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Hi peps !!;) I hope u like the fanfic I did . And if u don't like it , pls keep the rude comments to urself . So basically the story is about a group of girls that can kick SERIOUS ASS .they consist of Clary , Isabelle , Maia , Tessa and Mareen . They battle a lot of other groups . Their group are The Fallen Angels . The rest of the story , read and find out !!! ;)


2. Idris Girls School

The next day....

Clary's pov

Oh crap!!!! I'm late !!!!" I screamed as I ran around the room grabbing stuff. I ran into the bathroom and brush my teeth , and ran the brush very hard and fast through my hair. Ow ow wow!!" I grumbled as I pulled my socks on while grabbing my converse sling bag and checking for my art stuff. I NEEDED my art stuff wherever I went. Today the new school year was starting and she was a senior !!!! She called , BYE MOM!!" As she ran out the door towards Idris Girls school. Ok , so your probably wondering why it called Idris GIRLS school. Well , there is a Idris Boys School on the other side of the small forest.

She burst into class just as the bell rang as the sign of the school day starting . Oh , miss morgenstern , thank you for no being late for class this year." My teacher mrs pangpong said as I dropped my bag at my usual space , at the right side of Izzys desk . Speaking of Izzy , where was she ?? Oh yes , miss Lightwood is in the principal's office . So are the other three girls." Mrs pangpong nodded to warded the door and I raced across the hall.

Sorry for being late !" I apologized as I burst into the principals office. I stood there dumb struck as the office was half filled with FILTHY , DISGUSTING BOYS!!!!!!!!"

Oh clary!!" Your finally here !!" Izzy cried happily . She dragged my to a seat . What... How.... WHY?!?!?!" I stuttered as my stepdad looked at me , warning me to be nice . Oh and btw , my stepdad is luke . He is the principal oh the school . He's an extremely cool dad AND principal . Everyone called him luke . He prefers it that way . Less formal .

Clary meet the boys that will be at our school for a couple of months . ARRGGGHHHH!!!!!! My life is RUINED !!!! I had to deal with FIVE JACKASSES!!!!" I thought tellapathically to the other four gurls. Hahaha!!! Too bad for you Clary !!! Your no the student council president !!" Izzy laughed. She shot the I'm gonna kill you look at Izzy and she stopped laughing . GEEZ LADY !!! Your seriously scary when u are angry ...." Oh come on!!!! It will be fun!!! We can boss them around!!! Luke told us we would remain the student council members !!! " Tessa added in hopefully , trying to cheer me up . Ya , I guess you gurls are right......" I added resentfully as I cast quick glances at the five boys in the room .

One of the boys was all golden . He had tan , even skin and it had a healthy glow to it. His hair was golden . So were his pair of gorgeous eyes . She looked more closely . His playful eyes had flecks of amber in them . She had to admit , he was pretty cute.

The one sitting next to golden boy , who's name was Jace Wayland , was quietly scanning the girl's faces . Their eyes met for a moment . He looked away blushing . He was also kinda cute . He had dark brown eyes and had a slightly lighter shade of brown hair . He had honey brown skin tone . Not too bad .

There was another one next to the brown haired one . He had slightly lighter hair and had piercing green eyes just like hers but a darker shade of green . Being the artist of the group , she know every colour combination and all the shades of every colour like the back of her hand and could pick out the smallest details in someone's phisical appearance .

There was another two boys . Both had jet black hair . The one with light blue eyes had his hair in a mess . But the other had his hair gelled up . It stuck up in every direction . The one with the spicky hair had amber eyes . Wierd , it looked strangely like cat eyes . Anyway , they were all fairly handsome .

Oh , and btw , the five of us gurls has powers .yes I know , it's kinda wierd , but we were a band of super powerful gurls . Well ok , maybe not . Izzy and I are shadowhunters , a race of half angel , half human , and we are meant to hunt down demons and send them back to their different dimensions . I also could talk to animals and had telepathic powers . Tessa was half demon and half shadowhunter . That is actually almost impossible . But her mother was a baby that was abducted from the Starkweathers , and switched with a human baby . The faeries had done it . When the non- shadowhunter had first got her first rune , she had burned and turned into a foresaken . She died a day later . The shadowhunter in disguise had received no runes all her life and had gotten married . But little did she know her husband was a shape shifting demon . She had then given birth to Tessa . So that was how she was a half demon , half shadowhunter .

Maia was a werewolf from Luke's pack . Yeah , Luke , my super cool , super nice dad , was a werewolf . Anyway , Maia had been Turned by some random person she was dancing with in the previous town she had come from . She had fled from that town and come here . She was lucky she found Luke . Like took her under his wing and helped her . He was also the one that got her into Idris Girls School . As I have said before , he is the NICEST PERSON IN THE WORLD !!!!

Mareen is a vamp . But because she was badly hurt in one of the fights against three rough vamps , I let her drink my blood . Apperently , my real dad was a crazy PHYCO . He slipped angel feather grindings into her food and when she gave birth to me , I had the special ability to create new runes . Anyway , when she drank my blood , she became al little less vampirey .( I don't think there is such a word ) she could walk around in the sun light without burning to ashes . Oh and Tessa was about 500 years old . She was born in the 18 hundreds . How is she alive?? She can shape shift , so she is like a warlock and warlocks can live for thousands of years . So yeah . We pretty much were the weirdest group of girls .

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