me a tough time though! But finally spoke her heart!" I loved the gleaming glow on Karan's face when he said this. So adorably cute!

Pooja smiled at me, and came forward to hug me. "I'm so thankful to you dear. And sorry too."

"Sorry? For what?"

"I kind of hated you when I used to see you and Karan together. I didnt really know you were just.."

"Chuck it Pooja.. Actually its not your fault! Its ours. We made you think that way." I winked at Karan, making him chuckle. "All's well that ends well!"


I was waiting for Rohan near the playground after the lectures. He had gone for his cricket practise so I decided to wait for him, sitting on the nearby bench and watch him play.

"Hey Ishika" I looked up to see Sachin standing in front of me.

I suddenly felt a lump in my throat, like always "Hii"

He smiled and sat down besides me. There was some awkward silence between us for sometime, till he finally spoke up.

"You were looking really pretty last night. I know I've already told you this but..." His trailing sentence made my eyes glue on him, with my heart filling with joy.

He was looking so cute moving his hands through his hair mindlessly.

"Ermm soo what are you doing tomorrow?"

"Nothing much. College. What else!" I said turning my gaze towards the game. For some strange reason, I couldn't look him in the eye for long.

"Lets catch a movie then, maybe? I mean.. you and me.. that's of course if you dont mind" My eyes widened at what he just said.

Is he asking me out? Oh Freak! Hell yes! I'm dying to come with you.

"Ermm.. just the two of us?"

"Actually Ishika.. I donno how to say this but.." he took a deep breath before continuing "I.. I really like you. I think we could spend some time alone to know each other better. Like..only if you're comfortable with that. You can deny if you dont want to. Soo.. what say?" He was staring at me, not even batting an eyelid.

"Yaa cool" I felt my mind dancing with excitement and happiness. I had to try real hard to keep my face and tone normal while replying.  I couldn't sound desperate in front of him.

He gave me a gorgeous smile "Great then! I'll pick you up tomorrow at 9." He smiled waving off, making my heart beat like crazy!

I looked over to where Rohan was and ran towards him. The match was over now and he was discussing something with his teammates on the ground. I went straight to him, wrapping him in a tight hug "Rohan!!! Guess what just happened!"

"Sachin asked you out?" He said plainly. Not fair. I pouted "How do you know that?"

He smiled slightly "Seeing the happiness on your face. And I just saw both of you sitting on that bench there. So just guessed" He said pinching my nose. How does he manage to know everything about me!

I chuckled "You're too much Rohan! Anyways, yaa!! He just asked me out. You know what! I'm so so so happy".

I smiled dreamily, excited about whats gonna happen tomorrow.

Rohan's POV:

I felt my mind getting blocked with too much information. Ok. Deep breathe. Ishika likes him. He likes Ishika. Hey so whats the problem? Didnt I want exactly this for Ishika?

"Yaa I'm happy for you too" My mouth said this but deep down I knew that I hated what was happening. And I hated myself more for having such selfish feelings. I should be happy for her, but I'm not! I'm NOT!


Too many POV's! I know! But they're essential for the plot! Cant help it *shrug*

Anyways.. Comments, advices, or maybe what you want to see in the story.. you can tell me anything.. but do let me know how you feel its going!

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