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Hi peps !!;) I hope u like the fanfic I did . And if u don't like it , pls keep the rude comments to urself . So basically the story is about a group of girls that can kick SERIOUS ASS .they consist of Clary , Isabelle , Maia , Tessa and Mareen . They battle a lot of other groups . Their group are The Fallen Angels . The rest of the story , read and find out !!! ;)


4. The Saints

Jace's Pov

The red- headed girl was cute . She was about 5 foot 4 , just the right height to be cute . She looked like one of those adorable dolls his cousin used to play with . She had startling bright green eyes . She was like a star , shining through his eyes . But from the way she held herself and the way her eyes were skirting everyone in the room , he figured that she shadowhunter too . The same went for the the dark haired one .

The dark haired one , Izzy , lead us around the school . The girls all swiveled their heads in my direction . They were whispering excitedly . They were talking about how cute I was . I smirked . The girls couldn't resist me . But on the other hand , the only girls that I didn't have that effect on were the ones in the principal's office . They all smirked at them like they had seen way hotter guys . HEY !!! It's not like it is it's humanly possible for anyone to be hotter than me !!

Izzy's Pov

After the tour I had to make sure the boys were SETTLED IN NICELY . Ya right !!! All the girls were surrounding them like the were popstars . AS IF !!!! They were just a bunch of snotty boys from Idris Boys School .

We missed the first four classes so now was Art . Oh!!! Art was Clary's favorite class . She was the best artist in our school . Apparently , the boys seemed pumped about the class . Great . Just great . Anyway , as I led them to the class , the girls silently joined us . Yay !!!! Thank the angel at least there is Art today !!!! Just what I need an hour of Art !!!" Clary exclaimed happily . Oh man !!! I'm PLAIN BAD AT ART ......" Maia groaned . Never mind !!! I'll help you IF you need help . Clary put in . Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou !!!!!" Maia cheered . Uh , could you girls soften your voices a bit ??" Mareen whispered . She could feel the stares of the other girls heading to class . They got to class , the art teacher , mr starkweather , was just entering the class . Oh good !!! Class , these are the boys that will be joining us for the next 3 months ." He announced . The five girls were supposed to buddy with one of the boys in for all of the classes and help them if needed . Hey , I have dibbes on the red-head !!!" Jace called out . Clary blushed . Alright , um , Alec , you go with Mareen , Magnus , your with Tessa , Jordan , you go with Maia . And simon , your with me . This will be permenent until you guys leave the school . Ok class , you all with be doing portraits of your partners . You must add colours after drawing . You have 3 weeks to finish this asignment . You may use colour pencils , paint of your choosing or crayons ." Mr Starkweather reminded us . You all have another 50 minutes . Please start on your art pieces ."

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