Just Friends

She brightens his days when he least wants to smile. He holds her in his arms and lets her cry when she's down. Everyone around them thinks they're a couple, but all they is "We're Just Friends"

But just to give it a thought; is this really possible without the angle of 'love-shav' in it?


16. Gifts

Ishika's POV:

"How's this one?" I asked again, holding a new watch to show him, and he just - yawned.

"God Ishika this is the 54th watch in a row, and yes I'm counting. Its nice. Happy? Now buy it." Rohan said and again - yawned! Without even looking at the watch.

I shook my head, still not convinced and started my hunt for the 55th watch, as Rohan said it, that I was going to consider.

We've been here only for the past 45 minutes, and Rohan is already bored. Now who's gonna explain to him that selecting a gift, specially for your boyfriend, is tough. And time-comsuming. And besides, men's things don't have much choices. It all looks the same. Its only black, white or silver! Almost like a black&white movie.

Last week Sachin gifted me a cute Mickey-mouse soft toy, that I totally adored! I found it sweet that he got something different than those regular teddy bears. Not that I don't like teddy bears but come on, they're becoming so common!

I spent days thinking, not at all able to decide what I could buy for Sachin. My sweetheart saviour of a best friend then came up with the idea of a watch. Perfect.

Maybe its only me, but I somehow find guys sexier when they have that look of sleeves casually folded up to the elbows and flashing a sexy watch, giving them a perfect rough, manly look. I immediately find it so - hot and irresistable! So the idea of a watch for Sachin was quite - tempting.

Rohan did not want to come shopping with me, but I dragged the poor guy along, convincing and also trying to bribe him in all ways possible.

"Get aside." Rohan ordered getting up all of a sudden, making me flicker at the sudden sound.

"What? Why?"

"You just sit down now. I'll do the selection thing." He stated,cleraly pissed off.

"What? No.. I want to do the selection." I pouted.

He scowled "I saw how you're doing the selection. Now just sit down here quitely." He said, pointing towards a chair.

"But how do you expect me to select from these? I mean come on, they're all looking the same." I reasoned, while he walked to a different side of the counter, already trying some watches on his own hand.

After a maximum of 4 trys on his own, he turned to me to show me one "This one looks perfect. Buy this." And it was really what he said - perfect. It was a designer watch which had a big white dial and dark blue denim straps, which were perfectly broad. I simply loved it.

"Oo la la. This one's so perfect." I admired its beauty but still, the woman in me wanted to check out for something. "Uncle are there any more colors in this design?"

With this, Rohan banged his hand on his head, slumping back on his chair.


"These passages are boring the life out of me!" I whisper-complained to Pooja, who was fidgeting her pen, equally bored on the current passage-solving session going on in English.

In my heart, I was just jumping for the moment when I would give Sachin his gift. By the way, I finally settled for the watch that Rohan had selected. Or rather he made me settle for that.

After what seemed like an hour, the lecture finally ended. I quickly put my things in my bag and rushed towards the canteen.

I spotted Rohan sitting there with Diya. Rushing to them, I asked "Where's Sachin?" I noticed Rohan putting his hand down silently and that's when I realized, he had been waving at me all this time, and I just didn't notice that.

I was about to say something, but just then I felt a hand slip around my waist "Hey honey, missing me?" Sachin smiled above me, planting a small kiss on my forehead.

"Nah! Not at all." I played along.

He gave a Dont-lie-I-know-it look. Oh! So he heard when I was asking about him. My cheeks flushed red."Okay, maybe a little." I confessed, biting my tongue slightly.

"Thats like my good girl." Sachin stated, while trying to pull a chair for himself. I grabbed his hand and took him outside the canteen, till I found a place where we could talk without anyone hearing us. I took out the gift that I got for him, holding it proudly on my hand.

A big grin immediately spread on his face "Woah gift. Great! What's it?" He asked, feeling the gift from outside.

"Open it." I said. I wanted to see his first reaction when he saw it. After all, this is my first gift that I had got for my love.

I wasn't dissappointed as a big smile formed on face on seeing the gift.

"Oh wow! This is gorgeous." Seeing him smile, I smiled too.

"Really? You liked it?"

"Liked it? I loved it!" I could see he honestly liked it. He removed his own watch and replaced it with the new one, proudly showing it off to me. I chuckled at his behaviour.

He leaned in to kiss my cheeks and we started walking back towards the canteen "Thanks sweetheart. You have a great choice." He said, still admiring his watch.

"You're most welcome darling. He already said you'll like this one." He stopped walking suddenly.

"Who he?" He furrowed his eyebrows at me.

"Rohan. Who else silly. I was so damn confused as to which one to select. So Roh.."

"You could've lied to me that its your choice." He cut me, looking a bit annoyed. Though I couldn't see a reason why he should be doing that here. He immediately composed himself back, giving me an assuring smile "Its OK. Never mind. Lets go."

I seated myself on the table, and Sachin went to get something to eat. Rohan too, wasn't there at the table. So me and Diya, were doing our casual talk for sometime. She still seemed to me like a pretty nice girl, almost perfect for Rohan. But God knows when that dumbo's gonna grow up! *Sigh*

After some time, both the boys returned with their plates and settled down on either sides of me.

"Sorry for disturbing your great girl talk, girls." Sachin said, digging into his Pizza. God! This guy never gets over this Pizza thing.

I saw Rohan had ordered my favorite hakka noodles, among the many things, so I just took a fork and started eating from there. Rohan adjusted his plate such that we both could eat comfortably from there. I knew he wouldn't mind sharing his food with me.

"Babe, take another plate naa. You'll be more comfortable." Sachin stated.

"No need. I'm cool this way." I said stuffing more noodles on my fork.

Sachin put his plate forward towards Rohan "Rohan, please put some noodles on my plate here."

I laughed, surprised that he's asking for noodles! "From when you start liking noodles honey?" I teased.

He just rolled his eyes. "Its not for me. Its for you."

"Me? But I'm already eating."

"Eat from my plate." He said, placing the now stuffed plate back on the table, in front of me. Now what was that? A joke or something? His expression didnt seem like he was joking though.

"What difference does it make if I eat from this plate or this one?" I asked, moving my fork on both the plates.

He sighed heavily. "Ishika, I want you to eat only from my plate. Is this so difficult to understand?"

This can't be real. He knows Rohan is my best friend. And I've always shared my food him. "Come on now Sachin, you know I've always shared my food with him. Even in front of you when we both were just friends." I said motioning between us.

"But now we're not just friends. You're my girlfriend now. " His tone was soft but stern.

"Yaa agreed. But what difference does it make if I eat with my friend? My loyalty or love for you isn't going to reduce this way!"

He wasnt amused by what I said and turned his face the other way. This was actually - annoying me. I did not expect such behaviour from him.

Rohan put his hand over mine "Its fine Ishika. Eat from his plate."

I could've done that, but looking at his behaviour, my whole happy mood went into the gutter. And now, I had no appetite to eat anything.


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