Just Friends

She brightens his days when he least wants to smile. He holds her in his arms and lets her cry when she's down. Everyone around them thinks they're a couple, but all they is "We're Just Friends"

But just to give it a thought; is this really possible without the angle of 'love-shav' in it?


14. Date

Ishika's POV:

The excitement of going out with Sachin didnt let me sleep all night. I kept tossing in my bed, dreaming about tomorrow. Butterflies were tingling my tummy.

"I cant sleep. Damn nervous about tomorrow"
I quickly sent a Whatsapp message to Rohan, but regretted it seeing his Last seen at. It was almost 2 hours ago, which meant he must be sleeping by now. I sighed and kept my phone back on my table, tossing back on the bed.

Hardly a minute later, I heard my phone beep, filling the enthusiam back in me as I grabbed it. It was Rohan.

"Dont worry Ishu. All will go well. Enjoy your first date :)"

I smile of relief formed on my lips, as I quickly dialed his number. Text messaging wasnt going to help. I needed to hear him comfort me in his voice, and only that could help me stop getting paranoid right now.

"You're awake till now? What were doing up so late?" I bambarded him with my silly questions after I heard him picking his phone. Not even giving him a chance to say hello.

 "Maybe, the same that you're doing?" He said playfully, making me roll my eyes.

"You cant be doing what I'm doing because right now, I'm getting really.. uh.. I dont know how to put it.. its like.. I'm excited, but I'm nervous, one moment I'm breaming with enthusiasm and the other, I'm searching for a place to hide my face into. There's.. there's some tingling in my stomach right now.." I trailed off, blushing to myself.

He chuckled "Relax Ishu.. Stop getting paranoid. Its not like you're going with some random guy, right? Chill. All will be fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I am."

"Rohan, I'm not doing anything wrong na? I mean, is Sachin the right guy for me?" I asked in a serious tone.
Yaa I like him and all, but I needed to know what Rohan thought about this, because his opinion mattered the most to me. I knew that come what may, he wouldnt let anything happen in my life which could land me in trouble.

He remained silent for sometime and then I heard him breathe heavily before replying in a caring tone "What do you think Ishu? If he wasnt right, would I have even let him talk to you? Let alone going out with you."

I relaxed a bit, taking in his words. His choice of words always made me feel so protected.

He continued "I know he's a nice guy Ishu. And he really likes you. So don't over-think and go to sleep now. okay? "

I smiled and nodded, although it wasnt going to be seen on the phone "Okay. But I need to tell you something for the umpteenth number of time!"

"What?" He asked, confused.

I smiled again and yelled on top of my voice "That you're the bestest best friend anyone can ever have. You're such a sweetheart Rohan! "

He chuckled, "Lucky you Ishu baby!" confidence dripping in his voice.

"Okay okay chill. Dont let this get into your head now." I teased. "You know what? I'm never so comfortable talking to him like I'm while talking to you. He somehow makes me so conscious about myself."

"Obviously you'll be more comfortable with me. We've known each other all our lives."

"Hmm. thats true." I smiled contently "Good night."


Next morning, I showered quickly, and got dressed into a frilled yellow top and blue denims, which I had selected last night itself.

After blow-drying my hair swiftly, I fluffed them to one side, and put my matching yellow tic-tacs on the other side. I then completed my look by applying kajal, strawberry gloss and my put on favorite deo.

Yo! I was ready to go.

I felt my heart racing under my chest as I eagerly waited for Sachin's call. We had decided that I would leave home after he called, and meet him at my apartment gate.

My phone finally rang, making my heart skip a beat, as I saw Sachin's name flashing on it. I picked it up rather quickly, but my voice got stuck up somewhere in my throat.

"Ishika, are you there?" He asked in his deep husky voice.

"Y..yeah. Wherehaveyoureached?" The words left my mouth so quickly, I wondered if he understood what I said.

He chuckled at my nervousness "I'm coming near your gate in ten minutes. You're ready?"

"Yaa ok cool." I said, trying to sound more confident this time.

Hanging up the phone, I squealled in excitement for the one last time as I saw myself in the mirror, before finally stepping out my home to meet the guy of my dreams.

I saw Sachin standing elegantly next to a white Audi parked opposite my gate. He was looking breathtakingly handsome in his white shirt and navy blue jeans, with his shades giving him a complete manly look.

My lips parted in awe as I took in the unrealistically beautiful sight in front of me. I really couldn't say who was more attractive; the car or Sachin! I didnt even need to decide. I was going to get a double dose of beauty today!

His lips curled into a gorgeous smile on seeing me, walking towards my side of the road. When I tried to return the smile, only then I realised that I had been grinning like an idiot all this while. Isshh. What would he be thinking of me. Silly me!

"You look so beautiful!" He exclaimed as he gently put his hand on mine. I shivered at the contact, chills running down my spine, and my cheeks already burning with the blush.

I muttered a thanks under my breath, not even sure he heard it or not. He walked me carefully to the other side of the road, then opening and holding the car door for me, like a true gentleman. I blushed heavily at his gesture, making him smile.

He got back to the driver's seat, but instead of bringing the beauty to life, he turned towards me, locking our gaze. He was looking ever-so-confident, giving me a gorgeous smirk, which always made my heart twich.

I bit my lower lip in anxiety. He chuckled, moving his hand on the back of my head and carasseing it gently. "Don't be so nervous Ishika. I wont do anything you wouldnt like. You can trust me on that."

"Err..sorry. Its not that. This is my first date so..."

"I know that." He smiled comfortingly "But we're friends first. Remember?"

I relaxed a bit at his words, and nodded.

He put his behind over the back seat, bringing a huge box of chocolates, wrapped beautifully in red and white ribbons, and placed it in front of me. "This is for you, beautiful."

I smiled, no, I jumped with happiness inside, still keeping the eye contact with him "Thanks." What could be better than chocolates to start off a new relation!

We drove off to the mall, talking about here and there throughout the route.

He held my hand securely while we walked towards the theatre, making me feel so protected, so special. Spotting our seats, which were the two right side corner seats in the top row, we quickly got seated there.

I wasnt fully aware of the scenes going on on the screen, as half my attention was diverted towards the guy seated besides me. This was the first time I was watching him this closely. There was this beautiful smile plastered on his face, as he was totally sunken in the movie.

He suddenly turned towards me, making my eyes widen in embaressment as he caught me staring red-handedly. He chuckled, bringing his face so near to my ears, I could practically feel his breath over my skin "What happened? Not liking the movie?"

I bit my lower lip in anxiety "Maybe, I was enjoying the view more than the movie." I said teasingly.

He surely wasnt expecting this, his expression changed from shocked to impressive quickly. Well, I myself was shocked at what I said, but maybe, now I was becoming somewhat comfortable with him.

Taking the chance, I felt his arm wrap around my shoulder. I smiled, resting my head on his shoulder, almost immediately. His grip tightened over my shoulder as he leaned in to plant a soft kiss on my forehead.

I blushed, rolling over and put my arm across him.

"My heart goes crazy everytime you smile like that, beautiful." He said placing my hand over his heart.

The rythemic thump thump of his heart made my heart go wild. I grinned even more, snuggling into his arms.


We were currently sitting in a restaurant in the mall itself. I had ordered my favourite Hakka noddles and him, his favourite Pizza.

"So Ishika, I was just wondering, what made you agree to go on a date with me?" He asked, breaking the silence between us.

I looked up at him, unsure at what he just asked. I mean, if he really asked what I heard, how was I supposed to answer that? Dumbo! Why does a girl agree to go on a date? Because she likes you idiot!

Ohh yaa! That made me realise, I still havent told him that I like him. Not so easy Mister!

I leaned on the table, as a naughty smirk formed on my face "Maybe, because I wanted to check out for myself, what girls like in you!"

He rolled his eyes "I'm serious"

Hmm.. so he wants to push this further. I made a serious face, leaning on my table "You see, you asked me to come out with you, and considering we're friends, it would be rude to say no. So, you can see this is a pity date!"

I grinned, but he didnt seem even a bit amused by this. He moved his hands over his hair, looking here and there for sometime, before locking his eyes with mine "Is there anything between you and Rohan?"

I almost choked, holding the laughter, but failed miserably "What?! Me! and Rohan! You must be kidding Sachin."

His face still remained as straight and serious as before "I'm not kidding." He took my hand gently into his, and held it tight, also keeping the eye'contact between us.

"Ishika, I.. I've honestly liked you since the day I had first seen you, walking in with Rohan. And my liking towards you has only grown as I've known you as a person. But I didnt say anything till now because I thought there's something budding between you and Rohan. Something, which maybe even the two of you arent aware of. And if that is the case, I genuinely dont want to ruin it." I stared at him in disbelief. I mean, how could he've even thought there's something between me and Rohan!

"Sachin, there's nothing at all between me and Rohan. Yaa, he's my best friend, my buddy, my.. my extended family you can say, but that's it about it. There's nothing more to this relation, even from Rohan's side I guess." I put my other free hand over his, keeping my tone as serious as his. "I assure you, there's nothing at all going on between us. We're just friends!"

He  let out a genuine smile, as if a big load was off his heart now. "I cant tell you enough how happy that makes me. You know, all these days, I tried so hard to keep myself away from you. I kept dating some other girls, just to keep my self distracted from you. But I.. I just couldnt do it for long."

I laughed contently at his cuteness, innocence and honesty. Glad that I found a guy, who's so understanding, who respects and values relationships so much. I was so filled with emotions that time, that I felt my cheeks and eyes burning, as a small tear of happiness formed in my eyes "I'm so glad to have a guy like you in my life."


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