Just Friends

She brightens his days when he least wants to smile. He holds her in his arms and lets her cry when she's down. Everyone around them thinks they're a couple, but all they is "We're Just Friends"

But just to give it a thought; is this really possible without the angle of 'love-shav' in it?


15. 2 states - one happy, one sad

Rohan's POV:

"Rohaaaaannnn!!" Ishika squealled entering my room, but pouted immediately as she saw me "What?? I can't believe you slept already!"

"Yeahh! Almost." I straightened up on my bed, leaning against the wall, while she helped herself, grabbing a pillow and sitting besides me.

"Why so early? You're OK?" She asked worriedly, putting a hand on my forehead.

"Nothing much. Was just a bit tired today." I said yawning, not looking towards her. I had actually drowned myself playing vigorously today, to keep the thoughts of their date away from my head.

"Why do have to play so much of cricket if its that tiring!"

"Football today!" I corrected her.

She rolled her eyes grabbing the TV remote from the table. "Yeah yeah Whatever! I seriously don't understand your madness for games sometimes."

I chuckled slightly, correcting her again"Sports!"

Nothing new in that anyways! You dont understand my madness for many things Ishu.

She shook her head "And there I was, waiting for you and Di for our rounds. But anyways, good that you're home. We anyways wouldnt be able to be down for long."

I snapped my head towards her while she was still changing the channels "Why?"

"What why? Its SATURDAY today dude! Comedy nights with Kapil! How can we miss it!" She said excited. "You owe me this one! I bet you totally forgot about it! Now, since I'm here, I'll watch it here only."

This is one more thing that I totally adored about Ishika. Actually, any guy would! That she never liked to watch the sappy daily soaps or annoyingly romantic chick flicks and all. She preferred reality shows, action and comedy instead, much like the guys. That's one more reason she was so easy to be with. I mean, which guy wouldnt like such a girl!

"Ohh yaa. I actually did forget!" She gave me a truimpant look, as if, if I hadnt watched it, I would've just lost my life!

We started watching the show, breaking into fits of laughter every now and then.

"So.. ask" She said, looking towards me with a huge smile during the break.

I looked at her, confused "Ask? What?"

She rolled her eyes "About my date silly! I know you wanna ask sooooo many things to me. So, here I am. Shoot!"

There she goes again. Picking up the topic I was deliberately trying to avoid.

But still, keeping my good-friend reputation intact, I asked her some silly 'what happened' questions, and she went on and on about how hot Sachin looked today, movie time and maybe many more things which I didnt even listen to. She was so lost in her sweet bubble that she didnt even notice that I wasn't listening.  WAIT!

"What? What did you just say?" I asked her to repeat as my ears happened to collect something like you and Rohan thing.

"Yaa! Can you believe that! Even I was shocked when he asked Is there anything between you and Rohan? I mean, like, I almost ROFLed hearing that." She laughed as if it was the most funniest joke of the century. Like, I've never seen her laugh that hard even at Kapil's jokes.

After she sobered a bit, I asked, probably already guessing the answer, but I still wanted to hear from her "So.... what did you answer?"

"What could I say Rohan? I mean, I was struggling so hard not to laugh out loud at that time. What could be there between you and me yaar. Seriously, it was so dumb!"

Someone's even more dumber than that, but yeah whatever.

I glued my attention back to the TV, when a new voice echoed through the room "Who's the new victim of you both's dumb-game? " Nikki asked playfully to Ishika, entering the room with two bowls of chocolate-chips ice-cream.

"M..my boyfriend" She said blushing so much that made her cheeks go scarlet red, while Nikki just stood there. Shocked. "WHAT?" Her face looked like the words accidently left her mouth. She obviously didnt want to sound rude, but then, her love for her brother made her shock-yell the word.

Nikki was the only person in the world who exactly knew how I felt. Actually, you can say that she made me realise my feelings for Ishika. Since we were I guess in 9th standard, she always kept pushing me towards Ishika and I would be like Oh stop it Nikki.. this is embaressing! And she would just roll her eyes Yaa yaa. you can say that now, but one day you both are gonna realise your feelings for each other. Then you'll realise how dumb you both were!

Nikki looked towards me with eyes full for shock and concern. I batted my eyes as if mentally telling her to relax.

As if getting the clue, she relaxed her face and put on a fake little smile towards Ishika, while Ishika grabbed her bowl of ice-cream from Nikki's hands.

"You're ki..kidding me right?" She happened to ask, making Ishu blush even more. What's the damn relation between girls and blushing! Like, you ask anything to them and they blush! Seriously!

"Not at all Di. I'm serious. And guess what.. today was my FIRST DATE with him. You know, he's sooo cute and so....."

Oh God NO! Please spare me. I'm not going to listen to 'Oh Sachin-this, Oh Sachin - that' stuff all over again! Oh yes, I just had to say one thing, and my work's done "Ishika. The break's over."

As I had predicted, she immediately dropped whatever she was saying and glued her eyes back to the TV "Ohh woow.. umm sorry Di, show started. I'll tell you the whole story later."

Believe me Ishika, she wont even leave you till she knows the entire thing.


It's been more than a week, and I'm still struggling to accept that Ishika and Sachin are now in a happy relationship. She still travels to college with me though, but there, most of the time she's with him.

"Nooo Sachin I'm already full." Ishika was resisting the one more slice of pizza that Sachin was playfully forcing her to eat. You know how it is! I rolled my eyes away. The extra lovey-dovey couples! Huh!

This was actually tougher than I thought it to be. I already knew it would hurt me but the worst thing is that, we all belong to the same group so technically, we're all together most of the time. 

And it really hurt that earlier, Ishika was always by my side, sharing food and laughing with ME, now, that was replaced by Sachin. Though Sachin's a friend, but still, it hurts, and I just cant help it! However selfish I may sound, but I want all this for ME, not anyone else.

They were still going on with their 'one last bite' , 'No please I'm full', 'Please baby' , 'No baby' thing.

"Chuck it Sachin. She dosent like pizza too much." I interwined. I had to. I didnt understand why she had to eat that thing forcefully if she didnt like it. Don't tell me just to impress her boyfriend.

She shot me a look, shaking her head fiercely in a NO.

Sachin caught her doing that anyways "What? You should've told me you didn't like it. Ok never mind. Want me to order something else?"

"N..no its fine. My stomach's already full right now." She smiled at Sachin sweetly, then looked towards me with a scowl.

Oh come on! She cant be mad at me when all I wanted her to do was be herself.


I was in the parking lot, sitting on my bike, waiting for Ishika to come.

10 mins.... No sign of her

15 mins....  Still no sign of her

20 mins.... Now I was getting furious.

Where in the world was she? OK. I can give her 10 more minutes. Maybe she's busy taking some notes or chatting with Pooja and Karan or something like that. Where I've waited for so long, 10 more minutes wouldnt hurt.

Even those 10 mins passed. ENOUGH!

How careless can she get. I called her phone. She disconnected without picking. What the hell! She never disconnects my call. Oh yaa. Maybe by mistake. I called her again. Freak! Again disconnect! What the hell is she up to? I was getting furious by the second.

Oh. She must be with Sachin. That explains why she's late. Silly couples.I punched in Sachin's number and before I could press the call button, a whatsapp message flashed on the screen.

"I'm in a movie Rohan. Ttyl." - Ishika


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