Just Friends

She brightens his days when he least wants to smile. He holds her in his arms and lets her cry when she's down. Everyone around them thinks they're a couple, but all they is "We're Just Friends"

But just to give it a thought; is this really possible without the angle of 'love-shav' in it?


9. Celebration

"MooooooM... Happiest Wedding Anniversary Mom!" I found my Mom in the bedroom, in front of the dressing table and ran towards her. 

She wrapped me in a hug, kissing my forehead. "Awww.. Thank you my baby." 

"Where's Dad?" I asked.

She raised her eyes pointing right above my head, behind me. I looked back to find my Dad smiling at me. I hugged him tight. "Happy Anniversary Papa"

"Thank you soo much, my barbie doll." He said, kissing my forehead.

"In fact, Thank You both that you decided to marry each other. You'll are the bestest parents in the world!" I chirped merrily to them.

Dad held my chin lovingly, "And you, my love, are the sweetest daughter in the world."

"Nooo Noo.. You both are the sweetest."

"No baby.. you are the sweetest"

"You both!"


"You both!"


"You both!"


I noticed my Mom wiggling her head between Dad and me, smiling amusingly.

I burst out into laughter seeing her expression.

"You Lose" Dad did a thumbs down to me.

I faked a frown, "Not fair! I was distracted!"

Dad : "Oh! Thats sad!"

I frowned again.

After a moment of silence, all three of us burst out in laughter.

I paused after sometime and said, "Hey wait wait wait! Just wait here both of you. I'll just be back." I ran straight towards my bedroom. They were asking some questions behind me which I didnt hear properly.

"Suprise! Surprise!" I sang to them while entering back to their room, my hands filled with the gifts I had bought for them.

Dad : "heyy whats this dear"

Mom : "When did you buy them?"

Me : "Offoo... you can start firing your questions afterwards but right now, see the gifts."

I waited with bated breath while they were opening the gifts.

"Woow! An Armani suit!" Dad exclaimed.

"You liked it?" I asked excitedly.

"I liked it? I Loved it." He said proudly, already trying it on.

I then looked at Mom who was holding the saree in her hand, with a dissappointed face.

"What happened Mom? Didnt like it?"

She looked at me, "Errmmm... Not bad exactly, its nice,  but...this pallu..."

My heart sank a little when I heard that. Not because she didnt approve of my choice, but I really wanted to gift her something that she likes.

"But Mom, I thought you would like this. I already stitched the blouse for this. Never mind. Its fine. No problem. I'll go and buy something else for you" I said getting up.

She grabbed my hand from behind, laughing hysterically. 

Controlling her laughter she said "Aww my baby, how can you even think you can go wrong in choosing stuff for me. I really loved it. Its awesome."  She too, started trying it on herself.

Its so amazing to see your parents smile. That feeling of happiness, pride and security in the family, is unexplainable. I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful family.

"Ok now listen. You both are going to wear this for the party tonight. Ok?" I announced.

"Party?" They asked in unison, looking surprised.

"Yaaa party. And no more details now. Just be ready by 7. okk.. byee." I shooted out of the room quickly.


"Where the hell are you?" I yelled on the phone.

Rohan replied calmly "Right behind you."

I turned around to see the dumbo standing right behind me "Idiot. Then why did you pick up the call!"

I smacked him lightly on the arms. He was rubbing the area I just attacked and opened his mouth to say something, but I cut him "Anyways, we have to go to the market again. Right NOW!"

"Market? Again?"

"Yaa.. I actually wanted to..." Wait. If I told I forgot to buy matching earrings for my dress, he'll definitely do some nakhras to avoid coming with me. "I want to buy some flowers." Oops!! That was a bit too random. He's not gonna buy this. Silly me!

He looked awkwardly at me "Are you in your senses? Flowers?"

I rolled my eyes "You're coming or not?"

"Do I have an option?"  He said sarcastically.

"Well, not really!" I stuck my tongue out teasing the poor chap.

He rolled his eyes dramatically. 
"By the way, this is for you." He handed me a small gift wrapped box, taking me by surprise.

"Oh hello! Its not my birthday today. Then why this gift.. But thanks anyways. Gifts are always welcome." I grabbed the gift swiftly. After all, who dosent like gifts ;)

He just waited there with his arms crossed over his chest, amused at my excited reaction.

When I saw the gift, my eye sockets bulged out in shock! Of happiness!

"Freak Rohan! How did you know I wanted these..."

He cut me "I always know what you want Ishu..!" and winked.

I was super-excited looking at the gorgeous pair of ear-rings he had got for me "I cant believe you Dumbo! Oopss.. You're not that dumb after all!"

He leaned on the wall alongside, watching me wear those ear-rings. "By the way, your welcome."

"Oh Thanks. But how did you know I wanted to buy earrings.  Forget that, how did you even know which one's would exactly match my dress? Wait. Did you steal my dress?" I looked at him accusingly.

He frowned "You're calling me a thief :(" and made a silly sad face.

He got a well-deserved smack on his head from me for that little over-acting he did.

Moving his hands through his hair, he said "Remember the day when you bought this dress? Oh yaa, the time when you accused me for looking at other girls. I stole the moment to go to the jewellery counter there and bought these there itself. Well its your fault you didnt notice me *winks* ohh yaa how did I know what you bought? Well you were looking so happy when you tried this dress and you also told Nikki I'm buying this one diii. Now got it?" He wiggled his eyebrows and I just stood there dumbfolded with my jaw almost dropping to the floor. How can someone be sooo adorably sweet and caring all the time.

"You're unbelievable Rockstar." I turned towards the mirror.

That made him chuckle "Woow! That was a quick promotion. From a Dumbo to a Rockstar."

"Hahah" I put one arm on his shoulder "Such things are subjective my dear"  ;)


"Are you ready Ishika?" Mom called out from outside my bedroom door.

"Coming Mom. Almost done." I combed my hair for the final time and moved my fingers over them for the natural fluff. I gave a small pat on my back "Good job Ishika! You're looking great." I blew a kiss to my reflection in the mirror and moved swiftly towards the door.

"Wooahh. Rohan when did you come?" I saw him at the door at the knocking position when I suddenly opened the door. I took a closer look at him, moving his chin up to close his dropped jaw. As if coming back to his senses, he whistled slightly, putting a hand on his heart "Someone just took my breath away."

"Isshhh.. That was sooo filmy" I messed his perfect hair and moved ahead. Turning back to him I added "But it was also kinda cute"

Yupp!! This is it! I know its a little short update, but hey, I'll be uploading the next part very soon. Almost ready with that too. :D :D

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