Just Friends

She brightens his days when he least wants to smile. He holds her in his arms and lets her cry when she's down. Everyone around them thinks they're a couple, but all they is "We're Just Friends"

But just to give it a thought; is this really possible without the angle of 'love-shav' in it?


12. Change of events

Rohan's POV:

"Wait Rohan. I wanna talk to you." Ishika grabbed my hand when we reached our society, after the party.

I wasnt exactly in a mood today, seeing the way Ishika and Sachin behaved at the party; eyes talking, stealing glances, blushy smiles and a lot more. It somehow hurts me, a lot!

"I'm tired right now Ishika. Will talk to you tomorrow." 
But she was adamant. She sent my and her family home, saying we'll be home in sometime. I wonder whats so important that she cant even wait till tomorrow!

We walked towards the small garden area in our society and sat on one of the benches there.

"Hmm.. shoot now. What did you want to say?" I asked looking at her. 
She looked even more prettier in the moonlight, with her face having a glow of its own.

"You tell me first. What has gone into you today? Why were you so upset the entire evening?" I could say there was so much concern on her face when she said this. It made me feel a lot better instantly, seeing how much she cared for me.

I didnt want to let her know anything as of now, first I need to know whats there in her heart.

"Me? Nothing at all. I'm absolutely cool." I lied hoping she would believe. But this was Ishika. She knew me way too well to buy that "Why do you even try to lie to me? You know you suck at that"

"Why would I lie? That too, to you?"

She stared at me plainly, making my heart go crazy, as if someone had caught me red-handed "I really dont understand why you have to lie to me like that. Anyone can say looking at your face that something's bothering you. And I'm at least more than anyone random right? I'm your best friend yaar! I can read you inside out."

"Am I the only one to keep secrets?" 
I asked her out of the blue. This the only safest way out right now - change the topic.

She obviously wasnt expecting this "What? What do you mean?"

"I saw what was happening between you and Sachin at the party. Care to explain?" I crossed my fingers hoping she would just say No.. there's nothing going on between us. But to my dismay or maybe what I was already knowing, she blushed. A big dreamy blush! For the first time in my life, seeing her smile made my heart break into pieces.

"You saw that!" She asked grinning ear to ear. "I was wanting to tell you since long. But.. I.. I dont know.. Yaa I sort of like him I guess" She rested her head on my shoulder, still smiling dreamily. I felt as if someone had ripped off my heart from my body. She was still saying something, which I'm sure was about Sachin and her, but I was too used up in battling the flooding emotions in me, to hear what she was saying exactly.

I took in deep breaths to calm my heart, I just cant let her know anything!

Besides, I know Sachin is a nice guy. He's carefree but also a very good friend, a keeper. I'm sure she'll be happy with him, ie if he too likes her that way. But then again, which guy wouldnt like her? 
I rested my head on hers, letting her talk her heart out.

Ishika's POV:

"You know what Rohan? The only thing that scares me is that, what if he breaks my heart? I mean, we all know how he is! And there are always so many girls around him. What if he doesnt like me? Or maybe finds someone better?"

He put a comforting hand on my cheeks, "You dont have to worry about that. There's no one better than you Ishika."

I smiled "That's the way you see me yaar. But for him.. I dont know how he thinks"

"Dont think so much. Let things flow the way it does. And be sure that no one will ever dare to break your heart when I'm there with you. They obviously dont want their bones broken right?" He chuckled making me laugh.

"Ohh Rohan. You're the sweetest friend anyone can have." I snuggled in his arms, convinced that there's at least one guy in the world who'll always be by side. And never break my heart. You're such a sweetheart Rohan! Luvv u for that!

Rohan's POV:

Next day-
It was a free lecture for us so me, Sachin and Diya were chilling in the cafeteria. I looked mindlessly at Sachin, wondering what does he have in special that I dont! Why Ishika likes him, and not me?

"So Rohan, whats up with you and Ishika ha?" Sachin asked all of a sudden.

"Me and Ishika? What do you mean?"

"I mean you like her, dont you? Then why dont you tell her?" I was shocked at his sudden interrogation. How does he know that?

My reflex answered before I even processed what he said "No there's nothing like that between us."

He raised his eyebrows "Are you sure?"

"Why are you asking this all of a sudden?"

"I thought there's something between the two of you. And if that's the scene, I dont want to ruin it. Otherwise..... I kind of like her."


OMG!! Ishika and Sachin!! Poor Rohan:(

Ok now I know wanna punch someone right now, but who?
1) Ishika for not understanding Rohan's feelings
2) Rohan for not being man enough and telling his feelings
3) Sachin for coming in between them?

Come on come on.. Tell me ;) ;)

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